Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine £45 Using Code @ Amazon

8 September 2016
Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine £45

If the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine is on your baby wish list then this is a brilliant price. With an RRP of £119.99 (ouch) you can get this on a special offer at from £60, but Amazon Prime members can get another £15 off!

Just add the code BABYGC16 at the checkout and the price will drop to£45 with free delivery! That price is for the RED machine, with the black and white colours costing £54.99 with the code.

You also get FREE One-Day Delivery too.

If you don't have Amazon Prime you can get a FREE 30 Day Trial here*, use the code straight away, and if you don't want to continue with your Prime membership just cancel before your trial is up.

The Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine can make a bottle of baby milk at the right temperature in under two minutes, so many parents say this is a life saver for night feeds. Many people say that this is the best baby purchase they have ever made, and if it was around when my two were on the bottle I know I would have given it a try. Just check out those reviews!

Amazon prices can change at any time, but that voucher code for £15 off when you spend £60 on Baby* is valid until 31st December and is one use per customer.

You can find that Amazon voucher code plus lots more over in our voucher section.

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  • Jenny R.

    I have one and I couldn't live without one!! I think back! How did I cope with my son without it lol

    • Sarah S.

      I really wish I hadn't spent 3 months without mine :scream:

    • Jenny R.

      :joy::joy:. It's a pain to set up but once it's done your life is completely different lol

    • Abbey G.

      it's just this price is making me re consider haha xx

    • Jenny R.

      Takes less than 2 Minutes to make a bottle Ready to drink perfect temp

    • Jenny R.

      I have the red one

  • Lisa S.

    I thought about it but I just make 5 and put them in the fridge lol xx

  • JoJo G.

    Thanks!! Xx

  • Maria H.

    Lol it was a godsend for us but yea ur right x

  • Nicola L.

    What the heck is that for I'm old school

  • Helen W.

    Ooh cheers

  • Fee M.

    I know that. It heats the bottle to the exact temperature u need at the touch of a button x

  • Louise H.

    Ooooo thanks been looking at these today xxx

  • Pamela C.

    aw that's nice, they are great xx

  • Steph M.

    Apparntly they are great xxxxxx

  • Manda W.

    these are brilliant x

  • Diane S.

    Thank you xxx

  • Shannon M.

    This looks a belter :ok_hand::ok_hand:

  • Anne M.

    Excellent :joy:

  • Joanne G.

    First mth is free, set urself a reminder and u can cancel anytime within that mth and not be charged. Think it's £79 after the free mth trial. I have set it up then cancelled it lots of times x

  • May N.

    , friends who've had their second swear by these machines. Might be worth an investment xx

  • Laura P.

    Good spot! Just bought one!!! Thanks X

  • Natasha S.

    Thanks we need to get him this x

  • Christine P.

    Gutted just payed 70£ at Argos thanks tho xx

  • Erica P.

    Done it !! Thank you so very much!! You've saved me £20. Had planned to order the white one for £69. Had to sign up to get the deal but I'll just cancel once the delivery arrives. :thumbsup::grin::heart:

  • Leanne H.

    Gonna order one :thumbsup_tone1::blue_heart:

  • Katie R.

    Honestly the best tool I have ever owned!!! Xx

  • Rhiannon C.

    Thanks guys. Just started 30day free trail so got £15 off :relaxed:

  • Leanne H.

    I can't even believe the things you can buy it's mental !

  • Kelly S.

    Thanks hun x

  • Andrew G.

    these are magic mate

  • Natalie M.

    They look really good... and handy don't they. I may have to invest this time x

  • Shona C.

    Fab!! Gotta love a bargain :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Abby H.

    They are so good :thumbsup: x

  • Kayleigh J.

    D'oh! Yeah we paid £69.99 for ours. Might send it back though and get money back as we've not opened the box or anything! :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Amy S.

    Ooooh thanks!! This is still on our list of things to buy xxx

  • Jess P.

    That's good! Thank you I'll have a look xxx

  • Sara H.

    I didn't have one of these but loads of people have said how amazing they are xx

  • Tracie C.

    Love mine these should of been made yonks ago LOL

  • Annelise S.

    Wow! X

  • Nicola L.

    Thank you x

  • Debby S.

