Would You Book This When Flying With A Baby Or Young Child?

Would You Book This When Flying With A Baby Or Young Child?

If you've ever flown long-haul with a baby or young child, you've probably wondered why on earth airlines don't make it possible for little ones to lie down or even nap mid-flight.

Looks like those days might not be far off, if Air Zealand's latest announcement is anything to go by.

The airline plans to introduce a new seating option to allow passengers travelling with children to have their own lie-flat space in which to rest, relax or play without disturbing other passangers.

The Huffington Post reports:

Air New Zealand has developed a 'Skycouch' - a row of three economy seats that convert into a flat surface - which includes an infant harness and belt, allowing kids to remain lying down for the whole flight - evend during take off and landing. They’ve also created an “infant pod”, which provides additional comfort and protection for young kids.

The airline states on its website that the Skycouch Infant Harness, Belt and Pod will be available on all Air New Zealand Boeing 777 and 787-9 operated long-haul services from mid-2018 and is "like having your very own couch on the plane".

I'm always a bit of a sceptic about these kind of ideas – I just don't think airline travel with kids is ever going to be anything other than a bit of a faff and I can't see any of my kids taking kindly to lying down during the flight, except when they were tiny babies.

If you're not planning to fly with Air New Zealand any time soon, you might want to try these products designed to make flying with a baby or young child that bit easier:

That said, it's years since I've taken a long-haul flight so I'm no authority on the matter. In fact we'd love to hear from you who have flown long-haul with babies or young children. Do you think the Skycouch is a good idea. Is this something you would book when flying with your family? Leave us a comment here or come and join the conversation over on our Facebook page.


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  • Natalie R.

    We booked the sky couch recently. It worked great when we could spread out on the flight out to Nz and plane was empty but not so great on the way back.

    • Elizabeth E.

      ...not sure if this is any good for Lucy x

      • Gemma B.

        When you fly to visit us you can use it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

        • Kathy J.

          Amazing you can also get these great blow up things that create beds for the seats xc

          • Victoria H.

            We used the Sky couch regularly on flights when the children were small ; they could stretch out, play and take a decent nap! Every little helps when you are on a long haul with little ones! :thumbsup:

            • Rachel P.

              The principle is OK but it's very expensive. You effectively pay for 3 seats. I can't see if being very comfortable for 2 adults, but it's still £1300 return on top of the ticket price if there's 2 adults and a baby, or £2600 on top of ticket price if its 1 adult and a baby.

              • Elizabeth D.

                Too expensive! And blooming carys can’t stay still for even a second! I dread to think of the next trip home :rolling_eyes:

                • Fiona M.

                  It’s the cost of another seat!! Have requested an upgrade to it though

                  • Chantel F.

                    Wouldn’t that be nice!! I bet it’s expensive as tho?

                    • Claire H.

                      I went on a 5 hour flight. First time for me and the kids last year. We flew at 10pm and got to where we was going at 3am was awful for the kids as I didn’t think to take much for kids to sleep on plain. We was all shattered so tried getting comfy with 2 kids on 3 seats. The chairs were so uncomfy. This looks great

                      • Karen B.

                        We had a complimentary upgrade to one of these when flying with a four month old, it was great, she had a lovely long sleep without having to lay on me as she didn’t like the bassinet :thumbsup:

                        • Sonia M.

                          Because my daughter's autistic I would

                          • Sarah H.

                            Liv got upgraded to one when we flew back last time. Lucky devil

                            • Katy J.

                              We booked an air nz skycouch when we took Louie to Italy a few years ago. So worth it. Don’t they have to be in car seats now tho?