Would You Hire A Night Nurse?

Would You Hire A Night Nurse?

So apparently Jamie and Jools Oliver have hired a night nurse.

That's according to an article in the Telegraph which quotes an interview Jamie gave to BBC Radio 5 Live.

On the subject of sleep deprivation, Jamie Oliver reportedly said:

"Sleep deprivation makes the most wonderful people just unreasonable. It's really, really hard whether it's your first or your fifth. It hit us hard this year, really hard, because you know we've got two teenagers and it's teenagers things, and you've got a 6 and a 7 year old as well, and they're up as well, I mean it was hard this time round. For the first time ever I've got a night nurse, and she started a week ago."

I LOVE this story because I reckon loads of celeb parents must rely on an army of hired help but few, if any, ever admit to it. So it's really refreshing to hear Jamie tell it like it us. Good for him.

And kudos to Jamie and Jools for having the wherewithal to bring in help in the form of a night nurse rather than struggling on alone, trying to be Supermum and Superdad.

Not everyone agrees, however. Let's just say we've just had a *heated* discussion about this in the Playpennies office.

ANYWAY. I totally relate to Jamie's point about the weird interface between life with teenagers and a newborn in the house, too. While I'm not quite there, I am on the cusp of this bizarre stage of parenthood where the youngest child is still in need of a strict 7pm bedtime, yet the older kids are closer to going to bed at the same time as us, especially at the weekends.

Gone are the days when 7pm meant getting to sit down with a cup of tea for a little me-time. And, oh, how I miss them.

But enough about me. What's your view on Jamie and Jools Oliver hiring a night nurse?

But what's your view on this story? Would you ever hire a night nurse if sleep deprivation started to get the better of you? If you used one, we'd love to hear about how it worked out for you.

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  • Suzanne T.

    why did we not think of this? ha ha

    • Gareth B.

      Id have paid top dollar for this!

  • Holly T.

    Personally no. My little girl is 13 months and has never slept through yes it's tiring and you get up looking like a zombie but it's all part of motherhood your ment to look rubbish some days and even when they are waking up at 2am whilst everyone else sleeps..having cuddles and watching them drink their milk is just priceless X

    • Raegan B.

      We are on 5 1/2 years :zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz:

  • Danielle C.

    Er no, that's all part of being a new parent. If celebs don't want to do what all the rest of us do they shouldn't have kids. Just laziness and selfish.

    • Rachel P.

      If I could've got one I would've! Not selfish or lazy...beyond exhausted

    • Danielle C.

      Well that's what having a kid is all about. That's your job, you know what your signing up for beforehand.

    • Rachel P.

      :joy: no....up 6 hours a night with a child whilst also having an 18 month up from 5.30 is definitely not what any parent expects or can mentally or physically cope with...Unlike yourself...I would have LOVED a night nanny just for one nights rest before I keeled over!

    • Danielle C.

      The joys of babies. I have four kids so I know what it's like if you have an unsettled night and getting up with 3 other kids. It's tough but that's parenting for you. It's odd people choose to have kids and then when it gets tough they pay someone else to deal with their kid. I'm sure these celebrities kids aren't up for 6 hrs a night, it's just laziness. Not in your case you must have been at the end of your tether.

  • Sarah E.

    No I wouldn't as I think it doesn't last long and it's time for bonding with my babies plus I was breastfeeding so that would have been impossible. It's not the childcare that I find hard, it's the cooking, shopping, housework, general drudgery. If I had none of that like the Olivers won't then I would love to just focus on looking after the kids.

    • Lucy F.

      My 2 year old still wakes through the night. Can you come and explain to her that this stage isn't supposed to last this long? :joy:

    • Emma K.

      My 8 year old still jumps in my bed at 5 am and my 2 year old sleeps all tge way through in my bed only. Just do what you as 'their' mother feels comfortable with. 'your' choice.

    • Paulina P.

      Yes she does...but mummy doesn't :))

    • Rachael C.

      I'd take either! (a night nurse or a cleaner). I have 3 under the age of 5, youngest is nearly 2 and doesn't sleep through. I've been awake most nights for the last 4 years :joy::cry:. Soo... If anyone wants to volunteer to get 'baby' a bottle once or twice a night that'd be great..

    • Margarida D.

      My boy woke up at least twice every night until his sister was born... he still gets up but won't call me anymore. ..I haven't slept an uninterrupted night for 11 years...and I imagine I won't fir years to come...lol

    • Emma K.

      I'd much rather have a cleaner! I have 3 month old twins & have found the sleep deprivation much easier to cope with than I expected :grinning: but a cleaner so I had more time with them in the day & less jobs to do in the evening once they'd gone to bed, would be lovely!!!

  • Stephanie T.

    I think we need one :see_no_evil:

  • Bonnie H.

    Definitely NOT night time feeds are exhausting but my personal opinion is that's the most bonding time for baby and mum is crusual

  • Melissa A.

