Aubrey Natural Sun Review


I am a huge fan of things that come with the tag “natural” but I’ve also had some pretty sticky experiences with them. Like the time I got an organic suncream that turned me white (like I’m not pale enough already?) or the face cream that turned my skin into sticky paste.

Fortunately, the Aubrey Organics Natural Sun cream isn’t either of these. It is made from a selection of natural minerals, organic ingredients and antioxidants and delivers full UVA and UVB protection while fighting off free radicals and reducing the signs of aging.

Well, that’s what it says, anyway. And unless you want to wait another 10 years for a review I can’t prove it helps stop the signs of ageing.

However, the lotion itself is unscented so it sort of hints at the jojoba and shea butter without making you smell like you’ve visited a herb factory.

When I first opened the tube I was pleasantly surprised by this smell but not so pleasantly surprised by the fact that it poured out all over me, my child and my keyboard. Warning: this is not a thick and gummy sun lotion.

In spite of this mishap the lotion won me over. It smoothed on like a dream. I reapplied the lotion every two hours or so as we were in and out the water and running about, and while it did protect us and I wasn't burned, my skin hurt and I felt burned. And my child's cheeks were a bit red. This is a big minus point. However, the next day the burned feeling was gone, the skin was brown and not red, and I had a tan. I never tan.

You only need one outpouring per child and two served me just fine. The bottle will last you around a month of continuous use and costs £14.95. Expensive, but long lasting and great quality.

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