Travelling With A Child Of A Different Surname: What You Need To Know

Travelling With A Child

I have three children and two of them have a different surname to myself. It wasn't until I went to book a holiday abroad for us all, that I discovered that taking your own children out of the UK can pose problems, if their name doesn't match yours.

No-one wants to miss flights or have their holiday ruined because of red tape at Passport Control, nor want the nightmare of not being able to return to the UK.

Whilst we appreciate that people are stopped and questioned when this situation arises for the right reasons, to prevent trafficking, it can still be nerve-racking and stressful.

In this day and age, many of us don't share the same surname as our children so, what can we do to stop any problems with Passport Control?

1. Carry a 'Letter of Consent' with you

That's right, a letter from the 'other' parent if applicable, to say that you can leave and re-enter the UK with your child. The letter should state the other parent's name, contact details and give reasons for why you're leaving the country. This letter has to be signed. You can find a 'Letter of Consent' template here.

2. Take your Child's/Children's Birth or Adoption Certificates

If you aren't in contact with the 'other' parent, or you would like to exercise your right to take your own Child on holiday without 'asking' your child's other biological parent, then this is what to do. It'll have you named on it and proves the two of you are linked.

3. Speak to the Airline you are flying with

If the Airline Operator is strict about the travel of Children with a different surname, then it's best to find out so you can satisfy their criteria for leaving the country or else you may encounter problems.

4. Take Marriage/Deed Poll Certificates

If you had your children before you got married and your surname is now different to that stated on their birth certificates, then you'll need to prove who you are. So, you'll need a Marriage or Deed Poll Certifcate to show that your name has changed along with their Birth Certifcates, as evidence of your relationship to the child or children.



  • Victoria C.

    Ive never had a prob and take mine away often

  • Sammi B.

    I'm glad you posted this, I never would have thought of it!

  • Olivia-Rebecca D.

    Hopefully wont be an issue when we go away :D :ok_hand: xxx

  • Lesley M.

    I travelled to Toronto and New York last November and it wasn't till I was coming back via Dublin (as going) when I was asked if I had a birth certificate for my son as he has his dads name and he wasn't with us, was told to start carrying it when travelling !!! Not asked for it at anytime on journeys out !!

  • Catherine W.

    Thanks - I was going to take her birth certificate incase :blush: xx

  • Amber H.

    I take my son away with my fiancé who isn't his dad and we all have different names but all they ask s if he is my child and are happy with me saying yes. Never been asked to provide anything and we travel regularly.

    • DM W.

      Just becareful the law changed recently... and even though my son has the same surname and we are married they wanted our birth certificate... this was in October 2016.... all because his dad is South African and we queued in the EU passport control...:grimacing::grimacing:

  • Linzi E.

    I am constantly questioned with my daughter and now we have two children I will definitely be carry both birth certificates this year when I travel, totally understand why but the upset and distress they caused me and my two year old at the time when they tried to take her off me was awful in Dublin, luckily her dad was in the airport to meet us!

    • Suzanne J.

      I always get asked coming back into Dublin with my 6yr old daughter, she gets so annoyed now when they ask her who I am, she replies "are you stupid? she's me mam!!"

    • Suzanne J.

      They are really cracking down on it in Dublin! I cracked at them the first time and said you didn't question me flying out and the woman was like how do I know you flew out of Dublin?

    • Nikola P.

      I had the same issues inward to Dublin with my son

  • Kelly W.

    Not seen it don't really wanna be traveling around with his bloody birth certificates. I wonder if it's the same for a double barrelled name xx

  • Kelly R.

    I got a consent letter and certificates

  • Charlene T.

    Il just bring certificates xx

  • Leigh L.

    why it will be so much easier to just get a new passport. Didn't know it was so strict xx

  • Nicola D.

    I was asked to prove my child was mine at passport control arriving back in the UK, no one questioned me leaving with him.

  • Tats N.

    I travel with my daughter quite often, she has got her dads surname and I get asked for her birth certificate every single time. She is 7 now and we have been traveling for 7 years and i never go anywhere without her birth certificate.

    • Jitka H.

      I've always done the same, passports and birth cert ready at the immigration. They seem to be happy that I'm prepared without being asked :thumbsup_tone1::smile:

    • Tats N.

      Jitka Havlenova same here :ok_hand: they are always impressed when I hand over the passports with with birth certificate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Sam H.

    Yea to do with trafficking....I'll have to take proof this year! X

  • Kelly S.

    I found a letter of consent template on the government website that I was just going to get filled in. I have bookmarked this page for my checklist. Thanks xx

  • Lara B.

    We went on 8 different flights in November and were only questioned once luckily. I just took her birth certificate and that was enough, didn't need a letter of consent (which is good as I completely forgot to ask him for it!)