    No. I love waking up in the night with my son. My little girl is 2 now and has slept through for a long time and I'm enjoying breastfeeding my son in the night. It's our special time and even though I may feel tired it's so worth it. Wouldn't like anyone else looking after him!

  • Jes M.

    I think it's a little hypocritical for the man who thinks breastfeeding is so easy to then hire help so that they can sleep at night!

  • Joanna D.

    Third child work full time...yes without a doubt. And yes have breastfed for 9 months but look like death at work on a daily basis and can't afford the fancy night creams on a monthly basis

  • Kayleigh R.

    Imagine life with a night nurse! If I had the money the olivers had I would SO get the help of a night nurse once a week or so! The benefits of sleep on mental and physical wellbeing are really underestimated!

    • Terrie G.

      Defo! Happy mum happy baby xxx

    • Sally D.

      Ssoo true. I don't cope well at all with constant lack of sleep I'd have loved help a few nights a week at the start. Hubby even got into trouble with work for being tired as I had PND so helped loads in the night and was shatterd fir work all the time x

  • Joanne M.

    ...I don't have a teenager & I don't have 5 children, (2 boys, 6 years old and 6 months old)...so I can't say how difficult those teenage years must be. however, I would never have a night nurse, sometimes that's the only time you have the baby "to yourself" in a whole day, no interruptions. Yes it's exhausting, yes I would love a full nights sleep, but I wouldn't miss those sleep deprived, exhausting, frustrating nights for the world, certainly not for a stranger to come in & do them on my behalf. I couldn't relax enough to benefit from a night nurse as always aware kids are in the house. :blue_heart::blue_heart:but, as with all things in parenting...each to their own!

    • Joanne M.

      Totally Rachel, you can't relax, especially not if some random person in feeding changing & settling x

    • David M.

      Wonder if they would do every second night...... :thinking:

    • Rachel E.

      Me an cud have been doin wif her last nyt lol

    • Joanne M.

      But yes what else would we be doing ...maybe just getting 12 hours lol xx

  • Lisa M.

    Easy to say no but ultimately if you have other children at different ages and have to keep up with the house, school run, after school activities, washing, ironing, cooking and possibly having your own job too and could afford it why not?! You need to put ALL your children first not just the baby!

    • Rachel P.

      I'd have done it in a heartbeat

    • Joanna D.

      Too right. The woman has a brand empire of her own that doesn't take a maternity leave. The majority of folk who are shouting on here have max of two children. Each to their own but third time round with a career where another 200 careers depends on my actions...a six hour sleep is my saviour and if I could I would!

    • Danielle C.

      How is doing your parenting duties not putting your other kids first? Seriously what a daft comment. :joy::joy: so did you get someone to do your job on the night or were you selfish like the rest of us and not put our other kids first by being a parent during the night as well as in the day?!

  • Katrina K.

    Those are the sacred times; The twilight hours to enjoy your baby one-on-one whilst the world sleeps, having had a revolving door of visitors and your baby being in the arms of others most of the day whilst your attending to other house/mummy duties. I can't wait for sleeplesss nights and bags under my eyes, #round2 :D

  • Toni B.

    No I have a 1.5 year old and a 3 year old and none of them have even spent a night away from me yet. I love every minute I get with my children. My youngest still doesn't sleep through and my eldest didn't start sleeping through the night till she was 2 so I have been awake for 3 years every night with out fail with one of them anything up to 3 times a night. All part of being a parent

  • Rikki P.

    If we'd been able to afford it, yes. We had 9 months of crying and holding baby upright at the same time as a 12 year old who also wanted attention plus full time work.

    • Leanne S.

      Many people judge too much...Claire you don't know this families situation, the 12year old or if she always meant at night.....

  • Lisa K.

    I have kids of different ages and have all that work to do + a college course and I would still say if your not prepared to do something so precious that helps build massive bond dont have the child

  • Charlene R.

    my prayers have been answered :joy::joy:

  • Rachel J.

    Maybe like once a month to just catch up on sleep and get some energy. I absolutely love my two boys ( 2 and 13 weeks) but we all need rest!

    • Leanne S.

      One of the most sensible comments on here :joy: everyone needs a break...:thumbsup: anyone want to pop round mine tonight? I think I need a break NOW :joy::joy::smiling_imp:

    • Rachel J.

      Exactly, no one is super woman! We all need rest and time to compose ourselves and recuperate etc. It doesn't mean you don't love your children.

    • Rachel P.

      See this is reality! I love my boy but there are some nights I felt like running away I was just so tired. Up 5 hours a night...then my 18 month old was up at 5.30am. Thankfully he sleeps a bit (aged 4) but I don't know how I survived

  • Beth F.

    If I could somehow detach my breasts and give them to someone else to do night feeds then HELL YES!!!! Or at least once/ twice a week! My son is currently waking hourly and then have an older daughter to look to so no daytime naps for me! Am utterly exhausted and is making it hard to have quality time with either him or my daughter! If I could just catch up on sleep a few nights a week I'd feel so much better! And be a much better mum!

