FunPod High Chair £109.99 @ Amazon

9 March 2011


FunPod High Chairs are on sale for £109.99 at Amazon. That's 31% off, or £50, and delivery is free in the UK.

The FunPod High chair is a five-in-one product which can be used as a high chair and a low chair, with or without the tray. It can also be converted into an original FunPod Kitchen Safety Stand for toddlers – in other words, a place for your toddler to stand while you're working in the kitchen.

Its adjustable height means the child can stand at the counter or at the sink, getting involved in what you're doing, without having to stand on a chair – and risk falling off.

There are quick release screws which allow for speedy transformation as baby grows into toddler, and it has an easy-to-clean surface. The high chair can be used from around six months, and the safety stool till around five years.

The set comes with the tools you need to make the changes.

It's still expensive for a high chair, but if I think of the £80-odd we spent on a regular high chair, which does nothing but allow a toddler to sit in it, it's actually pretty good value for money.

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