3 for 2 On Selected Boots Baby Products

3 for 2 On Selected Boots Baby Products

boots baby 3 for 2 pm

Boots have started a new 3 for 2 baby offer, and although it's not as wide ranging as they have been in the past it does include around 300 different Boots Baby items. It covers baby food, nappies, wipes, nursery accessories and toiletries. The offer is online and in stores and has started today so is likely to run for the next two weeks.

Items like the Boots Toiletries work out at really great value with this offer as some are £1 each for 300ml bottles, and when you buy three this works out at just 67p a bottle, which undercuts even the reduced prices now offered at Asda and Tesco. The boots brand nappies also work out at really good value with this offer, and in fact of there's anything that you use for baby it's worth stocking up whilst this offer is on.

It's also worth mentioning that if you buy a mixture of different items that are included in the 3 for 2 offer then Boots will automatically group the items you buy in price order, and each third cheapest will be free. For example if you buy 3 items at £10 and 3 items at £1, you will get a £10 item and a £1 item free, rather than the two cheapest overall.

You also get your 10 points per £1 spend if you are a member of the Boots Parenting Club*, which is worth 10p to spend in store. It's like getting 10% back on your baby shopping!


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