Koo-Di Baby Go Nappy Change Kit 75p @ Daisy Baby Shop

30 January 2014

This is such a nifty gizmo from Daisy Baby Shop and it has now been reduced in price by 70% off. It used to cost £3.50, then they took off lots of money to make it 75p which is very cheap indeed. Rather brilliant as a gift for a new mum too.

The Baby Go Nappy Change Kit from Koo-Di is a baby changing revolution. This convenient kit contains a disposable nappy, changing mat, hand wipes and an antiseptic hand wipe, all compactly packed into this portable kit for emergency changes on the move.

Ideal for family days out and long car journeys, this small changing kit fits effortlessly into a pocket or handbag. The dirty nappy and used wipes can then be easily wrapped up in the changing mat and stored in the original pouch until disposal.

The fresh nappy features leak guards, breathable sides and contains aloe vera for a fresh change that is kind to your baby's gentle skin.

Baby Go Nappy Change Kit contains:

  • 1 padded disposable changing mat
  • 1 disposable nappy
  • A pack of 3 large wet wipes
  • An antiseptic hand wipe for mum or dad
  • Contained within a waterproof plastic wallet/disposable bag

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