Baby BornFree Training Cups Review

1 January 2011

Baby BornFree

My daughter just never took to a bottle – with the exception of the late introduction of the Medela Calma, nothing we tried worked. During the very hot parts of last summer, we had to find a way of adding to her hydration, so we tried using a straw to transfer water from the bottle to her mouth. It worked, but was time consuming. We tried a normal adult water bottle too, but she kept chocking.

Eventually we contacted Baby BornFree for some advice, and finally settled on their training cups, which, as you can see in the pictures above, were a great success!

These 9 oz. (290ml) cups are BPA, phthalates and PVC free which means that no harmful ingredients seep into the drinking water. The trainer cup also arrived with two different teats so that more or less water can flow freely, depending on the child’s capabilities.The teats are also soft and therefore make great teething toys - which is why Baby BornFree now sell replacement teats.

The valve allows a free flow of liquid, and the handles on either side seem to prepare little hands for holding a cup and otherwise make an interesting plaything.

When held upside down, the cup does leak a little from the teat, but this is solved by keeping the lid on when not in use.

Born free trainer cups are available in five colours and prices vary dependant on size and package options.

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