  • Genevieve S.

    I always take his birth certificate x

  • Gemma R.

    The person who signs the passport i.e., Teacher, social worker for you needs this info otherwise who can sign the passport!!! What is the point. So I understand asking but there signing on behalf of the government surely

    • Lucy F.

      All the child's passport proves is that they are in fact the person named on the passport. It doesn't prove they are related to you or any adult they may be travelling with.

      This is already a thing in America that if you travel with a child without the other parent you need a letter of consent from the absent parent stating you have permission to travel internationally with your child

  • Pamela M.

    And apparently if one parent takes he child/ren on holiday without the other parent, even with the same name, doesn't matter if married or not, you need a letter of consent from the other parent or you will be questioned and possibly accused of abduction.

    • Pamela M.

      Is very true. You may not have experienced this yet however the law has changed and there are New recommendations broad

  • Charlotte M.

    My Son has a different sure name to me. A few months ago we didn't get asked leaving this country but coming back my Son was questioned & I was asked to show proof he belonged to me. They are definitely tightening up which isn't a bad thing.

  • Julie V.

    Looks like you can just take a copy of his birth certificate with you. You wont need anything else. Get a copy out to put with your passports so you don't forget x

  • Lindsay D.

    In 15 years I've never been questioned once for any of my 3 who have a different surname to me.

  • Kayleigh F.

    What if the father isn't on the birth certificate? Do I still need a letter of consent and bring birth certificate just incase,

    • Kayleigh F.

      What about if the father dies? Do you take his death certificate? Sorry am travelling with a friend who is in that situation

  • Emma T.

    This carrying birth certificates doesn't make any sense. Anyone can obtain a copy of anyone's birth certificate.

    • Ninja26

      Yes anyone probably can, but they couldn't forge a passport so easily, it's more about having the birth certificates and passports together to match up. If you see what I mean :-) 

  • Illenaitsab A.

    I was questioned a few years ago when my dd and I travelled abroad. I was advised to carry her birth certificate on future trips

  • Samantha E.

    I have 3 children ....all have different birth surnames to me....for questioned in calais as we tried to board the boat....I was so shocked .... must have made me look guilty !!!

  • Marie M.

    been travelling for years with 2 kids who dont share my name .never been a problem

  • Rebecca K.

    I have flown lots with my daughter and it has never even been mentioned. I also have a different surname to my parents and we travelled the world when I was a child and it was never questioned!

  • Becky L.

    Never had any issue at all x

  • Rachel S.

    See this is where the whole system is messed up, surely in a logical world, the systems for registering births/marriages, issuing passports, driving licenses etc etc should be linked. So when the child's passport it checked at passport control it shows the parents details, as those are provided (birth certificate) when the passport is applied for. I've flown several times with my daughters, alone and with my husband and they have the Icelandic type of surname (fathers name with dottir on the end) as we wanted to carry on this tradition with them. We have never been stopped.

    • Irem A.

      I've been stopped many times they even asked my then 3yr old. Who is this lady

  • Lesley M.

    Duty of care to ensure the safety of children. If you have different names fill in the contact details at the back of the passport too so many people don't even do that. UK laws are different to other countries always best be safe carry a copy of certificates or take a photo so it on your phone if needed. It's also not true that if you travel without the other parent and you are all the same name you need a letter, not for the UK anyway. Only if the courts are involved and notified authorities.

    • Alice L.

      I had to write a letter for my parents to take my daughter to France and customs also rung to confirm information given

  • Patricia F.

    Wow never thought of that

  • Stacey J.

    Never ever questioned it with me Hun x

  • Melissa L.

    I've just this second read it lol. Gotta take his birth certificate with me xxx

  • Daniella F.

    I flew to portugal in oct with my 3 children, my eldest doesn't have the same surname, the travel agents said I need this letter & that letter & not once was I stopped or questioned by anybody

  • Kirsty H.

    Never had a problem before

  • Charlie S.

    As if your stealing him....

  • Charlotte N.

    Why can they not link the passports. I don't mind producing birth certificates for my sons which I had to do when I took my eldest to Turkey, but if you have a popular surname anyone could take you anyway?! How would passport control know that someone with the same surname isn't your parents?

  • Tracie A.

    Ok will look in to it tomorrow x

  • Martin H.

    It shouldn't be a problem... if needs be, sort the letter of consent :-)

  • Joycie

    I have been asked for proof of being my daughters mum. Luckily enough a let my husband sign a piece of paper with his approval of travelling and his phone number. Plus my marriage certificate. They did ring him to confirm.

    In my new passport I let them add "wife of" since then never had a problem anymore

  • Tracey M.

    Could be if they are getting stricter

  • Lisa-marie C.