    • Nikki H.

      Trouble is Stephanie, at least as I found, there's just no time to express. My eldest was losing so much mummy time as it was, he was only 14 mths when baby arrived. And now he's nearly 2 and actually I could probably squeeze an express in now and then.... Well now I just don't want to! I just want to not mummy for an hour before I fall asleep and do it all again :blush: I just keep remembering it'll all be over soon and I'll miss it so just keep going!

  • Julie A.

    Definitely not, they're precious times which are soon a distant memory!! X

  • Anna S.

    No way! I had babies to raise them, not to let someone else do it!

  • Samantha M.

    I prob would coz I was so so tired then the next day I would get so upset coz of the time I missed out the n and someone else getting to spend time with my baby and there only babies now and I'd feel so guilty id cry my eyes out I have other children ages 3 1 and 5 so they take up my days x

  • Angela S.

    No certainly would not, my baby my duty x

  • Clare W.

    Personally I wouldn't. But well done Jamie for being honest about it. Most celebs wouldn't have the guts to admit it.

  • Lisa B.

    If I could afford it I bloody would! Why the hell not!! A couple decent nights sleep a week would of been great. But then on the other hand I bought Ewan the sheep for £30 and he was basically my night nurse :joy::joy:

  • Trudy F.

    !! Totally, yes!! :joy::joy: Although you'll be hard pushed to find one that'll last the night! Xxxxx

    • Amber L.

      Omg yes please !! They would run a mile :joy::joy:

    • Trudy F.

      Lol. they can take all 4 of ours at once. They'll pay us to take them back!! :joy::joy:. Oh crap, I've just seen that these midnight hours are precious and for bonding. We better keep going as we are!! Lol. X

    • Amber L.

      Aha ! I always give him lovely cuddles and get the most amazing smiles it's after midnight I lose it lol x

    • Amber L.

      Sleep deprivation kicks in :joy:

    • Trudy F.

      Lol. One day.....one day......

  • Laura J.

    They haven't said they use one every night. They have a busy household and it helps their sanity and health so why not! My son didn't sleep through til he was nearly 5 so I don't c the harm I could have done with a few nights off!

  • Jessica B.

    Totally up to the individual but no I wouldn't, its special time for you, your partner and baby.

  • Sam B.

    There has been some nights when I would have loved to have just slept but having made a choice to have my own crew I wouldn't have ever hired someone even if I could afford it being the mum of children ranging from 19 down to 7 months I am so aware how fast those years fly by and I know everyone says it and when you exhausted and living it with all small ones you don't realise you will miss those younger years as they really are gone in a flash ( although at the time everyday can seem a lifetime) I'm lucky I get to see things from the other side and get to really treasure the moments with the smaller ones and also resent myself for wishing my older ones to rush through those times. I really have learned from my mistakes :(

  • Dawny K.

    Am I missing something? Was Jamie not mr breastfeeding? So I take it baby is getting expressed bottles through the night then? #hypocrite

  • Gayle M.

    Oh god there were times with my twins I would have gladly hired one! 14 months on and they're only just starting to sleep thru!

  • Joanna D.

    So does bonding during the day not count anymore? Rather than feeling overwhelmed and ready to lose it within a heartbeat as you haven't slept for years. She has s multi million pound brand herself to keep running oh and several kids. Give the family a break...your kids are probably eating less salt at school because of them!

  • Hannah L.

    I doubt that itd be lovely to sleep all night tho xxx

  • Sophia D.

    My baby didn't sleep through till he was 20 months old , I'm sure I would paid thousands just to have an extra hours sleep :joy: sleep deprivation is like torture

  • Gemma B.

    If had the money I would have had a night nurse for few nights a week or taken baby to nursery few times a week to get rest that way. Totally agree lack of sleep is unhealthy physically and mentally x

  • Samantha W.

    No, i loved night feeds with my daugther, wouldnt have wanted anyone but me or her dad to do it.

  • Melissa A.

    I wouldn't, but if thats what they want good on them. I don't have their life so who am i to judge?

  • Lorraine B.

    No i whouldent as i love feding my some he is 8 days old today I don't care what time it is or how tiled I am it's time for me and my son to bond and it does not last forever

    • Lorraine B.

      I do have a three year old how gets up two some times three times a night I just put him back to beds. I'm tiled in the day but it's worth it and when they both have a nap so do I

  • Katie D.

    Kinda goes against his militant views on breast feeding...although he didn't stipulate who does the feeding

  • Lauren H.

    After 3 kids in 3 years I walk round like a zombie, I wouldn't want a night nurse that's special time for me and my baby, I'd like a nanny during the day to watch them for an hour or so whilst I catch up on sleep. But Defo not through the night I've always enjoyed my sleepy snuggles and that beautiful smile you get from your baby as you're feeding them and you're gazing into each other's eyes!

  • Cheryl C.

    If it gets him to sleep all night then it's fine by me :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Catherine J.

