Would You Pay For A Private Room After Giving Birth?

Pay For A Private Room After Birth?

Would you book a private room after giving birth in hospital? And if so, would you be willing to fork out for the privilege of recovering and recuperating in peace and quiet?

If you live in parts of Greater Manchester, whether or not you'll bag a private room is something of a postcode lottery, according to the Manchester Evening News.

The paper reports:

While hospitals such as Oldham and Tameside offer a private room for free if one is available, other maternity hospitals are charging women as much as £100. Many mums who used a room after giving birth say they welcomed the extra privacy to bond with their babies, as well as the peace and quiet to get more rest.

It can't surely make any sense that one NHS hospital dishes out first dibs on private rooms free of charge while another charges an arm and a leg for one. And of course private rooms should presumably be given to new mums with a clinical need for one first.

I don't think a private room was an option except for clinical cases when I gave birth to any of my babies. I only stayed overnight at hospital once but I'd happily have parted with several hundred quid in order to be spared the misery of lying awake on a noisy ward all night, unable to summon the energy to reach my sleepless baby. That said, I don't think whether you get a private room or not should be a question of how much moolah you're prepared to part with.

But we'd love to hear your views on this story.

Did you have a private room after giving birth? Or would you happily pay for one, given the chance? Leave us a comment below or join the debate over on our Facebook page.


  • Hayley S.

    £300 in London!!!

  • Jennifer L.

    I had a private room with my 1st born for 3 nights and loved the privacy. With my 2 nd I was in a ward with 3 other Mums for 2 nights. While I was ecstatic at having a beautiful baby the noise from the other mum's and their babies crying all night long wasn't so enjoyable.

  • Leanne M.

    I would have loved a private room after a pretty stressful horrible birth, I would have got some sleep! And also would have been able to cope with my cluster feeding baby rather than worrying about my crying baby waking everyone else!!

  • Tara O.

    I asked that question to the midwife that did our classes and she was horrified that I'd asked that, I mentioned two other hospitals that had charged other friends and she said the NHS surely wouldn't be allowed to charge and that it could be a scam by a member of staff? Anyways, we got allocated a private room and we weren't charged *hurrah* :blush:

  • Daisy S.

    I'd pay!!

  • Sarah K.

    Depends? Are dad's allowed on the ward?? :joy:

  • Erin J.

    I offered to pay for the free private rooms, but was told the private rooms will be given to those with clinical needs which is totally fine, that's how it should be.. I spent 3 nights in hospital with my eldest and on the 3rd night I got a private room, which I was so greatful for, I found being on a ward more stressful than the frickin section I had!!

  • Delphine R.

    I was lucky enough to give birth at the NHS Salford birth centre! Free treatment, amazing staff, you always get a private room and your partner + children are allowed to stay overnight with you! Best place ever!!

  • Anna D.

    I would've happily yes, after a pretty horrific birth! Unfortunately in deepest darkest shropshire this isn't an option :cry:

  • Gina F.

    I'd pay for one given the chance!

  • Katherine K.

    I had my little boy in Portsmouth and after my c-section had a private room, was lovely!

  • Nicole H.

    We was in hospital for 6 night the first two we was on a ward with new mothers and I still hadn't given birth then the next night we was still on a ward but our baby was in special care then we spent two nights in a private room with our baby and absolutely loved the personal space and privacy but then our last night because the room was needed for families who had been outside we spent on a ward and kept being woken by other babies and women snoring! Safe to safe I would most definitely pay if it meant not having to go on a ward!

  • Anna M.

    I repeatedly asked for a private room and my husband to stay with me. I was told yes to both and when the time came, my husband was chucked out and I was put on a ward with 5 other ladies. Severe pre and pair natal depression plus requiring a consultant and an extremely high risk pregnancy meant I should have been treated very differently from how I was.

  • Steph C.

    I was very lucky to be given a room on my own and they even let my husband stay over night and feed him couldn't fault them at all!! Didn't cost a penny. Maybe was the Christmas sprit as was Xmas eve night and was allowed hole after dinner Xmas day!! (Hull) x

  • Faye M.

    I'd happily pay for a private room im still not ready to lose my dignity! X

  • Samantha D.

    Would happily have paid for a private room as after a tough labour and then an emc at 2am my partner was chucked out at 3am and I was put on a ward with other mums. Really could have done with him being with us for support. Especially as the wards had an open curtain policy unless you were actually feeding your baby so had no privacy and what so ever. X

  • Joanne B.