    I'll just carry her birth certificate just worried incase it gets lost x

  • Karen P.

    How ridiculous is this!!!

  • Nora W.

    Travelled all round the world Cuba, Mexico, Dominican(to name a few) with my 3 kids, youngest two has the same name as their dad(also travelling) but eldest has his dads surname. Never questioned about it ever! Drove to France one the ferry and we were questioned twice!!! The customs officer was saying I could question your son(11) and that we should have a consent to travel form from his father!! I told him to question my child, then all of a sudden he didn't want to :rolling_eyes:

  • Orlaith M.

    Knew all this have already sorted most of it.

  • Louise C.

    Should be ok. Its not like were abducting 5 kids. Lol

  • Lisa S.

    I am questioned every time when traveling with my daughter, she is now 14 and has also been questioned (several times) about who I am, I always carry birth certificate. I completely understand the reason however it's only happened when returning to U.K. and I often wonder if my daughter was the same ethnicity as me would they still ask ??

    • Amy C.

      Ive flown about 15 times with my daughter ( my passport is in my maiden name still) and only got asked once coming back into the UK, my little ones now 6 and it really caught me off guard, never been asked before but told by immigration to take birth certificate and marriage cert next time :neutral_face:

    • Kim S.

      Same for me and my mixed race daughter- questioned every time we re enter the uk.

    • Nicola W.

      And me with my mixed race (Arab) son - I fully understand why they do it just wish they could be stricter in all areas of the law in the Uk when letting people in

  • CJ B.

    We flew to America, my name, other half and our son who has his name and other half's 2 kids from prev relationshil who have their mums name. Not asked once.

  • Debbie M.

    Oh been through all this got to get his permission and written permission off him :thumbsdown::thumbsdown: x

  • Emma G.

    Sure is it's ridiculous xxx

  • Zoë L.

    I only experienced a problem when myself and my son were on our own without his father! The way it was handled was totally unnecessary and my then 4 year old was really upset by it all. I appreciate the man at the border had a job to do but there are ways to approach situations. I was told to have his birth certificate with me from then on. It was the border getting back in the UK from France on the ferry so security was tighter.

  • Tricia C.

    They stopped amy when we came back from salon cos we were all conway and she was kennedy! Asked who we were!!

  • Megan M.

    Didn't have any problems last time so will just wing it, as I am not taking his birth certificate or my marriage certificate with us lol xx

  • Kirsten F.

    I've never had a problem and I have a different surname to my children

  • Rachael D.

    I've never had problems tho??

  • Louise M.

    I travelled with my daughter who has her fathers surname and didn't encounter one problem. I did have a letter from her father but never needed to show it to anyone

  • Lea C.

    This is the same if grandparents take grandchildren away my mum got stopped going and coming back in to Manchester thay even asked my son who he was with lucky I had been told about this the week before he went so I just wrote my mum a letter and sing it i also give her his birth certificate just to be on safe side.

  • Hannah T.

    I got stopped at the airport in Ibiza and has to prove Emily was my own daughter, imagine how that made me feel. This is why i wanted her surname changing to Taylor, not to cause arguments but to make it easier for us and Emily. Obviously i didn't no i had to carry Emily's birth certificate every time i left the country. Pretty stupid to say she is my daughter. On the other hand i see why they have to do it x

  • Krystle C.

    Thanks Hun I would never have thought about this. I will be taking everything with me lol xx

  • Karen S.

    Lol I need to get on it just in case Harry says no! !

  • Kirst H.

    Never had a problem my daughter has a different name to me never asked never stopped never bothered about it I carry a passport which is government approved I don't carry anything else you would have thought it was more acceptable in this day and age

  • Kayleigh H.

    Ah thanks so much! This has actually settled my mind more xx

  • Kelly M.

    What .... surley when a kiddies passport is scanned it should bring up parents names, addresses, parents passport numbers etc. Otherwise why do we have to put it all on the children's passport application?!

  • Michelle B.

    Ryanair told me it'd be fine as long as we all have passports and the under 16 is accompanied. I don't know whether I'm pleased about that or not lol

  • Jodie A.

    Thanks hun as this was one of the things I was worried about xxx

  • Sarah G.

    Omg this would be stressful :cry:

  • Hayley M.

    Oh yes, all of these things are in the travel document wallet including all the stuff to prove who the hell I am haha xx

  • Emma M.

    Glad I don't go abroad, I would be so offended as an unmarried mother to prove I am my baby's mom!! So irritating despite being with my child's father over 15 years I feel like a second rate citizen!! Would be straight on the phone to the deed poll service if this happened to me!! :rage:

  • Stephanie C.

    That's what happened in Dubai :rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes: x

  • Kerry D.

