3D Space Cookie Cutters 3 For £20 @ IWOOT

3D Space Cookie Cutters 3 For £20 @ IWOOT

This is admittedly not a massive deal, but it is really cute anyway, and a teeny, tiny saving that will bring a huge smile to a little person's face. The 3D Space Cookie Cutters at IWOOT are £7.50 each or 3 for £20.00, making them £6.66 each.

  • Zoom off into space with the 3D cookie cutters from IWOOT*
  • Similar to the 3D Dinosaur cookies that have been around for a while now, you can bake your own 3D Space Ship that will stand up on your plate. Cut the cookie dough using the cutters and bake the pieces in the oven. Once cooled, simply slot them together to make an out of this world treat. Fabulous, and a definite talking point at a party.

    Each set contains all the cutters required to make a whole space ship. There are four sets available: Rocket, Shuttle, Star Fighter and Space Buggy.

    Annoyingly, you're getting pot luck, since you can't choose which shapes you prefer, so you're going to get any three and if you want the fourth in the set, have to buy it separately.

    Realistically though, flat cookies would be fine, with a few of these scattered around to bring some excitement to the party.


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