#TheChokeables New Video From St John's Ambulance

12 January 2015

[video width="540" height="300" mp4="https://www.playpennies.com/writer/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/St-John-Ambulance-TheChokeables-advert-save-a-choking-baby.mp4"][/video]

Any parent or loving aunt that's ever rushed over to a choking baby will tell you how those ranked among the scariest moments of their lives, and according to St John's Ambulance, over 40% of us have witnessed our own baby choke. Scarily, almost 80% of people don't know what to do when a baby chokes either.

St John's Ambulance put together this short and hopefully memorable video, called The Chokeables to show people how to help a choking baby.

Featuring the voices of  David Walliams, David Mitchell, Johnny Vegas and John Hurt, the celebrities take on the characters of animated objects that could potentially choke babies: a small princess toy, a pen lid, a jelly baby and a peanut.

The idea behind the video is that you can learn how to save a choking baby in just 40 seconds.

Hopefully the video will help spread awareness, and save young lives.

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