    It'll be the same when I take Leighton away in May xx

  • Sarah L.

    I had no issue going in Manchester or Palma airport but coming home in Manchester I was questioned if the twins were mine

  • ʚϊɞ �.

    So I got a get David to write a letter lol I've got all the their birth certificates ready x

  • Kirstie B.

    Birth certificate or a letter saying dad gives his permission and knows that she out of the country and get someone to witness sign it like a school teacher or someone as we had one at work and that was what they asked us to do is sign as witnesses x

  • Debbie M.

    You should've seen the pile of documents I had to take to France in case we were stopped last year!

  • Kathryn F.

    Always asked questions about different surnames. The issue however is never leaving the country it's coming back into it!

  • Hannah T.

    That's stupid to be honest x

  • Rosslynn C.

    In 13 years of taking my daughter on holiday I've only ever been asked once and it was security in Glasgow when we arrived home

  • Sarah S.

    Iv never had a problem and my kids have a different surname to me and also there Half Chinese so don't even have the same features as me, they have a Chinese surname too It's never been a problem I'm due to go away this year I hope this isn't something new!

  • Alix S.

    I traveled to NZ .... by myself and the kids summer has a different last name and Skye does and I didn't have an issue at all !

  • Nicola C.

    I have never had any problem travelling abroad and I took my little man at 3 months without the dad

  • Lauren B.

    I travelled to America with Evie and Sam and they're both Barons and I'm Brock we had no trouble wasn't even questioned xx

  • Ashlee K.

    We went away may last year and wasn't questioned but I wasn't sure if it was a new thing. Thank you x

  • Lauren B.

    We travelled on the 30th Dec come back on the 9th and it wasn't a problem I thought that was the point of a passport if you're worried bring the birth certificate with you anyway :) xx

  • Zoe H.

    Never had an issue with my son & we have different names

  • Hannah E.

    Took my children to Tenerife and never got stopped or asked on the way out or the return. Took their birth certificates just in case but never had to show anyone. Didn't need their father to sign for a passport either as he wasn't in contact at the time.

  • Samantha P.

    I took my son to Cyprus in June last summer. He has a different surname to me and my partner has a different surname again as we aren't married and he's not my sons dad - no-one batted an eye, we weren't stopped, no questions at all. I did take a letter from my sons dad with a photocopy of his passport just to prove he had given permission for me to take my son out of the country without him but we never needed to use it.

  • Lauren C.

    Interesting...i had heard it could cause problems. Thats fine though i'll take her birth certificate :) thanks dude!!!

  • Jade S.

    Oh really? :confused: I can always take my marriage certificate. But even still what if one of your family wants to take your child on holiday.. xxx

  • Stephanie R.

    u have to take extra documentation to prove consent. Etc xxxx

  • Lisa W.

    So now have to take away passports and birth certificates! I agree with some of he other comments surely you town children should in some way be linked to the parents passport!!

  • Alice L.

    I have had this problem.... unless I'm with my partner (as we not married) my parents also had to have a letter to my daughter abroad as they have my name and my daughter has my partners. I'm sure when I got her passport I had to fill in parents and grandparents so why can't the info come up x

  • Audrey D.

    I've got 2 children and we travel abroad at least 3-4 times a year, they don't have the same surname or same nationality as me, I always carry the birth certificates with me and it seems to be a good enough proof.

  • Pauline B.

    We have 2 kids & are not married have flown many times outwith Europe & cruised, never been asked about my different surname (dad's always been with us). Most recently flew 3 weeks ago (outside EU) & this was never mentioned at either custom's end.

  • Astrid F.

    My children have a double name with mine and my partners name . A-G . So how ever is traveling has one off the right names in it.

  • Leanne F.

    Hahaha we were laughing about this the other day - we've got 4 different surnames for 5 of us. Xx

  • Natalie C.

    I got stopped at Luton Airport, was so shocked! In the grand scheme of things I'm glad they check!

  • David M.

    A copy of birth cert should suffice. Not concerned tho :thumbsup:

  • Laura B.

    I went to Lapland beginning of December and my children have different surnames to me. I didn't have to get anything from their dad at all. X

  • Denise H.

    Is this not what a passport is for :confused:. You must put both the mothers & fathers name in the blah to get a passport so they already have all those details!

  • Lynne K.

    I think it's time I change my name on passport! It has been 5 years!

  • Carol B.

    What about grandchild? Would letter of consent be enough

  • Samantha L.

    Passport could be stolen, child could be being trafficiked that's what it's for my children have often been asked who they are with and where they have been even with the same surname

  • Samantha W.

    As someone who has a different surname to her son I think this is shocking - a name means nothing!! You do not have to be the child’s parent to share a surname - generally half the child’s family have it!! And if they share the same surname I am assuming they won’t have to verify the relationship.

