Would You Give A 6yr Old A Phone?

Would You Give A 6yr Old A Phone?

Does your child have a smart phone?

One in four children kids under the age of SIX do, according to new research.

Despite consensus among parents that 11 is the ‘ideal’ age for children to have a phone, 25 per cent of children aged six and under already have their own mobile, with nearly half of those spending up to 21 hours per week on their devices. And 77 per cent of parents paid up to £500 for their child's first phone, with two-thirds admitting they don’t cap the monthly spend.

The research was conducted by musicMagpie after they saw a 300 per cent year-on-year increase in the number of customers purchasing refurbished phones as the ‘first phone’ for their child.

Spokesman Liam Howley said: “Smartphones have become the most important piece of technology we own, connecting us with friends, keeping us updated on the world around us, and letting us capture our biggest moments."

“While the majority of parents in our study stated 11 was the ‘acceptable’ age for children to have their own phones, we saw that 25 per cent of children aged six and under actually already owned one."

Researchers also found eight in 10 parents don’t limit the amount of time children spend on their phones while 75 per cent don’t disable the data function so their children are only able to call and text.

A third of parents allowed their children to have a phone after they asked for one, giving into their constant pleas, while one in five purchased a phone to keep their child entertained.

Other than making calls and sending messages, it also emerged that 38 per cent of children used their mobile phone to play games.

Youngsters also use their smartphones to listen to music, watch videos and use Snapchat.

When it comes to phone manufacturers, Samsung was the most popular ‘first phone’ brand, beating Apple to the top spot.

As the mother of an almost-five-year-old, there is more chance of hell freezing over than there is of me buying my pre-schooler a phone of her own within the next year – refurbished or not.

Interestingly, my youngest tends to get things at an early age compare to her peers, largely due to the fact that there's a big age gap between her and her brothers, so she's exposed to everything from toys and games to films and apps that other children of her age probably wouldn't be. As a case in point, she already knows how to play Pokemon and has watched her first Star Wars movie.

But I draw the line at giving her a phone. She'll have to wait, as her brothers did, to finish primary school before that happens.

But we'd love to hear your views on this. Would you give a phone to a six year old child, or do you think that's way too young to own your first phone?

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  • Elaine P.

    Nope. Hes 10 snd still too young. He has a tablet and gps tracker watch. So when hes out he can call home and i can call him. Only for safety. No need for a phone just yet. Kids arent young for long and this world makes them grow up too quick if you follow the crowd

    • Chelsey T.

      My four year old got bought a kids tablet for Christmas last year, I ‘forget’ to put it on charge. She also LOVES my iPad so it is constantly dead in the fear that she may find wherever I have hidden it. I have a passionate hate for her being on them. She gets the odd half an hour where I cave in but it’s near impossible to get her off it once she’s on. Not a chance on earth of her having a phone in the next few years ! Who’s she going to phone, peppa pig ? Ridiculous

      • Jen G.

        Have you tried YouTube kids app? We’ve got it for our little boy as you can restrict what he watches and set timers and when the timers finished they can’t watch anything till you put in a passcode. Works wonders for us in being able to limit how long he’s on for x

        • Paula T.

          My 4 yr old got a fire tablet for Christmas. He goes on it about twice a wk (when he remembers he has it). I limit the time he has on it.... usually 10 minutes. Even then he starts getting rosy cheeks! He was getting all stressed about playing the Gruffalo game last time he was on! I'm so glad he's not that fussed for it. I wouldn't let him on it more even if he was! Far too young for screen time. Unfortunately parents use them as babysitters. As for a phone.....that's ridiculous. Peppa pig :joy::joy::joy:

        • Toni J.

          My children get mobiles when they start secondary not before

        • Donna P.

          No way, we have an iPad which they are allowed to use under supervision and I put a timer on but I refuse to let them watch YouTube! They won’t have their own for a very long time, they are ages 5,3&3.

          • Natalie S.

            I think when they start going out to mates houses then maybe yeah ..but not this young :sob:

            • Sam K.

              My eldest does, he's in yr 8. Middle one in yr 5, he got one for his bday but no sim, he uses it like a tablet. Youngest is 6 and she won't be getting one anytime soon.

