Encouraging Human Nature Or A Step Too Far?

Encouraging Human Nature Or A Step Too Far?

breastfeeding doll

We have ALL seen those dolls that can cry, that can poop but have you seen the doll that can breastfeed? Berjuan released a doll a few years back that claims to be the first breastfeeding doll. It is available in the UK and can be found over at Amazon for just £25.15 delivered here*

After stumbling across this doll, I wanted to investigate a bit more because I found it very unusual that this doll has been on the market for years yet I have never, ever heard of it. I came across a video that shows the advert for the doll, which contains a LOT of breast(feeding) for those that are are a bit prudish.

I was not surprised to see an array of people saying the doll is disgusting, since a minority of people still link breasts to sex and not to their natural role in life. Personally, I breastfed all three of my children for a significant amount of time, and for that reason I don't find this doll offensive or inappropriate. However, it does unsettle me a bit, and I don't know why.

One things for sure, this doll should be famous, but it's not even thought it's one of a kind. Is breastfeeding really that taboo that a doll can be pushed to the back of the toy market?

We are dying to know your thoughts on this doll. Watch the video, and tell us what you think over on our Facebook page.

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  • joanne1030
    My daughter pretends to breastfeed her dolls all the time as well as give them the bottle they are provided with. So I dont see a problem. Both her and my son were breastfed close to one year old when they naturally lost interest once weaning was well established. However I won't be in a rush to buy for a few reasons. First being my daughter has a good imagination without all the interactive stuff. The doll that wees is a pain and she even makes her own nappies/ pretend potties we dont even usethe function despite paying for an expensive doll. Secondly I dont like the bra too much! Occasionally she pretends to have boobies but in my house I can see her older brother being in hysterics and it just causing chaos! (He too plays with dolls on occasions and knows all about breastfeeding! ) I know it's natural and encourage it but too many toys tske the imagination away these days. Including playdoh and lego! Bog standard in this house and the use of imagination is best! ( unless specific ally asked for at Christmas I am not totally mean)
    • kirstyba
      i think this toy is vile teaching young kids to have baby snd also make them have baby at a young age