    Totally! Gives u more energy to be on top form when your kids r awake!

  • Geni D.

    Hell yes!! If I had the money then I would've hired one - happy mum = happy baby and if I've had sleep then I'm happy :grinning: x

  • Fiona S.

    Not every night but once a week would be lovely. It's hard trying to do it all plus good for the economy lol

  • Jaime Y.

    Never, you have to go through it all with your children, the good, the bad, the tough times and fun times

  • Leanne S.

    Yeah too right I would lol maybe not every night but at least on the weekend :joy:

  • Claire W.

    No way!getting up in the night for feeds etc is all part of the package and it's extra bonding time with baby I bf my little girl and was up with her throughout the night with her attatched to me but I loved it just snuggling her and listening to her suckling. Sure I was tired, exhausted but that times gone in the blink of an eye they don't stay babies for long so savour every moment the good and not so good. I guess it's personal choice and mine is my only child

  • Tracy J.

    I don't even need to read this article, as far as I'm concerned they did what they needed to do, some people cope and some need help, some people have family and friends to help and some don't, some people work while having babies and others don't. There is no rule for raising children and there is too many people claiming there is a right way. There is no shame in admitting you find it tough.

  • Vicki G.

    No. I have 5 children, the older 2 are teenagers, the youngest is 19 months. I work part time and mum full time. My youngest has never slept through the night and I have no one to have him for the night but it will always be me he wakes up to, I signed up to that when I had children.

  • Stephanie L.

    Hell yeah! Sorry but if I had the money and her life I sure as hell would! In fact I stopped seeing to my son at nights when he was three months as I was back to work and hubby was signed off work for ages so he did night feeds, worked for us, you need to do what's best for your family, who cares about what others think??

  • Kerry C.

    I have 2 teenagers and a two year old with next one expected in 12 weeks . I would never hire a night nurse , I think the feeds are part of the bonding experience

  • Kathy H.

    It's the parents choice. So to you the parents who have extra help. Don't even worry about critical people who feel your in the wrong. It has nothing to do with anyone else except the mom and dad .But people feel the need to judge others. Don't take it personally.

  • Cheryle C.

    Depends if you have other children or a very demanding day job. All personal choice but why not? Are we still in the 50's where if someone cared for your child so you could work in a career you loved meant you were branded hard hearted? Good luck to you if you can afford this, nice to have a choice and enjoy your time in the day with all your family not exhausted. Good for mummy, good for family! :heart:

  • Catriona A.

    il get one of these, sorted :thumbsup_tone1::joy::joy:

  • Maxine D.

    I had three girls and brought them up on my own. Workin 3 jobs. So my thought on the subject is there kids do it urself!!!!

  • Becky B.

    I wouldn't personally because I breast fed but I can certainly see the appeal. All those people saying it's time for cuddles and bonding etc is all lovely but my daughter still doesn't sleep through the night at nearly 2 years old and I can tell you there are many many nights where I would have killed for an undisturbed night. You can bond in the day time just fine

  • Donna P.

    Yes I would off if i could aford it.

  • Stacey C.

    Nope no way . That's a mothers job no matter how tired you are . Or time gif the dad to get of his ass and help

  • Sharon G.

    Not sure about the night nurse, but I'm contemplating a cleaner for a few hours :see_no_evil: x

  • Claire L.

    I have another child who I take and collect from school, I do house work, ironing, cooking etc etc and I have my own job and I still wouldn't have a night nurse! :relaxed:

  • Susie S.

    In the beginning no. But now I've got an almost 3 year old who doesn't sleep through, a business and a home to run & a disability which affects my ability to sleep as it is - hell yes. I want one. Now. Or gin. Either really.

  • Sammy W.

    Definitely not. Miss the night feeds. Just you and ur tiny newborn all quiet relaxed and bonding best part of the day for me.

  • Marie M.

    Hell yes I would, I'm a mum of teens and a toddler. It's no different to shipping the baby to family for the night to get some shut eye.

  • Helen G.

    Oh yeah, if I could afford it I'd have a mrs doubtfire working for me as well! Why struggle, sod that!!!

  • Connie C.

    When ur back at work you really should I did was great coming home to a clean house x

  • Penny R.

    No. I would hire a maid ...to do all the housework, shopping etc ...so I could spend the time with my children. Grandparents could help if I needed to catch up on sleep etc (Single mum to 17,15 & 9 year old & full time University student)

  • Michelle H.

    I'd like a night nurse for my four year :joy::thumbsup_tone1:

  • Kate L.

    It's every parent's right to decide how they raise and support their own family. Every mother will need support for different things and none of those things makes you a bad mother. However, after all he was banging on about breastfeeding and making women who couldn't feel bad about it, he is now going back on everything he said. Clearly a case of not being able to practice what he preaches there then. I hope he will be making a public apology to all of the women he made to feel inferior then. And his wife looks bloomin lovely after having her 5th child, if she wants a decent nights kip and can afford it then good for her. I haven't had one in 15 years! I'd certainly have paid for one after a few years :joy:

  • Corinne L.