  • Francesca S.

    Haha thanks didnt realise x

  • Nadine W.

    Thats what my mum uses for my two.

  • Jen T.

    ...time to get married lol

  • Elle J.

    Already have to take Birth Certificates when traveling to South Africa

  • Helen M.

    I've had this. Were taken aside when returning to the UK on Eurostar on Christmas eve. My son went silent as kids do when he was asked who I was :joy: They suggested travelling with a copy of the birth certificate. They asked when flying into the UK too recently but had a copy certificate.

  • Hannah T.

    I have a different surname to my children and I think it's a great idea. I know they're my children but really they could be anyones!

  • Nia T.

    i know :joy::joy::joy: need to get everything in order by next time :joy::joy:

  • Sophie D.

    Surely in this day and age, where everyone has different names, would it not make sense to have the parents details on a child’s passport to avoid carrying unnecessary paperwork around!

  • Samantha W.

    But they could be anyone’s and still just happen to have the same name. If I did share the same name as my son I would still expect to be questioned the same as I would be now. Name is not necessarily an indicator of relationship

  • Daisy D.

    That's how it used to be. The children were on the mothers passport until a certain age

  • Douglas M.

    what's the passport for then ....

  • Hannah T.

    It a highly unlikely you're going to be kidnapping/trafficking/whatever a child you has the same surname as you by coincidence! I

  • Alison R.

    I travel with my stepson who I have the same surname as but isn't biologically mine - I think surname is a stupid way to be policing this

  • Rachel H.

    I always travel with my child’s birth certificate in case. It was essential on a day trip to Lapland & we were questioned a lot. And a letter of consent from her dad (which quite frankly anyone could have written and signed!) We were also asked to produce it re-entering uk from Ibiza tho they seemed shocked I had it so think they were being jobsworths then... not sure they’d have done anything had I not!!! There’s no mistaking she’s mine ... looks and attitude :joy::joy::joy:

  • Layla A.

    Its even more fun when the name you had on the birth certificate isn't the one you have now :expressionless:

  • Leigh S.

    I'm happy to claim their not mine at this moment in time :joy:

  • Donna M.

    My daughter was taken to one side by passport control in LV and asked her for our date of births to prove we were her parents. She didn't know them:rolling_eyes:. For a few minutes they were unsure of how to continue then asked a series of other questions. She now knows our birthdays :hugging:. It's just something else to be aware of.

  • Katie G.

    So let me get this straight, if a child is given their Dad's surname at time of registering but said 'Dad' has since been absent or not on good terms with the mother, the mother (who has raised the child by herself) still has to carry documents to say she can take the child out of the country? Asking for a friend

  • Denise H.

    I go abroad frequently with my 2, they have never been asked who they are with & I have a different surname. Besides, a birth certificate is a simple piece of paper stating names etc, no way is that harder to fake than a passport

  • Iona M.

    Will take Ava’s birth certificate just in case xx

  • Bev C.

    I have never been questioned leaving the country but always questioned at passport control when arriving home. Always had documents with me and a signed letter from my Son's Dad which I've always been asked if I have but they have never asked to see it.

  • Jody C.

    That’s it then stress is on them lol :joy: x

  • Andy D.

    So a the birth certificate will need to come with us. That’s ok, plus she has our last names...we’ll just take it to be sure :wink:

  • Samantha W.

    Yes, because I’m assuming things like that take a lot of planning and effort. I just feel everyone should be treated equally, I wouldn’t want to be treated differently once I have my child’s surname.

  • Jean-Marie B.

    We were asked for letter of consent AND copy of birth certificate coming back into country last month with our granddaughter

  • Lisa B.

    Good job my kids have my surname then since there father is a prick :laughing::laughing:

  • Ej B.

    It’s to back themselves against kindnapping and trafficking

  • Lis A.

    Yeah gonna take extra documents with me

  • Ej B.

    Please don’t take this the wrong way. There’s been a number of children over the years taken by a parent back to their country of birth against the will or knowledge of the other parent “kidnapped” in a looser sense. I worked getting visas for years it’s not getting at you it’s covering to make sure the child and parents are comfortable entering the country. Child trafficking is at a high too

  • Emma W.

    Why are people complaining and finding it ‘shocking’? Surely them checking is a good thing?

  • Sarah J.

    You also have to put the parents passport numbers in so surely they can call it up on the system and just check?! Surnames are a daft way because if we hadn't double barrelled and my son only had his dad's surname (we're not married), that would mean his dad's sister wouldn't be asked travelling with MY child.

  • Sam R.

    I'd feel very uncomfortable having both passport and birth certificates for my children with me while going abroad! That would be an issue for me xx

  • Melanie M.