    Really good price lol

  • Kathy R.

    even cheaper again !! X

  • Niamh C.

    ...cheaper than asda! Xx

    • Anita H.

      Be real handy for night time specially, if it as good as it says be well worth it

    • Niamh C.

      It would be so handy at night time! Xx

  • Becky E.

    Yes thanks xx

  • Leanne B.

    , best thing I've ever brought lol :wink: you Gotta get one x

    • Abbey G.

      Just ordered one :grin::grin: xx

  • Nicola L.

    :rage: I have the red one! Think paid £60 off amazon

  • Sara M.

    Oooo brilliant. Will get ordering

  • Jenna L.

    Iv just ordered it!! Be here tomorrow xx

  • Becca G.

    Wish this had come up earlier, ours was £79.99 :scream: xx

  • Laura T.

    Yeah thats brill thanx very much xx

  • Danielle S.

    Thanks, will look in to it :thumbsup_tone2: xx

  • Emma B.

    Wish they had these when mine was babies

  • Sarah-Jane M.

    i got mine last Black Friday for that. Best thing ever

  • Leon E.


  • Susie F.

    - I've heard these are great!

  • Ryan H.

    Already got one good deal tho xxxx

  • Hayley S.

    This is on my list - will look Amazon xxx

  • James B.

    Already got one from Toys R Us. We picked one up a few months ago after they price matched instore on a lower price from their own website. :-)

  • Gill C.

    Ooooh!!!! I've heard about these. Sounds like it'll be my future life saver

  • Hannah W.

    Fab :)xx

  • Laura F.

    Ordered one last night, it's being delivered today!!!!!

  • Tina H.

    It's fab. My sister has one. Your life will be changed haha

  • Kirsteen S.

    Just bought one :flushed:

  • Amanda J.

    This is a bargain x

  • Sam H.

    Thankyou! X

  • Nadia B.

    Omg :expressionless::confounded:

  • Victoria S.

    Thanks for this! I'm going to order one later today! :grinning:

  • Amy J.

    already bought from this offer. I remember the screaming baby days trying to warm or cool a bottle. Heard these bad boys are the future :thumbsup_tone1: just been waiting for a decent offer X

  • Simone P.

    I paid a fortune for mine. Sure it was about £100! :weary:

  • Amy J.

    I'll bet full price is £120 - just got the black one for £55, the red ones were selling for £50. How goods that! X

  • Simone P.

    yea really good value. Think I sold mine for £45!

  • Laura H.

    I'll use my sisters. Apparently they're fantastic! x

  • Jane T.

    These are amazing my daughter wouldn't live without hers

  • Michelle D.

    probably the best price I've saw for this lol xx

    • Kirsty E.

      Can use any make of bottles with the prep machine its height adjustable :)

  • Keilia W.

    Still a good price without the code X

  • Danielle H.

    these are amazing I could not live without mine. X

    • Danielle H.

      It makes the water perfect temperature and u just add the formula. It's a life saver at night feeds. You can set it to different ounces aswell. Xx

    • Emma S.

      Oooh that's good!! Thanks xx

  • Debbie J.

    Omg yes please xx

  • Jodie C.

    Awh gutted its for Amazon prime customers xx

  • Katie G.

    Set up our free trial then cancel it before the months up xx

  • Clare T.

    Or you can get a 30 day free Amazon prime account. I've done that before and it's really easy to cancel you just do it online and then add the code. It came to £54 for it I was so happy! xx

  • Gemma E.

    you need one of these in your life! Godsend! X

    • Lauren S.

      Aw thanks !! Adding to basket! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: xx

  • Lee M.

    :rage: I paid £80!! Even tho mum did lol :joy: xx

  • Danielle R.

    I got the red Tommy tippee steriliser xxxx

  • Ashley F.

    I've already got mine

  • Debbie H.

    Thankyou x

  • Lesley F.

    .... if you need one thing it's this! Best invention ever. I can get it in black white or red. I couldn't do without mine x

  • Claire M.

    Just ordered mine. What a bargain for £46

  • Kay D.

    Aw that's cheap! I know there £70 everywhere else lol xx

  • Samantha K.

    Gonna try without one first I have been so tempted to though xx

  • Danielle W.