    Maybe on a Friday :joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Yvette R.

    I have a night nanny once a week. Had a terrible time after a emergancy c section. Caught sepsis and scar got infected twice. Also have a always on the go 3 year old and my newborn never sleeps more then 2 hours at a time and has other issues. After 10 weeks of not sleeping and being ill it was a case of do it or end up seriously ill or get sectioned. I think people are far too quick to judge. Do i feel bad for doing it, in a way yes. Does it makes me feel at times i am failing , yes. It makes me feel like a failure cos everyone else in the world with two kids manage to cope yet i hire someone just so i can get one night sleep a week. People do what works for them. And before anyone jumps on the bandwagon no my other half doesnt do the nights as he is a driving instructor and works 14 hours a day a d we have no other family less them 3 hours away. People feel the need to judge others but what people do is noones elses business.

    • Rachel E.

      Your not failing! Never feel bad, your taking control and making the best decisions for you, your family and your sanity! X x x big love from one mum who struggles to another! You are doing a fantastic job! X x

    • Cheryl M.

      Do not feel bad! You are not failing! I would have done it in a heart beat. What is the alternative, major abdominal surgery, feeling exhausted and unable to recover. I had 3 crash section and no family help, if we had the money I'd have booked a night nurse in a heartbeat x

    • Tanya T.

      You are definitely not failing! You are surviving. As we all do as parents. We do what wet have to do! Fair play to you for realising you needed the help before it was too late.

    • Yvette R.

      Thank you everyone. As the weeks have go on and i am getting more of a mindset of bollocks to judgemental people lol.

    • Jenny F.

      You are not failing. You are making hard decisions that obviously hurt you emotionally but are best for your family. That's winning at parenting! I'm going to let you in on a secret as a fellow mum of 2. We are all winging it. X

    • Chrissie H.

      Failing? No way you are doing what is best for your family. Your physical and mental health is so important not only for you but for your children. If you need a little help. Go ahead and get it, that is what it is there for. What use are you to your kids and hubby if you don't get the help you need.. you aren't failing... You are winning! Winning your life back. I wish you a speedy recovery. Xxx

    • Rachel P.

      I would totally do it if there had of been any in Northern Ireland! Good for you!!!

    • Sally D.

      I only have the one and I'd have had the help. Like yourself I'd probably would have felt bad but I'm sure your children would much sooner have a happy healthy mommy and be looked after by nurse one a week than a tired crappy mommy. I didn't have any problems after but I also had a c-section. And tbh alot of children have family close by to help and babysit so mommy and daddy get a rest but like you said you don't so you need support from somewhere. I never had family about when mine was born so if I'd have know about this night nurse thing I'd have had one. Your doing an amazing job xxx

    • Emma W.

      Sounds like you are being pretty awesome. To be a great mum you have to also look after yourself. Admitting when you need a little extra help is something many of us should be doing. I had PND after my first and various health issues with both (and c section both times). Really don't get why people feel you have to be some kind of martyr to the cause and refuse all help. You can not be the mum that your children deserve if you ignore your own health needs.

    • Karen R.

      Bollocks a baby needs a happy healthy mum more than anything. You did the right thing don't feel guilty for making the best decision for your family

  • Tegan M.

    If u asked me on one of the nights where my son has been up with colic or teething and nothing will calm him I would say yes where is she but on general he doesn't wake up in the night and if he does its for a bottle which he drinks in 5-10 mind quick cuddle and back to sleep so would be point less

  • Anna D.

    If you could hire them for single nights at a time then yes i would use one... (also if my bank balance gave me the option in the first place ha ha) Just the occasional night when you've had a run of bad ones would be lovely! Its amazing what one good nights kip can do when you're hanging out your arse with tiredness for days on end! I also have another child to think about who needs parents that are functioning! Dont know if i could give up my precious babe every night though, even if i am exhausted, although thats just my personal preference. Whatever works for them is their choice and it doesn't mean theyre 'bad' parents either for using one full time. Quite the opposite actually as they are being considerate to the different needs of their other children.

  • Sharon G.

    I don't want to do it, I'm letting you know getting a cleaner is normal :ok_hand_tone1: we are getting one! :grinning:

  • Lyndsey F.

    I have girls 6 and 9 and if I could have afforded it would have definitely had a night nurse! Also if you have older children as the olivers have the activities go on until well into the evening so no more lights out at 7, 8 or 9 pm. I think it's easy to criticise them when you have 1 baby to look after but not when you have more older children

  • Kyleigh C.

    Bah. Silly post to ask such a question. Pitting mothers against mothers yet again. When will we learn that every mother makes the exact choice she feels is right for HER family. What we might or might not do with our family is irrelevant with regard to what someone else is doing with theirs. All this kind of post does is encourage judgement of others and self doubt for ourselves.... how about a post asking what amazing things they've learned from other mothers or a post encouraging mothers to share their experiences of how different approaches for different children can ALL yield positive rules.