    Photocopy the birth certificate.

  • Jo B.

    Came back from Mallorca on Tuesday my surname is different on my passport to my children’s I was asked for the birth certificates which I had! I don’t see the problem?! You would all soon moan if a child was taken and no one questioned it!! You can’t win with you lot!!! :rolling_eyes:

  • Naomi S.

    We gotta take birth certificates but Blake’s ok as he has the same surname as Nathan and they’re both travelling x

  • Holly G.

    I got stopped with my now 2 year old when he was 12 weeks at glasgow airport, because he has his dad whos also my finances surname they were going to take him off me until I got his dad to bring his birth certificate but after alot of arguing and tearing up and refusing to be separated as i was feeding him they let me go with a warning will never travel without his birth cert again!! X

  • Alan B.

    I write a letter stating I authorise my ex wife to take my son on holiday and she takes it with her Has all my details on there just in case.

  • Melanie M.

    It's totally reasonable as an extra layer of check when your crossing into a country with a minor who doesn't have an immediate family connection. A couple of questions answered and bingo your off. I have a different surname to my son's and I'm grateful for the check. It's checking the child isn't being trafficked which is quite reasonable?? I do agree it parents details should be on the passport though.

  • Mikki N.

    Thanks, Id seen on something else about taking Rorys birth cert on holiday with us. Its bonkers! X

  • Jude C.

    I don’t mind them checking and good to see they are creating awareness before people travel. I couldn’t understand why I was questioned on the way home and not when I was leaving the country! Interestingly my partners ex wife could take my son through passport control no questions asked...!! Parents names on the passport would solve this!

  • Lorna N.

    Never once had a problem hun x

  • Kirsty H.

    I had a letter off both dads and their birth certificates this time just in case so will just do the same x

  • Jo-Face S.

    Holly Greig omg that's terrifying! Exactly what I worry about with my 2 :(

  • Gillian M.

    Vanessa put something about this up before but there dad will be there so don't think I need to worry x

  • Penny S.

    Yep! They questioned me when I was on holiday with Fran, then when we came back from Egypt in Feb they questioned Ralph asked him who I am xx

  • Alessandra M.

    It's the same now Sonia lol

  • Rebecca D.

    Yea going to take letters with me in case x x

  • Jo-Face S.

    That's rediculous! How old was she? I'm terrible with birthdays how's my daughter 5 year old going to remember them!

  • Donna M.

    Jo-Face Stefanski she was 10. They blamed child trafficking for extra checks but we had passports and visas and she's the image of her dad. It was scary for her at the time though.

  • Bbrook L.

    Steven lets just change my name now xxx

  • Ashley R.

    Wow. I guess it's better safe than sorry but when you have the same surname :rolling_eyes:

  • Hollie I.

    Yeah but I not got the same last name x

  • Natalie S.

    I think it's a great idea! Takes very little effort to get in writing or take a birth certificate with your name on it. A name doesn't mean much I agree but it's put in place to stop children being abducted and taken aboard etc, which you'd be greatful for if it ever happened to your child. Its a bigger issue that people disliking the fact it takes more effort.

  • Temina B.

    Yea and questioning Nyana about it, she was totally confused... I was also scared she would randomly come out with ‘that’s Temina’ rather than mummy :joy::joy::joy::see_no_evil:

  • Emma-louise R.

    As someone who has a different legal surname to her Son this doesnt bother me at all. Better safe than sorry. Take the birth certificate.

  • Rosebud M.

    At least you know to prepare!

  • Samantha W.

    My point is that everyone should be treated equally! I am quite happy to take any documents required to leave the country with my child, whether I share his surname or not. It should be brought in across the board - not just for one set of people.

  • Veronique M.

    It’s ok as chris is travelling if it was me on my own with the kids I may get asked xxx

  • Melanie M.

    Yep totally agree Jude, parents details should be on passports. And surnames are just an indication of whether the child is traveling with a 'parent'. Don't ask me why but immigration don't conduct outward checks as a rule, so it's not always asked (airlines check in could raise it I guess). However on the way into the UK everyone goes through controls, so it's going to get asked. Yeah I understand the situation with your son and the ex wife, I guess no system is perfect - names on passports would solve this. It's trying to stop vulnerable children slipping through the net.

  • Keri W.

    So what if the child is too young to remember his mom/dads birthday?

  • Joanne K.

    I had to do it last year hun xxx

  • Samantha W.

    Holly Greig that must have been a horrible ordeal. Glad you were able to sort it out x

  • Katie M.

    I don’t get why on a child’s passport it can’t have 2 boxes for parents names it wouldn’t be so hard to do. They have that information when they get the birth certificate anyway.

  • Katie M.