    It shots out a bit of boiling water, then you put powder in. Give it a shake and then the rest is topped up with normal temp water. All done within two minutes. X x

  • Dale E.

    Sounds good , much better than waiting 20 mins for kettle water to cool down will get one payday , thank you :) xx

  • Genevieve M.

    Think I'll stick to the old fashioned method! Lol

  • Claire L.

    I've got the black one lol X cheapest I seen it was about 60 x

  • Leanne L.

    My friend has one said they are brilliant!

  • Penny B.

    The code wont work for me?

  • Charlene T.

    That's amazing isn't it xx

  • Kaz M.

    That's a good buy x

  • Natalie G.

    I have one I got it after I spoke to you that night xx

  • Jayleigh J.

    id defo invest in one if I had anymore as I made them all frssh and had a scrwaming baby as the ounces got more haha x

  • Natalie A.

    this is a must buy & a bargain xx

  • Natalie G.

    best money ever spent x

  • Kelly H.

    these are a god send! X

  • Jodi L.

    Thanks :) I'll have a look at them :) just bought the Tommy tippee steriliser too xx

  • Sophie H.

    My friend has this for her twins - she reckons it's a lifesaver!

  • Adam H.

    Looks good

  • Jodi L.

    What does it actually do? Make up the milk for you? Xx

  • Laura R.

    Ordered :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Katie H.

    . If you don't have one. These were amazing! X

  • Emma F.

    Has anybody bought this using the code?

  • Tracey V.

    Lush colour !!!

  • Emma F.

    I have just tried order the black one but the code doesn't work

  • Victoria M.

    Proper bargain isn't it xxx

  • Craig M.

    Oh that's dead good! X

  • Leanne T.

    Wow thats so cheap! Cheers hun xx

  • Nickie B.

    These are brill would highly recommend them so easy and quick to use xx

  • Emma S.

    Is using one of these worth it ? Is it just as quick as warming up one from ghe fridge ?

  • Eleanor F.

    , if you don't already follow play pennies they advertise some really good deals x

  • Nicola P.

    Bargain that! Got a heater thing though that perfect at min xx

  • Siobhan C.

    It's amazing!

  • Natalie D.

    Oh my gosh that's well good

  • Ashley B.


  • Ashley-Mimi A.

    this is so cheap for these x

  • Shelly F.

    Omg that's an amazing price cheapest I found it online is £65 xx

  • Tiffany L.

    Finding bargains I am good at :relaxed:

  • Vanessa L.

    Thanks so much . Go perfect in my kitchen too haha xx

  • Gabrielle P.

    I'd recommend one of these machines!

  • Samantha C.

    ....cheapest I've seen it xx

  • Jenna B.

    this is the machine! Good price too x

  • Clare C.

    Fab I loved mine x

  • Anna F.

    I honestly always said it would be a waste of money but I'm soooo glad we got our one now. And even if you do never use it it will sell on at that price xx

  • Toni T.

    My sis had one of these amazing xox

  • Ben B.

    Sound will get one ordered xx

  • Jill C.

    Yep that's an unbelievable price!!x

  • Jill C.

    Still a good price they're 120 originally x

  • Gaynor B.

    I've had it in white and now black! They are he business it stays at the side of our bed at night :joy::joy::joy:

  • Nicola M.

    Wow that is good.... Thanks x

  • Vikki S.

    Have brought one Hun, makes life so much easier xxx

  • Sophie L.

    Sure does brilliant things lol xxx

  • Sarah M.

    No not got as use formula and have to boil kettle with 1 liter of water, leave 30mins. Add formula milk, shake and cool to temp needed. Very long winded process especially when you have a hungry baby. It the strick instructions as not allowed to pre make up anymore and once made it has to discarded after 2 hours :( even phoned the formula brand x

  • Glenna S.

    Thanks hun xx

  • Jade W.

    I was like that then o got one and loved it life saver when both kids are needing ur attention around the same time xx

  • Hannah M.

    My formula using friends swear by it. It gives the water at the exact temperature to give to baby x

  • Gemma S.

    Oh wow

  • Lisa K.

    No one NEEDS it. People coped perfectly fine before these came out. I only ever formular feed my children, yet I would never use one of these.