  • Rachel M.

    If I had money I wouldn't want someone else looking after my baby at night when he's most vulnerable and snuggly cute. I give my son a kiss every time he wakes for feeds....he's my 3rd baby I have a 2 and 4yr old ..... So I'm lucky if I get 3-4hours and then it's all go from 6am

  • Katy M.

    With the reflux and colic both mine suffered with and the milk allergy which resulted in one being four and still doesn't sleep through I would just for a break x

  • Hannah N.

    Yes! If i could afford one! Not for everynight. Dont see the problem myself. Each to their own

  • Tanya G.

    Despite the little sleep it was my favourite time of the day with both my babies. I loved night feeds. I was blessed with sleepers (from 4 months on with both) Had I not been i may have said otherwise!!

    If it works for them, fabulous do it! :heart:

  • Lisa R.

    Never even if i had loads of money .

  • Danielle C.

    Funny thing is these people bring out books on parenting, even though half the half they can't be arsed and probably barely spend any time with their kids. :joy::joy:

  • Louise C.

    I wouldnt as I used to quite like the night feeds, snuggled up when the rest of the world was quiet but i wouldnt judge someone else for doing it, if they have busy jobs and find night feeds stressful then each to their own...

  • Michelle D.

    Imagine the judgement from Jamie Oliver if someone else had a night nurse. Tool.

  • Clodagh C.

    I have twins. I would have loved to have a night nurse but would have to have taken out a loan.

  • Samantha S.

    I would love too!!! :joy: I have 6 month old twin boys to juggle on my own so il see u in half hour?? :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Samantha P.

    In my opinion although its very tiring sometimes, night feeds are part of bonding :revolving_hearts:

  • Claire C.

    Each to their own. My first was a snacker and fed every 2 hours day and night for the first 6 months to say I was tired didn't come close. I was beyond sleep deprived. Still wouldn't have had a night nurse. I have 3 children now and it is trickier to cover all ages and stages on little sleep I do think if I had the money I would have a cleaner and maybe a cook! I wouldn't trust many people with my kids. And anyway that precious time through the night when you can really snuggle..... wow I couldn't give that up. But the rest of the "work" yes give me help. But I would never judge someone on where they need help. They have done it 4 times already so maybe they are getting too old??!!!!

  • Michelle R.

    As a single parent, God yes!!!

  • Marc A.

    Perhaps don't have 5 kids.

  • Melissa F.

    Nope.. as sleep deprived as i am.. it comes hand in hand with the job role of being a parent. Looking tired like shit and and smelling of sick :joy: why would u want to miss out? :see_no_evil::joy: didnt Jamie give some big speech on how mothers should be breast feeding ect? How can you do that if u have a night nurse? Obviously expressing but then where is the bonding side? Many parents cannot get baby to take boob and bottle at the same time

  • Paula G.

    Yes I would have loved this a couple of nights a week. As a single mum to s baby with colic and reflux it's not just about getting much needed rest but a maternity nurse would have a few tricks to help baby that a first time mother wouldn't. Plus it's not the same as a nanny who's there to do everything . And I breastfed so being woken up just to feed/pump but then being able to get some rest bliss as far as I'm concerned

  • Steph H.

    If I had the money for a night nurse, I'd definitely go for it! Seeing as I've only had 2 full night sleeps in 8 months!

  • Ashley B.

    Sleep is so over rated :joy::joy::joy:

  • Caoimhe M.

    "Sleep deprivation makes the most wonderful people ,just unreasonable " :joy::joy::clap::clap:

  • Craigene W.

    Unreasonable is only one of the words to describe the wonderful little darlings at 3am!

  • Sam B.

    Each to their own but personally if I had there money I wouldn't use it for a night nurse, I would use it for a house keeper/ chauffeur to do the other jobs so I could look after baby x

  • Cheryl M.

    Omg abso-bloody-lutely! Child 1 - didn't sleep (ever!!!!! :sob:) for 3 years and 4 months) Child 2 - slept! From birth :pray: (hallelujah) Child 3 - didn't sleep for 18 months, even now at almost 2 it's hit and miss!

    I'm a much more nicer mummy with sleep...where do we sign up for a night nurse :sleeping:

  • Jenna P.

    I haven't read all the comments but I just think, show me a mum who hasn't had to weigh up their options and make a sacrifice. For example, if my children are sick I shove the washing in the bath and give them a cuddle. Deal with the mess later, as long as they have clean stuff and someone to look after them. As a parent you can't do everything. It is up to the parents to make choices about what they want for their family, the whole family, and to weigh up what keeps everyone happy. If the Olivers find that this is their way, who is anyone else to judge? We all want our kids to be happy and balanced, how we get there really doesn't matter x

  • Emma W.

