Beaba 3 In 1 Bottle Preparer £39.99 @ TK Maxx

29 August 2014

Beaba 3 in 1 bottle preparer

You will have seen the Tommee Tippee machine that makes baby bottles of milk to just the right temperature. You will also have seen how expensive they are. If you like the idea but not the price then check out this Beaba 3 in 1 bottle preparer for only £39.99, from TK Maxx. The RRP for this is £80.

This Beaba 3 in 1 bottle preparer makes bottles in ninety seconds flat. Bottles are made to thirty seven degrees, which is said to be the ideal temperature for a baby's bottle of milk. Not only does it prepare formula, but it warms bottles, food and sterilises. Why do I not have one of these? Seems like the machine to have.

It can be used using one hand, and has a self-cleaning function. Seriously, I need this in my life. It seems to be lots of things rolled into one, and that in itself could save lots of £££.

If you are in the Midlands then you may be lucky enough to be eligible for FREE collection of the Beaba 3 in 1 bottle preparer from your local TK Maxx, as they are trialling this. For the rest of the United Kingdom delivery is the only option at £3.99 or free when you spend £50 or more.

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