    Wish I had. I was given the option but turned it down as seemed a unnessasary expense, but the woman in the bed next door was talking on her mobile all night & the woman opposite was eating monster munch most of the night. It was hot, tiny and stank of beef monster munch & when my baby dared to cry during e day all I could hear was tutting from them both. When I asked to move to private room I was told it wasn't a option as I had turned it down

  • Jane E.

    I fortunately got a private room both times, but I would happily pay for one (and having my husband stay over would have been great)

  • Louise M.

    I got a private room free of charge because when I had my first child, there were no other rooms available!! And I wasn't pushed out either, stayed for two nights.

  • Hannah C.

    When my daughter gave birth recently we were given a family room so I could stay (unfortunately her partner had already left for the evening or he would've stayed instead) - but the delivery midwife had to beg for it on our behalf because of the stressful birth, drips still being in my daughters arm and not being able to lift the baby.

  • Louise M.

    I gave birth to my first at 22.45 and was asked if I wanted to go home being a first time mum I said no I had a ward to myself until early morning then was allowed home. with my second I gave birth at 13.45 and was out by 17.00 I would have paid just to stay there let alone have a private room lol

  • Vicky B.

    I was in a week after my daughter was born. Had an emcs at 17.41 and spent the night on a ward with other mum's. Then was transferred to a private room first thing the following day. My partner was allowed to stop over on the last night

  • Bev B.

    I paid. Happy to pay.

  • Toni C.

    No I don't mind going on the ward to be honest, last labour I had I had to have private room though cause couldn't do much cus was over tired not ate for days and lost to much blood so was put in there so could sleep but I think they should only be used for these cases where people are worse then others cause my 2 before that I was on normal ward and u just out up with it u have a baby to look after for starters

  • Kim F.

    I demanded a private room All three times and got one for free. The wards are a joke. How can you recover and bond with your baby in those circumstances

    • Emma F.

      You could always go private if the NHS is such a joke .

    • Kim F.

      No I couldn't go private as I can not afford private (if I could I would have).

      I didn't say the NHS are a a joke just some hospitals like the one I was at.

  • Shelley R.

    I was on ward after having both of my girls, but second time i was alone on ward until someone joined me about 3am. I don't mind the ward really. I was only there for a night before and two nights after. Suppose I'd have felt different if i can a screamer there. I would have really liked some privacy in labour though. Labouring through the night, all alone in the middle of a packed ward wasn't fun at all :cry:

  • Michelle H.

    No everyone should have a private room and the dads should be allowed to stay in the room with mum and baby. A ward should be set up for mums whose baby is in special care rather than them being in a ward with other mums whose babies are with them. It's 2016 ffs!!

  • Frankie C.

    I asked for a private room and was told that I could but would be sent a bill. The bill never arrived but I would have paid it as it was definitely worth it

  • Sarah M.

    I was lucky enough with both my boys to have them on a midwife unit which only had 4 rooms, all with pools. I can imagine these were like private rooms and I felt like I was in a spa. Lovely. Wouldn't Deffo pay if I could afford it, and dread ever having to go onto a normal ward now x

  • Steph H.

    Nope these private rooms should be kept for the purpose they are intended, horrific labours, still births etc. I would hate the idea that I was put in a room because I had paid for it over a person who actually needed it but couldn't afford to pay.

  • Kym R.

    Our hospital does offer private rooms for a fee but they also offer them to parents having a difficult time. Having stayed on both I would rather have a room definitely, however having a private room with tiny twins helped me no end and they do think about where they place you on a ward for example I was with other mums who had also had a section so we could be kept an eye on during post op recovery.

  • Jaime Y.

    I wanted one and offered to pay but they said I could stay in the delivery room as they were letting me go not long after the birth, so yes, I would definitely pay

  • Katie T.

    I had a private room (due to sad circumstances) with my first, on the ward for my second and omg soooo noisy! My hospital charged £100 a night which my parents offered to pay so I could keep my sanity, however I declined as felt that was quite steep. I was discharged 24 hours after my section, if I had to stay no way could I have stayed on that ward. Sadly there isn't enough rooms for us all!

  • Kelly C.

    I had private room with my 3rd and was in for 2 nights, with bathroom it was perfect I was trying to bf and hadn't done it before and was having problems own tv and shower felt perfect it helped me relax has I was suffering with anxiety I defo feel it helped me bond and I would pay for it next time

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