Free Weaning Spoon For Newsletter Sign Up @ Bebivita

Weaning Spoon There's a free Bebivita weaning spoon up for grabs in exchange for signing up for their newsletter. Apparently there are also 'money off vouchers' included, but one of the commentors on HUKD said that's a 30p coupon, so not overly exciting. Weaning spoons, on the other hand seems to be one of those things you find lying and lost after days out, or they land up on the floor in restaurants, or whatever, so having spares never goes wrong. And getting them for free won't hurt.

Like most 'baby signups', when you join their club they will send you the freebies, leaflets, information guides and some coupons as part of their mailing pack.

Bebivita is a brand new baby food range in the UK, so obviously they're trying to spread the word and get their name out there. You'll be able to unsubscribe to the email if you no longer want to receive it, and you should receive the weaning spoon within 28 days. 

The coupon is for use in Tesco, since that's the only place that's currently stocking Bebevita products.


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