Lindt Chocolate Review

17 January 2014

You know it's nearly Valentine's Day when the chocolate reviews start coming in, but if you're trying to be good this month and lay off the sweet thing, never fear - we've done some taste testing for you! Aren't we kind?

I've always loved Lindt chocolate and known it as my mum's treat chocolate, and in adulthood can say it's one of my favourites too. I've spent many hours pondering how on earth they manage to get the centre of those chocolatey ball to stay so soft and creamy, and more surprisingly, cool. They're always almost cold on the tongue. How do they do that? It's incredible.

Well, Lindt have been on our shelves for a long time now, but I remember a visit to Germany a few years ago where I stood in front of a supermarket shelf with over 100 different flavours of Lindt chocolate bars in front of me. It was like being in heaven really, till my cruel, cruel husband insisted I choose two bars and leave the rest. It's probably a good thing, really, but at that point in time, I considered moving to Germany for the awesomeness that was their supply of Lindt chocolate bars.  While we still have no where near as many to choose from, it's always nice to come across a shelf with as many as eight or nine different flavours.  At least it makes choosing one easier.

So, all this is to say that when we received two bars of Lindt chocolate to review, there was no question about who it should come to, and I wasn't about to share either.

The two bars we received were Lindt Excellence Blueberry Intense and Lindt Excellence Strawberry Intense.

Now, I'll just get it out the way and say they are both gorgeous flavours. They are both enjoyable, and I'd happily eat them again. But, if you blindfolded me and made me do a blind taste test, without telling me the flavours, I don't know that I would have been able to  pinpoint either blueberry or strawberry. There is a definite aftertaste of those flavours, eventually, but it's not overwhelming, and knowing what the flavour is that you're about to eat definitely helps you recognise the flavour. There's only about 1% of fruit in the chocolate, so that's to be expected.

The Lindt chocolates are presented in a thin layer, maybe half a centimeter thick, and in eight large squares. It makes it quite an easy thing to eat quite quickly, since a block is a big chunk of the chocolate.  Both versions are set in a beautiful, smooth, velvety dark chocolate that absolutely melts in the mouth - that said, it's a  minimum of 47% so it's not exactly like eating a spoon of cacoa. It's definitely not enough to make your pucker up.

Because of the dark chocolate, however, you don't need as much as you might if you ate a regular bar of chocolate. It's much more satisfying a lot quicker, making dark chocolate a much healthier alternative over white or milk chocolate.

I thought of ways that you could enjoy the Lindt rather than just sitting down and eating it, and we sprinkled some grated chocolate over hot chocolate and cream for a luxury drink. We also topped a cheesecake with some of the grated chocolate, but to be honest, with a chocolate this good, you pretty much lose some of the yum of it by messing about with different flavours. This is the kind of chocolate that pairs well with a good red wine, or a steaming cup of coffee - pure, simple, unadulterated yum.

The Good

It's chocolate. Do I have to say anything else? Oh, go on then.

It's got built in portion control by being rich, creamy and satisfying.

The flavours are beautiful and rather than having the same taste all the way, you first have the chocolate, then the fruit taste afterwards. It's lovely.

Lindt in different flavours are more available now than in the past.

The Bad

There's not a whole lot bad you can say about chocolate, really? It's more expensive than your standard chocolate, but then it's so much purer and luxurious.

The Verdict

I love it, I enjoy it and I've bought it for myself again since doing the review. There are so many Lindt flavours out there - go, eat, try, enjoy!


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