Tommee Tippee Close To Nature Decorated 260ml Bottles 6 Pack £10 (was £33.99) @ Mothercare / Amazon

6 Tommee Tippee Decorated Bottles £10

If you're using Tommee Tippee bottles to feed your baby then this is a real bargain and well worth stocking up. Mothercare have dropped the Tommee Tippee Close To Nature Decorated 260ml Bottles 6 Pack to just £10, down from £33.99, and Amazon have matched the price too. That's a 71% price drop!

There are two coloured sets to choose from; a pink and purple set, or a blue and purple set. They are new cute designs featuring sleepy images and slogans, though they still feature the same soft natural-feel teats with anti-colic valves that the original colour schemes do.

Mothercare offer free click and collect, or delivery starts from £3.95 and is free on orders over £50.

Amazon offer free delivery on orders of £20 or more, or free delivery on all orders for Amazon Prime customers, otherwise charges start from £3.49.

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  • Annmarie F.

    Av got they pink and purple ones :green_heart:xxx

  • Hayley S.

    Awww there nice, Thanks. Xxx

  • Lyn S.

    Gareth already ordered them off amazon :smiley: xx we just got a pack of pink ones x

  • Jules F.

    Thanks Hun I ordered these ones this morning from amazon they’re a bargain xxx

  • Meriel A.

    Thanks! Might be worth getting!

  • Abbey C.

    So weird I was just looking at buying the bigger bottles as she is starting 6oz xx

  • Jane A.

    I used with Alfie But also heard mam are good too x

  • Jenny O.

    Got the pink and purple ones :blush:

  • Kerry B.

    Thank you I finally got some x

  • Sophie E.

    Awww there cute, will see if they still in stock wednesday when get paid xxx

  • Elena T.

    Thank you just ordered some xxxx

  • Loren C.

    Thought was a good price lol xxxx

  • Tory M.

    That's what I used for Weston :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Sheena P.

    I have them lol I got them for that price too! :thumbsup: xxx

  • Katie C.

    That's good thank uoubxxxxx

  • Victoria H.

    Might have a browse later x

  • Rachael V.

    6bottles for 10quid in mothercare!I got them as very good price x

  • Siian B.

    Cute! But I’ve got loads now haha xx

  • Helen W.

    Sure was misses most have a wee look thats really cheap! :grin: xx

  • Karen W.

    Wee cool coloured ones too :footprints::footprints: get them when cheap lol xx

  • Jade H.

    Yeah I’ve been eyeing these up they weren’t in stock when I checked last time will look again. Unless you wanna call in and get some xx

  • Emma G.

    Defo! Baby bottles can be expensive especially the coloured ones

  • Frances S.

    Yeah we got some more:-) thankyou xxx

  • Catherine M.

    Thanks Mrs. Think I have enough bottles now. Barry got a set xx

  • Lisa L.

    Where they from the pink and purple ones are lush :heart_eyes:xx

  • Carrie F.

    Yes have those other 5 & then these 6 is 11...plenty! Thank u x

  • Becci K.

    Ooh Fab I'll get them ordered! :heart_eyes:

  • Siobhan L.

    Literally just bought bottles today. Was only £2 dearer to be fair :wink:

  • Jillian H.

    Ooh thank you I’ll have a look :slight_smile: xx

  • Jess K.

    These are cute but what colour do we get :joy:xx

  • Allyssa A.

    Got the pink ones :smile::baby_tone2::heart:

  • Claire S.

    Good deal I thought :thumbsup_tone1: xx

  • Kellymarie W.

    I’ve just purchased them.. couldn’t knock that price atall. And always good to have enough eh lol xx

  • Gemma N.

    Ooooo thank u dear. We wanted some of these xx

  • Karla B.

    What colour will you get :thinking: xx

  • Simona M.

    Yes I do! I'll have a nosey thanks xx

  • Karen G.

    Got all my bottles.. mothercare were selling them for 10 too x

  • Shaunnah F.

    I seen these before but we have clear ones and coloured ones bought lol. Xx

  • Joanna S.

    Like a 10er you get them in amazon

  • Joanna S.

    Yeap blue ones to cuz i know its a boy

  • Molly Y.

    I’ve got the blue ones because I thought they were more unisex xx

  • Michelle S.

    Thank you, that’s a bargain xx

  • Clare V.

    Thank you love, she’s ordered them!

  • Julia M.

    Thanks lovely - funnily enough I bought these last week when they were on offer!

  • Rebecca S.

    Could do with one pack just incase I don’t manage to feed myself x

  • Laura D.

    Those are the ones she has i think.. must check xx

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