Daisy Water Bottle £2.57 @ Amazon

Daisy Water Bottle £2.57 @ Amazon

There are Wild and Wolf Daisy Bottles available at Amazon for £2.57, with free delivery.

With the crazy weather we’ve been having, it’s been like the summer we never had and I’ve been finding myself dry and dehydrated a lot – and something I always find as winter approaches is that I drink less water and end up with more and more headaches till I finally figure it out.  As they say on the London Underground in hot weather: Always carry a bottle of water around with you! Which on the Underground can become rather, erm… pricey.

Which is why carrying around a reusable bottle is really useful and costs a fraction of what even a week’s supply of water would cost!

There’s not much info on these bottles, except that they have a rather funky print and are environmentally friendly and contains 500ml water, so it’ll still need a few refills during the day, but it’s a great help!

Thanks to Beetplek at HUKD


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