Children's Flashing Wellies £7.99 @ Lidl

Children's Flashing Wellies £7.99 @ Lidl

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Every now and then, we come across items for children that we think "gosh, what a good idea! Why has it been thought of before?". Lidl are currently selling Children's Flashing Wellies made by Lupilu. I cannot stress how excited I am about these. My kids are going to be over the moon when I hand them a pair of these. Oh and by the way, they only cost £7.99, which is very reasonable for such a funky pair of welly boots.

The design of these Lupilu wellies vary, so we can't give you too many specifics. The picture we have used is of the wellies, but we can't guarantee each Lidl store will stock every design. Each welly does flash with every step taken by your child, which means kids are more likely to be spotted in the dark. Great idea! These come in sizes 7-11 only.

These flashing wellies are only available in Lidl stores and aren't available to buy online. Why not nip down and see what other bits and bobs you can find to tuck away for Christmas. Food-wise, their deluxe range is on par with Marks and Spencers for a fraction of the price, well, in my opinion it is.

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