    Melanie Mahoney they don’t allow photo copies

  • Sophie M.

    This is why I changed Lilys name to double barrel when darren left x

  • Melanie M.

    Katie Mottram I think you'd be really unlucky if they wouldn't accept a photocopy! Plus they say it's ideal to have it, it isn't compulsory. They may just have to ask more questions.

  • Kirstey W.

    So my childrens dad can take them on holiday , No questions asked as they have his sir name. Yet they live with me and i have to take all the extra documents "Just incase"

  • Kirsty M.

    It would help if they questioned these things LEAVING the country, surely that would protect children more, if your going to traffic children your more likely going to take them FROM the UK than fetch them back!! Maybe the travel agents would be better seeing birth certificates and it going through as part of API rather than having to take important documents with you

    My mum took my daughter on holiday a few years ago, my daughter carries her dads surname, got out of the country no questions asked, fetch her home they questioned my daughter about who she was with, and I had already provided a consent letter

  • Mikki N.

    Better to be safe than sorry. It would be worse if it was just me and him travelling but I dont think there will be an issue as Ben will be with us x

  • Samantha C.

    Just be carful if your travelling to South Africa, they want a legal affidavit if only travelling with one parent- same surname or not!

  • Yvonne K.

    Ive had this happen to me and my daughter,took to 1 side and asked personal questions,felt like we had done something wrong at 1st but understood its for safety which can only be a good thing,bit inconvenient but worth it

  • Kate H.

    Copy birth certificates can be obtained from the registrar

  • Louise C.

    I believe having birth certificate is enough as it will show mum's details which can be checked with passport but they could get funny and do more checks.

    A letter from the dad giving permission isn't worth much as anyone could write it.

    Birth certificate and passports are far more valid as they are government issued

  • Lesley B.

    I was asked by border control to take a photo copy!

  • Alexandra B.

    No way really? Bet that made u feel really off. It would me too especially as u have the same name xx

  • Melissa A.

    How about another family member taking children abroad. How about you have passport and birth certificate on you then that gets taken along with your child? Who are the people taking children from this country to another country? This is pathetic for all sorts of reasons. You could of been married again even since your child was born. There is no way you should be carrying around birth certificates. Plus children don't only travel with their children! Doesn't matter to me, both my children have the same surname as me but this is silly. In the comments there was a mother that was going to have her baby taken away from her by strangers because she didn't have his birth certificate?!

  • Emma D.

    Cheers chicken, I’m taking it with me anyway lol x

  • SJ W.

    Ha ha yeah “I’ve never seen this lady before”

  • Leah W.

    They could do but they don’t want to. Not sure how it’s simpler to subject young children to an interrogation but there you go. I keep copies of mine on Google docs.

  • Leah W.

    So how are they stopping kids being kidnapped who happen to have the same surname?

  • Leah W.

    The point is they could avoid it all with a simple alteration to child passports. It’s confusing why the Home Office think this is the simpler option!

  • Jo B.

    This is so infuriating as someone who has a different name to my children I found it highly insulting to be stopped at customs coming back from our holiday and questioned if I’m my daughters mother. Yet my partner and his entire family could leave the country with my children at the drop of a hat and not be questioned at all. This is no more secure in my eyes. Children could be taken from their mothers still.

  • Debbie C.

    Get duplicate birth certificate and keep it with passport xx

  • Lesley M.

    I took my son to Canada and NY for a mother and son ice hockey trip flying to Glasgow via Dublin, only when we were coming back home at Dublin was I asked for his birth certificate due to him having his dads name on passport which I didn’t have, they just spoke to him and asked him a couple of questions but Canada US and Gladgow did not bother or Ireland on way out !!

  • Darren R.

    Need to just get married!! Xxxx

  • Stacey N.

    I have a different surname to my kids but never had a problem when travelling x

  • Ej B.

    Leah Williams they are not what I’m saying is border controls are able to ascertain that a parent entering a country with someone with a different name that the person has the permission of the parents to do so. Once in that country they cannot extradite you quickly but can return you to your country of origin and the child back in their own country and passed by border control back to their parents if required

  • Ej B.

    If you are landing in some African states border control is not like ours

  • CJ D.

    Yep! I guess only applies if I’m flying with the boys on my own

  • Katie S.

    I’ve never had this in married but never changed my passport name until it runs out in 2 years time or is it if travelling without there dad?

  • Jane L.

    Yes I have seen this. Thank you though xxx

  • Kelly S.

    Thought this only applies if mother taking children away and surnames diff. As mike will be with u it shouldn't matter x

  • Kelly S.

    Yeah. That's how I read it. Remember when I took alisha to France. They ? when we came back as surnames were diff and mum hadn't given me a letter to say I could take her out of country x

  • Gemma P.

