Kids Pink Hearts Plastic Handle Cutlery Set 40p @ Tesco

Kids cutlery Tesco

There’s a fantastic deal on children’s cutlery at Tesco at the moment with the pink hearts plastic handle cutlery set for just 40p.  I’m not sure if they’ve always been this price as there’s no ‘was’ price on the website, but either way it is a fantastic deal.

I specifically like the idea of a bunch of these to take with you on your travels. On our recent travels we ‘lost’ a sippy cup, a couple of toys and a pair of socks. I’m pretty certain if we had my  daughter’s cutlery with us, we would have lost some of that too.

I do wish we had brought her cutlery with us though as it would have made eating out so much easier than those stupid restaurant forks that are too long for her hand and too big for her mouth!

Anyway, I can’t tell you anything about this set, apart from that it consists of a knife, fork and spoon, has pink hearts in a plastic handle and is kids sized. Apart from that, the description warns you to check the nutritional content, which is rather random.

Thanks to MissSaver at HUKD

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