Child's Picnic Table £24.99 @ Lidl

30 April 2014

Table Lidl

From tomorrow, Lidl has these fabulous FLORABEST Kids' Picnic Tables in store. I do sometimes wish they'd start selling their goods online, because honestly, they have some amazing deals sometimes! If you can pop over to Lidl and pick one up, I'm pretty sure your little ones will love it.

I bought my children a wooden picnic table last October, but since the weather was turning bad, we decided to go all small-world-Montessori on them, and actually moved it into the living room, and moved one of our sofas out. Now the girls have their own table in the living area, which they can eat their meals at.

It's made a huge difference to us because now we don't have all the same fights about sitting at the dinner table. We've gotten rid of their high chair and booster seat, so we have reclaimed that space in the house and there's space for friends to eat when they come over too. And when it's not a dinner table, it's a craft table, writing table, play dough table, and even a baking table. We love love love it. And of course, it is the right time of year for putting it outside too, if you want to!

It's not a huge table at H50 x W79 x L89, but is perfectly child sized, and as an outdoor table has a 3 year warrantee, so I think it would last even longer indoors if you went that route. I love that this one comes with cushioned seat pads - ours didn't and I guess it gets uncomfortable at times.

It's a brilliant price for by all counts a fantastic product.

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