Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder £2.25 @ Tesco Direct

munchkin fresh food feeder

My son Daniel is coming up for five months old. I am desperately trying to postpone weaning until six months. This is because I really, really want to try baby lead weaning. With my older two, we did the whole baby rice, then purees thing. I really want to bypass the purees and go straight onto finger foods etc.

I have been scouting about for these Munchkin Fresh Food Feeders, and came across them at various retailers. Tesco Direct is the cheapest I could find at £2.25. Prices vary vastly across retailers from £2.25 up to around £6.

The idea of these is that you can put fruit or cooked veg in and your baby feeds his or herself by mushing the food through the fine mesh. This minimises the risk of choking apparently.

I would imagine these will need a good scrub after use due to the fine mesh, so you may want to buy a few.

These are unbelievably popular amongst my parenting peers, and they all swear by them. I never even knew they existed until I had Daniel. They don’t exactly follow the baby led weaning ethos but I do like the fact that they encourage baby to feed themselves right from the get go.

If you want to save on postage then collect from your local Tesco store or pay £3 to have them delivered.

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  • Emmamed
    for those that don't like the idea of the mesh getting food stuck in it, on a popular auction site you can get a feeder with a silicone top with holes in. ive recently brought a couple as don't like the idea of food getting stuck in these mesh ones. they only £1.40 too.
  • taximan40
    We had to use this product 7 years ago as my granddaughter choked on everything she ate so was a godsend would defo recommend them

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