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Medela Swing

The Medela Electric Swing Breast Pump is on sale at for £70, which is a great price for this pump, as it usually RRP's for £99

Of the pumps available in the UK, the Medela Electric Breast Pumps are by far the best on the market, in my opinion. While I've never used the Swing, opting instead for the Mini Electric, I have never heard anyone not say good things about it.

The Medela Swing Electric Breast Pump is small, lightweight and silent, easy to clean and includes a “gently massaging SoftFit Breastshield to efficiently stimulate the breast” - although I found the breast shield on a different brand to completely restrict how much milk I was able to express.

The Swing can be electric or battery powered, which does make it ideal for travel.

There are a few problems too though. Medela are not WHO compliant, which makes a difference to some mums who regret buying it after finding out. It also has an open system, making it potentially less hygienic, which is why Medela aren't recommended for second hand use.

That said, of the UK pumps that I have tried, Medela have by far the best results in terms of amount of milk vs. time spent expressing, and is easy to assemble, use and transport.

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