Blackboard And Chalks 99p @ Aldi

Aldi have a great offer on blackboards and chalks with an offer for one with six chalks and a duster for 99p.

You can't buy this online, but if you're near an Aldi it's worth a trip in to buy one of these sets. My daughter loves her blackboard and is always drawing and writing and 'making numbers' on it. There's really not much information on this offer. They don't say where it's made, or tell you anything about it, so I can't really shed more light on it.

We have a few stickable blackboards around the house and they're lovely for children playing, for shopping lists, for leaving love notes around for each other, or just for things I need to remember. These are loads cheaper than the Wallies, and the kids will love them.

Thanks to Beechwoodsmiths at HUKD

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