Tassimo Machine & Kenco Colombian Blend T-discs £45 Delivered @ Tassimo


The Tassimo T4 Machine is on offer for £45 delivered. You also get 2 x £10 vouchers in the box to use in six weeks and four months, on minimum £25 spends, so you'll be able to stockpile till the next offer on pods comes around.

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  • Discount: 60% off the price of a Tassimo machine
  • Voucher Code: KENCO2014

I bought one of these with the last Tassimo offer, and I have absolutely loved it! I must admit I was mortified with the amount of plastic we generated in the first week, but I found a recycling centre locally, so I'm feeling a bit better about that.  It's definitely worth getting if you like your coffee special.

Even though the pods cost more than 'normal' coffee, I save a fortune on Starbucks & Costa these days!

For this and other Tassimo Voucher Codes, visit our voucher page.

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  • cara13
    Hi! Another way of recycling the empty Tassimo pods is to send them to the charity COUNT THE KICKS who support pregnant woman to recognise their babies movements and have safer births..the pods are sent to terracycle to be recycled into other items such as bags etc For more info go to countthekicks.org.UK.

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