    I'm never asked when leaving the UK, or entering Spain. On the way back however after waiting over an hour to get through with 3 kids on my own, I am always asked and questioned. So I can take them out no problem..but the problem is returning :rolling_eyes:

  • Hannah G.

    Literally every time I talk about the holiday to anyone in the family I tell them to keep reminding you to bring his birth certificate :joy:

  • Gemma P.

    I thought the chips held the parents details..they should do really

  • Ellie O.

    Yep! Rather them be over cautious!!

  • Heidi J.

    I think it's a good idea... Child trafficking is a thing, kidnap etc etc I don't mind taking an extra bit of id.. I can see why they are doing this:) it's good that they are tightening up on it...

  • Claire T.

    I've just come back today & i had photocopy. You need full birth certificate

  • Claire E.

    Already sorted lol have to do the same with Gabby and Izzy xx

  • Tessa F.

    I have had this a few times with my boy as he's got his dad's surname. I now always travel with his birth certificate and a letter from his dad saying he's ok with me taking him on holiday. Border control now also advised to take a copy of dad's passport so they can check the signature on the letter. I do wonder if (single) dads with the same now also need to do this? What if he takes my boy, but I haven't given my approval for the holiday? (I doubt I wouldn't approve, but just for the sake of the argument)...

  • Kelly S.

    So not only do I need to take our passports, I need their birth certificates (which have my old married name), my divorce papers AND my change of name deed poll paperwork? Great! :rage:

  • Sam R.

    Kate Harrison but my concern if that if someone had my child's passport and their birth certificate then they have their identify! It's not safe to travel with both

  • Lidia S.

    Too bad it's almost always men who kidnap children and its the women who have different surnames, alas they're the ones affected

  • Mirja W.

    I always had to carry my kids birth certificate with us. They always would check!! Better to be safe than sorry!!

  • Kelly J.

    I was told by passport control at Gatwick airport last week, a photocopy is fine. Don’t travel with original copy of birth certificate as they are worth thousands on the black market!

  • Chantele O.

    This is one of the reasons why my daughter has my surname!

  • Chantele O.

    That's why my daughter has my surname

  • Jade P.

    gonna be hilarious when I try to go :joy::joy:

  • Ashley A.

    I told my now husband that if we had children & we weren’t married that the children would have my surname x

  • Kristen J.

    This happens even if you have the same surname as you could be kidnapping your own children. I always travel with a letter of consent now. It also helps to have it notarised.

  • Rachel L.

    I’ve just come back from holiday with my 2 with different surnames to me and each other and all I got was ‘how are you related’ as Passport Control back in the UK

  • Scott H.

    I will be there if she goes on holiday

  • Hanna W.

    just travelled with my boys who both have different surnames to me. to portugal which apparently are quite strict. didnt even question us!

  • Syed S.

    We never had this problem:-)

  • Rebecca A.

    I took my daughter away and haven't changed my passport since we got married as was a new one! I got asked for birth certificate which had my married name on she had to supply marriage certificate too! This was on entering Ireland! Didn't get checked coming back!

  • Ailsa L.

    I've flown for almost 11 years with my oldest who has always had a different surname to me, never had a problem

  • Powlene B.

    It’s not just abroad!! I travelled from England to Scotland and the English airport nearly refused plus to travel even though we weren’t even leaving UK soil!!! It’s utterly ridiculous when you can’t even travel around the same mainland governed by the same policing and government

  • Powlene B.

    I refuse to carry a letter of consent to take my own child away, who has more authority than I do for consent to be given for my son to travel

  • Karen W.

    I got asked for this when flying home from Amsterdam with my two children who have different surname from me, what I wanted to know was who exactly was I supposed to get consent from to take my own biological children on holiday!?!? Absolutely ridiculous :rage: My question to them was then why did ur airline allow me book flights for two children with different surnames without proof that they were allowed to travel with me :thinking:

  • Katie B.

    Flew back from lanzarote Friday with 3 kids diffrent names, thankgod i wasnt questioned its stressfull ebough!

  • Alice S.

    I didn't realise this before I went away with our daughter (her dad didn't come) got out the UK stop over in Dubai through to Singapore and back again.. Came back through Dubai all fine, was stopped in the UK. I didn't have no documents, was just asked etc but went through OK. Will take documentation next time for ease and just in case

  • Jennifer M.

    This happened to my parents when they took my son abroad even thou they have a residence order they didn’t take it and got stopped and tried to question my 8yr old son my dad soon put a stop to it fs questioning a child wtf I’d take all documents with u on holiday xx

  • StephenS

    I'm not on my daughter's birth certificate, my ex didn't want me on it, no idea why, and I want to take her abroad, would a letter of consent do or would this be an issue?

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