Tommee Tippee Explora Baby Food Blender £10 @ Asda George

Tommee Tippee Explora Baby Food Blender £10

Not everyone follows 'Baby-Led Weaning', some use the stage-by-stage puree method. For those of you that are doing the latter - the Tommee Tippee Explora Baby Food Blender is reduced from £20 to just £10 at Asda George.

The Tommee Tippee Explora Baby Food Blender is ideal for blitzing fruit and vegetables into a smooth puree or into a chunkier mix.

Due to the size of the Blender, it helps make the perfect portion size for little babies.

As it features a 2 speed setting and has a pulse action, you can ensure your baby's food is made to just the right texture.

You know what appeals to me about this? It's easy to clean - the container AND the blade can go in the dishwasher. Hurrah!

You can Click and Collect the Tommee Tippee Explora Baby Food Blender for FREE from an Asda store near you or pay £2.95 to have it delivered to your front door.

Thanks to AzaanMommy

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  • Laura C.

    I know it's a long way off but this was a god send x

    • Tenille R.

      Bought it xx thanks lovely x

  • Megan-Lee F.

    Ooo will have too look into this :)

  • Charlotte F.

    Oh I use jar food lol thanks thou xx

  • Tracy T.

    There a steamer n it smooths food too on amazon that I'm thinking of getting :wink:

  • Sarah P.

    Thank u hun but actually got one off my cousin :relaxed: thanks tho xx

  • Nicola W.

    I have a blender but thanks anyways! X

  • Lauren M.

    Ooooo very cheap thanks x

  • Lauren S.

    Don't you worry already purchased that bad boy :joy::joy:

  • Katie G.

    I've been looking at this x

  • Lisa-Marie H.

    I saw this one but on Amazon it says it doesn't steam, whereas you can get ones that seam and blend

  • Louise T.

    True. I just used to do big batches in the normal blender

  • Julie F.

    Or do baby led weaning and let them eat what you eat

    • Isobel F.

      I was going to say the same! So much easier from the onset.

    • Makeda G.

      What's baby led weaning? Are babies able to eat what we eat? Sorry for all the questions, my eldest is 8yr & a lot has changed. Was thinking of getting one for me baby.

    • Clare B.

      I can reckoned a baby led weaning book lovely nice and easy all I need but all info on net too I did BLW AND LITTLE PURREE and worked well she feeds her felt and is confident and eats loads of flavours and textures it's great, messy but great and k ow learning cutlery too 14 mths xx

  • Jasmin H.

    Wow that looks so good! I'm defo gonna get one! Xx

  • Melissa J.

    Oohh il have a look. Thanks!

  • Lisa-Marie H.

    Kids are weirdos. Especially ours lol

  • Louise T.

    He is currently trying to brush the cats teeth

  • Hayley L.

    I do indeed. Even tho I'm not ready to do this lol xx

  • Natasha L.

    has to be done ... before long it will be fish fingers and chips :joy:xx

  • Abigail A.

    We've already got one, think we got it from your mum but not sure:blush:xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Gemma M.

    Yeah I thought you did but wasn't too sure :yum::yum:xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Abigail A.

    Okay dokey :blush:xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Gemma H.

    We've got one these. Although I've found the smoothie maker is brilliant for baby food lol xxx

  • Emily L.

    Thought you might have one. £10 is a bargain xx

  • Deanne K.

    Wow great thanx babe will b ordering one of these :kissing_heart:

  • Ellie H.

    Thank you! I'm going to order one xx

  • Sarah J.

    It's a really good price isn't it! Xx

  • Vicky M.

    I'd be a hoarder if I bought everything she tagged me in.haha

  • Kate C.

    I was just gunna tag her In this :joy:x

  • Lisa N.

    That's brilliant for £10 ahe x

  • Lianne F.

    I'm thinking about getting it for my food

  • Ciara H.

    I have one for £5 you can have Hun? I only used like twice lol xx

  • Victoria K.

    Well that tag worked well lol xx

  • Amy F.

    Used one of these with both of mine they're brilliant xx

  • Amber S.

    This the one we got :wink: don't give him ideas

  • Charlotte P.

    Going to have a look tomorrow x

  • Frankie G.

    Omg I bought one of these from Asda when I was about 10weeks pregnant, My bf thinks I'm crazy :joy::joy:x

  • Rosie S.

    No we don't but might get one. We are going down the baby led route so might not need it though.. xx

  • Caroline C.

    I've just bought one of these :grin::grin::grin: xx

  • Vikki S.

    I've bought this! Bargain xx

  • Abbie S.

    :thumbsup: already in the cupboard :blush: xx

  • Amelia H.

    Ooh I'll have a look, thanks x

  • Emily M.

    Oooooh thanks!!! :blush::blush::thumbsup::thumbsup:

  • Katy H.

    Yeah we've got one, thanks though :blush: x

  • Cecilia C.

    I'm going to check it out hen xxx

  • Cecilia C.

    I know and at that price I will try and nip up to Asda later x

  • Iselin J.

    I have this. I think it is good. Also, it is a nice size if you are travelling.

  • Rachael L.

    Thanks just ordered it :blush:

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