Constructive Eating Digger Cutlery Set £14.50 Delivered @ eBay Store: loveamber


My youngest son is at that age where he no longer wants to eat 90% of his meals. You would be in stitches of laughter if you were to watch my antics at the dinner table. I will do ANYTHING to make him eat something, even though I look like a clown. I then remembered that earlier in the year we posted these Constructive Eating Digger Cutlery Sets. My problem solved! Get a set for just £14.50 delivered from eBay Store: loveamber.

Try out this Digger Cutlery on your fussy eater and you will be astounded. Why weren't these around years ago? I bet a fair few of us would have been glad of them. Sure, they are dearer than your regular, non-fun, plastic cutlery sets, but these have the appeal.

In each Constructive Eating Digger Cutlery Set you get three pieces: a Fork Lift Fork, a Front Loader Spoon and a Bull Dozer Pusher.

They are bright yellow in colour just like a real digger. You also get a bright orange plate that goes with the cutlery but it's sold separately for £14. You can see that here*.

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