Sporting Goods Sale @ Lidl

Sporting Goods Sale @ Lidl

LidlSurprisesNot to be forgotten in the New Year's resolutions game, Lidl's LidlSurprises also has sporting good going on sale on the 2nd of January, and while there are some similarities with Aldi's Special Buys starting the same day, there's also some different items which make it worth a special mention.

There will be ladies joggers from £4.99, and ladies t-shirts from £2.49, with sweatshirts at £5.99 and exercise mats at £5.99.

What is different at Lidl though, is the exercise equipment, including resistance bands and abdominal trainers from £3.99 and flexible exercise bars for £4.99.

These are already on Lidl's web page and they look pretty good, so if you'd like to try a new exercise program and don't want to pay a fortune on it, it's a great place to start.

You'll have to be at Lidl early on 2 January, I think, to pick these up but maybe that's a good way to turn over a new leaf!


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