ASDA's New Slimming World Compatible Food Range: Slimzone

ASDA's New Slimming World Compatible Food Range: Slimzone

Do you do Slimming World? I have seen some really impressive weight loss results on those that stick to SW Diets. If you have just started or have been doing Slimming World for a while, you may be pleased to find out that ASDA have just launched a new range that is compatible with the Slimming World way of eating.

It's called Slimzone and currently consists of 13 ready meals that can be found in the Freezer section of most ASDA stores.

Asda have stated that the Slimzone meals are 'free to enjoy when following the Slimming World Extra Easy Plan'.

The meals in the Slimzone range have 50p off at the moment, making them £2.50 each. Whilst, it may not be economical to eat these everyday, they are indeed handy to keep in the freezer for days when convenience comes first.

Here are some examples of what's on offer: ASDA Slimzone 6 Pork Sausages*, ASDA Slimzone Turkey Meatball Marinara*, ASDA Slimzone Chicken & Prawn Paella*, ASDA Slimzone Thai Green Chicken Curry* and ASDA Slimzone Chicken Dinner*.

This range is NOT by Slimming World themselves, but ASDA with the Slimming World Extra Easy Plan in mind.

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  • Sam R.

    Watch out these are currently syned till slimming world do more research

    • Kim A.

      they are not all syn free!!! please check them! some are about 11 syns!!

      • Leanne T.

        :loudspeaker: SW OFFICIAL STATEMENT

        We know there’s a lot of confusion around the new Asda Slimzone meals, and whether they count as a Slimming World Free Food or not and understandably people are finding it hard to understand why we can’t just clarify the position. Calculating Syn values for manufactured products that contain Free Foods is a complex process – there are many ingredients, some in very small proportions – and not all of them are Free Foods. We have asked Asda to supply us with more detailed recipe and ingredient breakdowns for each meal as this is the only way we can know for sure if the meals do count as Free Foods (as we did for the Slimming World meals in Iceland) or provide an accurate Syn value. In the meantime, the only way we have of assessing the meals is to put them through the Syns Calculator, choosing a Free Food allowance for each meal (as we would have to do for any meal including Slimming World’s if we didn’t have the full recipe and ingredient breakdown). Because the Slimming World food range has been carefully monitored at all stages of production, from ingredient selection to manufacturing, we’re 100% confident that every product is a Free Food. We don’t have the same control over other brands, although we can give you our very best estimate based on the nutrition and ingredients given on the food packaging. Based on the calculator, the Syn values for the Slimzone meals are as follows. Asda Slimzone Chicken Chow Mein - 5.5 Syns per 500g pack Asda Slimzone Chicken & Prawn Paella - 7.5 Syns per 500g pack Asda Slimzone Chicken Tikka Biryani with Rice - 9.5 Syns per 500g pack Asda Slimzone Chicken Tikka Masala - Free Asda Slimzone Chicken Jalfrezi - Free Asda Slimzone Thai Green Chicken Curry - Free Asda Slimzone Cottage Pie - 8 Syns per 500g pack Asda Slimzone Vegetable Arrabbiata - Free Asda Slimzone Beef and Three Bean Chilli with Rice - 10 Syns per 500g pack Asda Slimzone Pork Sausages - Free Asda Slimzone Chicken Dinner - 3.0 Syns per 500g pack Asda Slimzone Turkey Bolognese - 6.5 Syns per 500g pack Asda Slimzone Turkey Meatball Marinara - 6.0 Syns per 500g pack It’s important to say that at this point these are approximate Syn values only, and the Syns Calculator is designed to err on the side of caution to protect weight loss. Looking at the packaging, there is a strong likelihood that the Slimzone meals will be Free or low in Syns, but until we have the information from Asda we don’t know that for sure. As you know, we have a long history of collaborating with retailers to establish the Syn values of products, and we feature thousands of branded Free Foods and low Syn foods in our database, in the magazine, directories and online. We are very happy to make our members aware of Syn values, especially when a product is low in Syns or count as a Free Food, because these are the products that will be most helpful to your weight loss. If we had known in advance about these meals, we would have been able to provide the information ahead of the launch and have been in a better position to answer your questions.

        • Melissa F.

          saw this and thought of you x

          • Abbie T.

            Thanks ive stayed clear just incase lol x

            • Jeni E.

              you may not want my paella :( I have a curry too though which is free!!

              • Michelle J.

                you might want to tag Louise? X

                • Nat D.


                  • Emma T.

                    this is good to know x

                    • Louise M.

                      Hi Kelly the statement above is correct for the time being xx

                      • Naomi S.