  • guest

    Samantha K i think making bottles yourself is part of the experience

  • Marie A.

    I'm telling a friend that it's easier with this if she wants to get it and this is a cheap deal. I have experience of formula feeding both with and without and was passing on my experience... She (being a friend) knows what I mean by need and you (being a stranger) have no idea... Jog on.

  • Aileen L.

    I tried this code n did not work? Anybody else same problem?

  • Lisa K.

    Makes me laught when people say they cant do without one of these, telling people they arw a life saver. No one NEEDS it. People coped perfectly fine before these came out. I only ever formular feed my children, yet I would never use one for my kids. We critize kids for needing technology so much, yet people need devices to help them do such a simple task. All because these socalled experts in offices (hat probabily dont have kids) say you can only do bottlea a certian way. Ive always premade all bottles in the morning and evening (just water) kept them in the fridge until needed, put milk in them when needed and heated them in a microwave. Neither of my kids have ever been ill from it, neither have their mouths been burnt. And just like every parent in the UK a few years back, I coped perfectly fine doing it.

  • Jodie H.

    Any idea how long the offer is on?

  • Suzy B.

    they look good don't they

  • Tania W.

    I'll take out the trial :heart_eyes:

  • Louise C.

    these are the prep machines I'm taking about, it's usually £110 & this one only £45 best thing to have when having a baby xx

    • Louise C.

      its so much easier chick there is nothing worse waiting for a bottle at night & the baby is crying your better getting it whilst it's cheaper xxx

  • Kerrie C.

    Cool x

  • Lewis A.

    If I had prime I'd get it

  • Lewis A.

    I'll look into it, thank you

  • Kirsty R.

    Best invention ever!

  • Jess L.

    Got one lovely :) x

  • Donna F.

    Would really recommend one of them, it's great x

  • Leanne K.

    A few of my friends said they have had them and loved it. Definately a must buy i think :joy: xx

  • Donna F.

    It so is, especially if u have a screaming baby it's ready in no time x

  • Leanne K.

    yeah i never seen this when i had blair. would of saved alot of crying. x

  • Danielle B.

    Yeahhhhh I got one of these when I was 12 weeks lol! I couldn't wait! Xx

  • Hannah R.

    just ordered this for £45! X

    • Nadine H.

      I've already got one!! Really good & at that price a bargain!!! Xx

    • Hannah R.

      cheapest I've seen it! Mega happy! Heard fab reviews X

    • Hannah R.

      Was going to get one in Asda baby event for £70 so very happy with my bargain :blush: X

  • Hannah R.

    You need Amazon prime, you can do free trial just remember to cancel it. I used a friend's account with prime but such a bargain! They are £70 in Asda and £75 in mothercare at the mo! X

  • Elizabeth T.

    this is perfect for bottle feeding

  • Sandra M.

    Ordered this and sterilising set last night :thumbsup_tone1: x

  • Hannah R.

    fab!! This is the cheapest I've seen it so definitely worth doing the deal xx

  • Kieran H.

    Got one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Helena L.

    Just ordered it thanks :grinning: xx

  • Kelly D.

    That's right cheap! Xx

  • Karen M.

    Thank you :thumbsup::thumbsup::ok_hand: xx

  • Cheryl M.

    Wish they had them when Harris was wee. Xx

  • Codi P.

    Haven't got Amazon prime :weary:

  • Hannah S.

    You can get a 30 day free trial

  • Catherine W.

    Good stuff :grinning:xx

  • Sarah C.

    It's really easy especially in the middle of the night xxx

  • Julie M.

    Thanks Mrs :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Lisa R.

    dam mine arrived today, but may use code on a jumperoo whats down to 60

  • Sinéil M.

    at£45 this is a steal !! Usually 119 in my work xx

  • Emma L.

    No to early to think about buying things women xx

  • Katie T.

    Got one he he xx

  • Kay R.

    best thing ever!! Xx

  • Nicola P.

    apparently they make your life so much easier if you use bottles xxx

  • Katy B.

    Cheers mate.. Got mine already :heart_eyes:

  • Lisa S.

    this is a great price X

  • Charlie L.

    Help I need this but can't get the code to come up :(

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