Kids Electric Tricycle £29.99 @ Lidl from Thursday 26th March

24 March 2015

elec tricycle pm

If you weren't already popping to Lidl for the Junior Balance Training Bike that Luschka told us about, then here's another reason to go this Thursday. Lidl will be selling a 6V Electric Tricycle for only £29.99!

It is a tricycle rather than a quad bike but that is still an amazing price for an electric ride-on of any sort. I wouldn't imagine there will be too many around, and if there are they are likely to sell out very quickly.

There's not a huge amount of information on this one, but here's what it says about it's features:

  • Sturdy frame with a rechargable 6V battery for your little one to zip around for up to (mins): 60
  • Maximum speed (mp/h): 3
  • Charger included
  • 2 year manufacturer's warrant

So, does anyone else really really want one? See you in Lidl on Thursday!

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