HiPP Organic Purely Fruits Apple, Peach And Mango 24 Pots £6 @ Amazon

Amazon, HiPP Organic Amazon have 6 x4 packs of HiPP Organic Purely Fruits Apple, Peach And Mango on offer for £6. If you are a Prime member, there's no delivery, but if not, it's an add-on item, but if you buy two packs, delivery is free.  These work out to 25p a pot, whereas Ocado have them for 40p a pot excluding delivery and independent health food shops have them for as much as £1.26 a pot!

While it's easy enough to make your own baby food, or feed your baby what you're eating a la Baby Led Weaning, there are times when having a packaged puree is really really handy, like when you're on holiday, travelling, or visiting the in laws and don't want food all over the floor!

These HiPP pots are made with all organic ingredients, though the preservative Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) isn't from an organic source. These pots are gluten free, and contain no added milk products. They're 100% fruit and aparently a lot of adults enjoy the flavours too, so maybe they could make yoghurt-like snacks for toddlers too?

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