    If I had their cash I'd hire an army of helpers; cook, cleaner, chauffeur, nanny etc :joy: it's all very well for people to say "no way! You have kids you raise them yourself" blah blah blah but when my 6 month old (who left me with a nice caesarean cut) was brand new and baby brother to a 4 year old and 13 year old I'd have happily handed him over at night to a night nurse so I could sleep properly instead of constantly nodding off during the day and sometimes leaving my middle boy to be babysat by an iPad, I was shattered and a totally crap mum because of it. Thank god he was sleeping through at 5 weeks otherwise I think I'd have gone completely bonkers!

    • Kelly J.

      Your not a crap mum at all, you have to do what you have to, its hard work, well done mama x

  • Sarah T.

    Yeap. No hesitation at all

  • Patricia H.

    Blah blah.. Good on Jamie, I'm sure he was just flat out up at night! :smirk:

  • 123karkad

    if I had of had the money and new this existed when my boy/girl twins were born. Feeding every 2 hours. I would definately have hired one. 

  • Gemma C.

    Poor Jools has to cope whilst Jamie is off working (away most of the time). She also works and is in the public eye 24/7. I think they've made the right decision and I'm sure if they were both walking around looking like crap then people would be moaning about that!!! Jamie & Jools are fab parents to gorgeous seemingly well behaved/ mannered children and on top of that they are tirelessly campaigning and trying to change how our kids eat!!! Give them a break and applaud them for getting help and not struggling alone!!!!

  • Kelly C.

    Not a chance I loved doing the night duties it was my time for just me and my babies no one else around was the best

  • Margarida D.

    I would still wake up... I wake up to every little sound since my children were born...

  • Salskia D.

    Never it's at night its just you and your baby bonding time during the day it's all hectic but in the evening my boy wakes with a smile for his bottle

  • Jo G.

    Definately not . If that's the case what's the point of having kids if you are not gonna take care of them yourself and you are gonna palm them off on someone else . They are not baby's very long , enjoy every moment of it as in a blink of an eye the years do pass quickly. ...

  • Rachel M.

    If I had the money I would of done it maybe a few nights just to catch up. I didn't sleep at all through the night from fearing my daughter would pass away in her sleep like her brother, so I slept when my husband woke up. Months I lived on 2 to 3 hours so if they where to stay awake with her then yes I would of in a heartbeat

  • Laura L.

    Absolutely. If you can and you want to then do it. Whatever works for you and your family.

  • Gabriella P.

    Mine would need milk in her boobs :joy::joy:

  • Natalie W.

    No. I have a 6 and almost 5 year old and 7 month old. Yes it's exhausting but I loved night feeds. There is no lie ins esp during week. My husband work shifts. Bit it's a bonding process. I got my baby first smile during night feed.

  • Isobel F.

    Personal choice, I wouldn't even if we could afford it. I am curious though, the baby's only a couple of months old. Has Jamie changed his mind on the breast is best campaign!

  • Lynsey S.

    Yes, if I had the money when my oldest was a baby I would have for sure. She hated sleep...and I love it lol!

  • Kate A.

    I think if it works for them, then that's their choice. From my perspective I've got an 18yr old, 13yr old and a 2yr old. The 2yr old is just rubbish at sleeping, naps and nighttime can just be a nightmare. The older two have suffered from sleepwalking and night terrors. I can't remember the last time I had a good nights sleep! If I thought I night nurse would be helpful then I would take advantage, but I know as soon as I hear the baby cry or one of the older ones moving about I'm awake! I'm just plodding on, sleep deprived and looking forward to the grown up years :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Kate H.

    If that's what they need to do that's what they need to do. Happy family is a healthy family. It's hard enough having a new baby without having the public scrutinise you every decision.

  • Sdbh

    Why are we all judging parents. We all parent differently. Parenting is hard, tiring and extremely rewarding. Everyone needs to do what works for them. Some kids go to nursery or a childminder to be looked after is this really any different, playtime is just as bonding. What makes someone a super mum. Surely we all are for the fact that we all love our children and we all try and do our best.

    I know I was very lucky with my two and I only have two, both of mine slept through from six weeks. But I have medical issues and this is what happened for me. But if mine hadn't I can't say I would never do this. Sleep is important for all. Mine went/go to nursery as I have to earn money to put food on the table - I know I get judged for this but I would be classed as a bad mother if I didn't feed them surely? 

    I am happy for them, that they have done what works for them. I have done what works for me. It sounds like you all do what works for you. I always try not to judge others when we are all trying to do the best we can, this world is already so harsh.

  • Aria B.

    For me It's a no, but everyone is different and has different opinions :grin:

  • Katie T.

    After the night I've just had, yes. Yes I do want a night nanny. And right now a daytime one too!

  • Laura S.

    Isn't it pretty much the same as a nanny these days? I mean I'm assuming people aren't hiring them to breastfeed their babies (but if they are - each to their own I guess) xx

  • Hayley W.

    It wouldn't have felt satisfying for me to have someone else do it. It took 9 years and 4 children for me to let my husband do the night thing.

  • Tina C.

    Babies need their mummy x c

  • Tina C.

