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23 June 2011


Weaning has been a lot of fun and games in our home, especially since we’ve travelled so much over the last year that we’ve never really had much of any kind of routine.

We started baby led weaning when my daughter was 6 months old, sitting in a Bumbo chair. We couldn’t decide on a highchair for a really long time, and when we did we hardly ever used it because she just hated it as much as she does the pushchair – she doesn’t enjoy being strapped in to anything, it seems.

Anyway, so while baby led weaning worked amazingly for us, and we loved never having to puree anything, or spoon feed, for that matter, a big problem we had was that our daughter would tip her bowl causing food to go all over the room.

Enter the Unbelievabowl. It’s a BPA free, latex free bowl similar to any other baby bowl, but there’s one fab difference: the childproof locking mechanism.

There’s a suction pad that attaches to a table, that twists into the bowl meaning no matter how your little one pulls, that bowl isn’t going anywhere.  It’s a really great invention and idea.

But there is one really large caveat. The suction pad has to attach to plastic or marble or some other smooth surface. It doesn’t attach to wood, so is not useable at our antique dining table. It also won’t attach to a high chair tray that isn’t smooth.

If she’s just having a snack and not actually at the table we’ve found attaching the Unbelievabowl to the laminate flooring a great help, as whatever’s in the bowl doesn’t end up strewn across the room.

If you have somewhere it can attach, this is a winner. You can also buy interchangeable bowls for the Unbelievabowl so the suction pad can stay in place and you just remove the bowl. The only problem we’ve had with it is that it can sometimes be hard to detach the Unbelievabowl from the suction pad if it’s not attached to anything.

There’s currently an exclusive PlayPennies 10% discount code for VitalBaby, where you can buy this bowl, so while it would ordinarily cost £4.99, until April 2013 it’ll cost you £4.49, which, if you’re buying a few, definitely adds up.

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  • Emma K.
    I just bought some of these off Amazon and used it for the first time this morning. It was perfect! Baby tried her hardest to lift the bowl up off her high chair tray, but couldn't manage it - perfect. I am just teaching her to spoon feed herself, and lifting the bowl and pouring it everywhere was one of the main issues. These are ideal.

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