                        any good? x

                        • Holly A.

                          Oh scrap that

                          • Vikki H.


                            • Cassie T.

                              il have a read now x

                              • Cassie T.


                                • Jenna B.

                                  cheers Hun x

                                  • Jenna B.

                                    thank you

                                    • Rebecca D.

                                      most are syned from this statement

                                      • Karen H.

                                        Thanks for clarifying that. like me, I think the statement Asda had put advertising these meals confused everyone by stating they were free with SW. X

                                        • Lauren E.

                                          this might be handy! They're not all free but some of them are x

                                          • Lauren C.

                                            Ooh more options

                                            • Lindsay B.

                                              Thank you all info is on our closed page xx

                                            • Jody W.

                                              Not all many of the meals are syn free though!

                                              • Emma M.

                                                False advertising to claim these are syn free on slimming world without actually consulting slimming world at any stage during the production to verify this!

                                                • Ceri D.

                                                  Free to enjoy not syn free sneaky asda

                                                  • Emma M.

                                                    the implication is there with the intention to dupe slimming world members. Shouldn't even mention slimming world as they didn't consult them before hand

                                                    • Rebecca K.

                                                      They haven't mentioned slimming world. The article mentions slimming world.

                                                      • Emma M.

                                                        The packaging of the product pictured with the article says when following the slimming world extra easy plan

                                                      • Jo D.

                                                        Apparently slimming world are taking them to court over this as they have had no permission to use any reference to slimming world

                                                        • Dominique T.

                                                          From what our reps been told they're fairly annoyed but at the moment they're more focused on working out if they are actually syn free or not

                                                        • Mary S.

                                                          not validated by slimming world

                                                          • Kirstie D.

                                                            Yes I saw this, I'll stick to Iceland ones lol xx

                                                            • Claire H.

                                                              Free to enjoy does not mean syn free. I'm free to enjoy a piece of chocolate but even a Freddo has 5 syns:smile:

                                                              • Emma-Louise H.

                                                                Caramel Freddo is only 4.5 though! :joy:

                                                                • Claire H.

                                                                  Emma-Louise Hay :smile:I didn't know they made a caramel one! Half syn saving!:joy:woohoo!

                                                                  • Karen S.


                                                                  • Charlotte G.

                                                                    So slimming world are taking them to court and have put syns on all of the products from asda? The products that are cheaper and are of no financial benefit to slimming world. Seems a bit like when they increased syns on chow mein from the chinese when they released their own version in Iceland :see_no_evil:

                                                                    • Dominique T.

                                                                      They've not said that. They've said they've asked for the complete ingredients list so that they can actually put a syn value to it and if it is syn free then they will say so. But in the mean time dont assume it is because Asda might have got it wrong and then you could put weight on when you thought you were being good

                                                                      • Emma-Louise H.

                                                                        ASDA aren't actually saying they're syn free. Very confusing wording, esp to newbies to the plan. Free to enjoy is what they're saying. Which means it's within syn allowance. Hopefully they'll all be syn free though.

                                                                        • Stacey H.

                                                                          Slimming world don't make money off the Iceland meals, profits are put into the best ingredients and development of new meals. :-)

                                                                          • Sam L.

                                                                            Stacey Ward Humphreys yeah right! :rolling_eyes:

                                                                            • Louise H.

                                                                              Slimmingworld have said that some of the meals from asda are free... They want to protect people's weight loss that's all. They have an agree ment to muller lights but they still tell us what other yogurts r free. So it's not that they aren't making money at all.

                                                                            • Sarah G.

                                                                              Thanks chick! Will check them out

                                                                              • Georgia J.

                                                                                Apparently I got told to be careful of these as Asda have ripped off SlimmingWorld and they might not be syn free!

                                                                                • Bryony C.

                                                                                  It's not been cleared by slimming world hun... Iceland is the only one that has xxxxx

                                                                                  • Becca T.

                                                                                    Ahh something and more choice x

                                                                                    • Becky H.

                                                                                      I know but slimming world have done some syns on asda meals already xxxxxx

                                                                                      • Lisa W.

                                                                                        I tried one yesterday the chicken byriani it was awful , couldn't eat it all it was that bad :sweat:

                                                                                        • Carole Q.

                                                                                          Was looking for them yesterday but they weren't in

                                                                                          • Sara M.

                                                                                            They are quite high in syns when read sw comment x

                                                                                            • Holly S.

                                                                                              Started weight watchers would have to scan them to check points :see_no_evil:xx

                                                                                              • Carly S.

                                                                                                Ooh I get confused to which it is x