              • Grace A.

                We have a Kindle Fire that he watched Cbeebies on now and again, but that's it.

                • Claire B.

                  Kindles with 1.5 hours play time, max 5 hours a day apps I’ve added and parent controls not to be used before or after 8 am and pm phones at secondary school as there’s an increase in independence and times there be alone e.g catching the bus x

                  • Claire B.

                    My daughter turns 11 next month and is getting her 1st phone for her birthday....this is due to her starting secondary school in Sept and travelling by bus. Kids should be allowed to enjoy childhood x

                    • Claire K.

                      No 6yo needs a phone! My eldest 2 got phones whn they turned 10, in prep for secondary sch. Tho tbf middle child uses it mostly as a tablet but does txt he's older cousin regularly which is great as they don't often see each other. My youngest has a tablet to play games & watch YouTube, he will use my phone to play the odd game on if we're out. He too will get his own phone whn he's 10 but not before.

                      • Linda O.

                        They should be learning to read and write at that age not play on a phone :disappointed_relieved::rage:

                        • Alana B.

                          Why would a 6 year old need a smart phone ? Crazy

                          • Helen E.

                            Nope. Told mine when they are 11 and go to senior school. They are only 5 though :joy:

                            • Rachal E.

                              Reading these comments makes me feel so much better!! My eldest turned 10 today and he has always been told on his 11th birthday he can have a phone ready for secondary school. He got an Xbox xmas 16 and a tablet with no SIM xmas just gone. He is always with me anyway so why does he need a phone!!

                              • Nicola D.

                                Exactly! My son has been asking for a phone for 3 years and I've told him the same thing, he turned 11 last month and we got him one as he starts high school in September - he uses it mostly to send silly Snapchats to his dad lol :joy::joy:

                                • Rachal E.

                                  I just dont see the need in it yet, even when he does get 1 it won't be the latest model (not cruel enough to get him a Nokia 3310 :joy:) it will prob be a samsung s6 or iphone 6, He needs to learn to look after his stuff and understand if it breaks it costs to fix it.

                                  • Donna B.

                                    100% agree, Let kids be kids xx

                                    • Nicola D.

                                      Very true, I had a limit on what we would spend on his although he has ended up with a decent phone on contract but only £13.50 a month, with a severe talking to that it's a big responsibility and he has to look after it well! He even decided not to go out with it in the holidays because he was worried he might lose it lol :wink::joy:

                                      • Rachal E.

                                        For all those saying it's the 21st century, I know this, he knows how to work a phone, send a text and even video call but if he wants to do it he can send it off my phone! He needs to learn responsibility and earn something as valuable as a phone not just get it coz its "with the times". :grin:

                                      • Nikki S.

                                        My son is 6 and there is no way he is getting a phone. He is too young for a number of reasons . When he starts secondary school we will have a rethink. I think children have phones far too young these days!!

                                        • Leigh B.

                                          My eldest got her first smartphone when she was 11 and starting high school. I don’t understand why a child under the age of 6 would need a smartphone. My 5yr old and 3yr old have tablets to play games on or watch YouTube videos and even then I limit the time they spend on them. Kids need to be kids not stuck indoors with their face in a screen x

                                          • Karen F.

                                            Absolutely not, our 5 yr old has a tablet which is hardly used but when she's on it it's limited to 1 hour a day & the Web is switched off, why would a 6 year old need a phone?

                                            • Lindsey M.

                                              Why why why. Read a book, have a tea party, collect snails climb trees etc etc. Experince things and use imagination at this age. And as parents interact with them. Phones are for secondary school ages in my opinion!!!

                                              • Katy B.

                                                Absolutely not, at 6? No way! My 6 year old doesn’t play computer games or use the iPad that much and that’s the way I want to keep it, as long as I possibly can anyway. He has a DS but doesn’t use it that much :thumbsup:

                                                • Claire B.

                                                  We’ve literally just given our eldest an old iPhone (4s, so it’s about 7 years old), he’s nearly 11. We have rules regarding him using it and us checking it, it’s fully set up with parental controls and we put £10 a month credit on it, no more. I wouldn’t dream of giving a six year old a phone.