Annabel Karmel Ice Lolly Moulds £3.50 @ Amazon

Annabel Karmel Ice Lolly Moulds £3.50 @ Amazon

Annabel Karmel Ice Lollies

The Annabel Karmel Ice Lolly Moulds have a four and a half star rating for a reason, in fact I am quite surprised it's not at five. Why? These people that have rated this baby item aren't so tensed and stressed as now their babies raw teething gums are soothed, thirst is quenched the list goes on. Grab yours for the low price of just £3.50 at Amazon. This is an add-on item so you must add it to an order to make the total £10 or above. These sell for £6.79 at John Lewis and £5.69 at Mothercare.

When my son had a tummy bug I couldn't get him to drink water or take paracetamol suspension. Which means that he was dehydrated with a temperature. Using ice lollies meant we could cool him down and get some fluids in him.

These are suitable for children aged nine months and above and a flaming Godsend for parents that have to endure constant gurning from teething tots. You can use breast milk, formula, yogurt, fruit juices and so much more. Trust me if your little one has sore gums get these. Normal ice lolly moulds are just too big for little hands.


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  • soosan
    They have already gone up in price to £4.50
    • nadacolada
      Amazon are so quick to put up the price.....grrr! 8)