Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Complete Feeding Set £64.99 Delivered @ Amazon

Tommee Tippee Complete Feeding Set £64.99

Buying for baby is an expensive business but shop wisely and you can really save the pounds and pennies. The Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Complete Feeding Set is one way of doing that. Amazon are selling it for just £64.99 delivered at the moment. It's available in Black, Blue and White.

The Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Complete Feeding Set contains

  • Electric Steriliser
  • Electric Bottle Warmer
  • 2 Insulated Bottle Bags
  • 4 260 ml Bottles
  • 4 150 ml Bottles
  • 6 Milk Powder Dispenser
  • 2 Medium Flow Teats
  • 2 Fast Flow Teats
  • Teat Tongs
  • Closer to Nature Bottle Brush
  • Closer to Nature 0-6m Soother

Delivery is FREE of charge whether you're an Amazon Prime member or not.

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  • Ceri F.

    I think I'm going with medela but thank you lovely xx

  • Sherri B.

    I am breast feeding hunni... but thank you I will look into this just in case I'll need a spare bottle in case I want to express xx

  • Sophie K.

    it's a bottle sterilising set not a pump lovely xx

  • Ceri F.

    It's comes with bottles though doesn't it? Xx

  • Ceri F.

    Ah is it? I'll have a look because I wanna get the same make bottles as the pump xxx

  • Emma S.

    Thanks hun. Been looking at black one x

  • Collette B.

    ive seen black ones there nice x

  • Michaela L.

    Oo that's good! They're 74.99 everywhere else!

  • Kelly J.

    Hey Hubbard aww that's lovely but we are all sorted :thumbsup: thanks xx

  • Sharon C.

    Thanks I've got all that :grin::grin:xxx

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