    I'd get a cook and cleaner though lol x

  • Colette M.

    If u think u need it and u can afford it then that's great, its not something I would do because I don't like people touching my babies so young, I love the Oliver's and think it shouldn't be such an issue to have an opinion about they r just normal people after all x x

  • Sally D.

    If I had the money I would when hubby is away for work for a few nights a week. 4 months is along time with lack of sleep on your own.

  • Kirsty37

    well I have a 16 yr old, 14 yr old , 5 yr old and 8 week old and I manage fine my little one has colic, reflux and cows milk protein allergy which means very little sleep for me but the older kids just learn to adapt to the new situation x

  • Sammi B.

    No. the whole point of having children is to look after them yourself. I am a single mum of a 7 year old, 5 year old and 7 month old. My partner left while I was pregnant with my third and at no point would I have ever considered getting someone else to look after my boys :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Donna A.

    What alot of shit! Give yourself a shake and get in with it! All part of being a mum!!!!!

  • Ruth T.

    Personally no, just because I wouldn't want anyone else bonding with my baby in the next room nope, I would however have a cleaner/ housekeeper, get Jamie to stock the freezer :laughing:, ask family or friends to help with school runs etc, then sorted!

  • Kelly J.

    After 4 years of little to no sleep I totally would, never thought I'd think of it, but if I had the money I totally would... I legitimately feel like a zombie most of the time!!

  • Jess S.

    Jools is breastfeeding still. Another article explained that the night nurse was bringing baby to her for feeds. Then taking baby back out for winding/changing and settling back to sleep. If I had the money... I'm not sure what I'd do with it. Au pair, nanny, chauffeur for the school runs. House kepeer. Etc. I wouldn't know what to pick. (Or if I'd try having all of them haha). I have a baby. And 3 older children. And there are days it just doesn't stop. And I can't wait for bed. And then I finally get to bed and baby doesn't settle but wants rocking. Etc. And I'm dead on my feet. And my husband has to be up at 6am for work. And in those moments. ... I'd love a night nurse!

  • Sam G.

    No not for me. I made sure I enjoyed every single night feed when my little boy was newborn - I knew I'd never get those moments back again and the sleep deprivation wouldn't be forever. I wouldn't be able to sleep knowing someone else was spending those precious moments with him instead of me :cry: he's 16 months now and I do miss those night feeds sometimes x

  • Kelly M.

    If I had money I probz would as a mum of three I found it hard to spend quality time with my older children when I had my youngest due to being sleepy in the day as had broken sleep at night , xxx

  • Stacey D.

    When my son was born he screamed from 7pm until 2 am every night for three months. Would be up three times between then and 6. He would go back to sleep again at 8 am and my daughter who was 20 months would get up. My daughter was unsettled so I had to lie beside her until she fell asleep then swap with my husband and take my son. My husband would then clean up and go to bed. He'd be getting up at 6 am. He worked full time and there were times I was so exhausted he was up all night because I just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. Couldn't imagine it with 5. They both sleep through great now. So it depends on situations. I didn't really get much help other than my husband. No family helping during the day to let me nap. Would I have let someone feed him at night, hell yes. I was dead on my feet and my husband was falling asleep regularly driving home from work.

  • Kayley S.

    Oh and if I was on my fifth I'd be factoring it into the budget I bet too :joy: takes a village to raise a baby after all and wet nurses are the norm in a lot of places so why shouldn't people get help!

  • Jennie C.

    Luckily I have amazing in-laws, so they supported me on bad days/nights. They now have my 1 year old one night a week.x

  • Lianne H.

    No definitely not but its there choice. I love the sleepy snuggles especially when they're newborn. They're only little for so long yes it's tough but it doesn't last long.

  • Karen R.

    I suffered really badly with depression my inpatient room was booked but i was able to stay with my baby at home as long as i wentvto the gp daily and take care of myself. So yes if a night nurse would have allowed me one or two nights rest to recover I may have not still being receiving treatment 6 years later. I think that a night nurse is a godsend for some and not needed by others. But don't judge a family from an article in the paper. No one knows but them what's best for their whole family.

  • Dominique G.

    After having 2 girls who slept fmthrpigh from 6 weeks and now an almost 6 month old boy who still wakes a few times most nights, yes!! Z not every night but maybe one or 2 nights a week just so I can get some uninterrupted sleep. I am a mum of 3 with a house to look after as well as the kids and surviving on a couple of hours broken sleep every night is honestly affecting my mental state!! But on those odd occasions I get a solid 5 or 6 hours I'm like a different person and I think my kids like me much more!!

  • Suey J.

    I think personally I would rather someone did all the other jobs so I could be in a bubble with my baby while he or she is still a baby. But we are all different and I would never judge someone for choosing differently. As long as the baba is healthy, loved and happy, that's all that really matters, however you find it best to cope.

  • Jkirsteen J.

    No..... Because I am poor

  • Gemmaleslie

    I would consider it with a 3rd, ive had pnd twice and still suffer. This would really help.

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