Baby Freebies: Free Condoms!

condoms1 "Roll up! Roll up! Baby Freebies!  Free condoms to prevent 'free' babies!" (you have to say that in a true Cockney market trader stylee!)

Now before you think I've gone completely mad...

1) As a PlayPennies writer I have to keep this in mind when scouting around for things for you "Our team of writers will be sharing tips on money saving in the home..."

So how's THIS for fulfilling my 'contractual obligations ' and making your financial blood run cold?!  It was reported in the news this week that it now costs in excess of £200k to raise your child from birth to the age of 21.  I bet your ready to click on that link NOW aren't you!

2) I haven't laughed so hard so early on a Friday as I did looking around britishcondoms this morning, in pursuit of this baby freebie of course, and it feels selfish to keep such amusement to myself - if you're at work perhaps save this until you get home becasuse whilst the site isn't pornographic in any way, it's still one I'd put in the NOT SAFE FOR WORK category!

condoms3Go and have a click-around-look-see for yourself - I admit I mooched around there for far too long and almost cried with laughter on occasions.  If you're the sort who wants to get straight to down to business (hur hur)  simply register for their newsletter (I wonder if it's called 'The French Letter'...?) and your three baby freebies will be winging their way to you in the post.

Yes there are only three of them but, let's face it, they're either going to last you all year or perhaps you'll find something else on the site that will spark your imagination and give you a whole new lease of sexlife - the very best of British to you!

Thanks to holly100 over HUKD!

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