Organix Finger Foods Bulk Buys From £4.23 @ Amazon

Organix Finger Foods Bulk Buys From £4.23 @ Amazon

organix finger foods

If you are baby led weaning (BLW) or thinking of doing so, then you will require lots of finger foods to encourage baby to feed themselves. We don't always have the time to prepare foods, so for those times it is always handy to have something on standby. Amazon have selected Organix Finger Foods at low prices just now for multipacks and buying in bulk. Starting from £4.23, these are a massive saving on High Street/ Supermarket prices.

Organix Finger Foods range have a NO JUNK PROMISE, which means everything is organic, and contain no added salt, sugar and colourings. If you are BLW then let me tell you that rice cakes are a great starter food. Get a box containing 7 packs for only £4.23. Each pack contains 50g and will last you, as there's no way your little one will polish off a full bag. Each bag sells for around £1 to £1.19 in the supermarkets and high street chemists. This box of 7 is a great saving.

The Organix carrot sticks are £6.02 for 16 packs. The packs are smaller than the rice cakes but again, your baby won't eat a whole bag in one sitting. The cheapest I could find these was 50p per pack which means for 16 you would be paying £8. Again, much cheaper buying from Amazon. These are a puffed organic corn snack covered in carrot. Which honestly sounds gross but my Daniel scoffs them up, so they can't be that bad.

The tomato slices finger foods are £5.65 for 16 packs, and the cheapest I could find these were 60p per pack in an offer at Waitrose. £9.60 if purchased elsewhere, so Amazon wins hands down again. These are flavoured with tomato and carrot, all organic of course.

These are recommended for babies aged 7 months and above, but your health visitor might tell you to go straight onto the like of rice cakes. They were one of the first foods we gave Daniel and I was paranoid that he would choke but no he was fine, and can now eat toast with no teeth!

Spend £10 and get FREE super saver delivery from Amazon, so why not buy one of each?


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  • vix55
    The carrot flavour are on offer for 40p a bag in Asda :)