Toddler Juice Carton Helper £1.04 Delivered @ eBay Store: lbba6213BUK

Toddler Juice Carton Helper £1.04

Sometimes it's the simplest things that are the best inventions. How many times have you given your little one a Carton of Juice, only for them to squeeze it, causing a spillage? This Toddler Juice Carton Helper solves that problem. Grab it for just £1.04 delivered from eBay Seller: lbba6213BUK.

I know what you are thinking... you have enough stuff to hoof around for your Toddler. Worry not, this folds flat so you could even sling it in your Handbag if you wanted.

Easy to use, pop the Juice Carton in and your little one can drink from it using the handles at the side.

Ideal for when you're out and about, or in a Cafe etc.

Less bulky to carry about than a sippy cup.

Delivery is FREE of charge!

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  • Mel S.

    to add to your life hacks :joy:

  • Glynis A.

    Great idea, you could have done with one of these for Alby when he was younger to stop him squeezing the carton x

  • Natalie D.

    this is what she needs!!

  • Christina F.

    somehow I think Liam would have this everywhere lol

  • Emma C.

    wod b great for triplets. X

    • Clare M.

      Oh defo..but i reckn that Cian boyo wod still squeeze it x

  • Ngaryan H.

    if only I found these sooner

  • Rachel W.

    i need this for my wine cartons ha ha ha

  • Chloë G.

    , wish they had these when the boys were younger, might be good for sienna when she starts having cartons x

  • Hannah S.

    This is absolutely amazing and I'll definitely be getting one

  • Hayley M.

    The holder is really good value. You should follow the playpennies page it is really great and always has good offers on. It’s how I find out about smiggle sales.

  • Amanda W.

    Ooh need! My two year old even says herself "don't squeeze" as I pass the carton to her..... which she squeezes immediately and spills all down her.

  • Vicky W.

    Oh fab you found some. Ours is a real life saver. . . Correction MESS saver lol x x

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