Thirst Quenching Prosecco Cocktails

Thirst Quenching Prosecco Cocktails

It hits 6pm on a Friday night, and all you can think about is popping cork. That's right, those cold, fizzy bubbles hitting your tongue and that crisp dryness hitting the back of your throat. I am talking Prosecco.

Okay, so you may want to tart your Prosecco up at the weekends or if you're having a girly night. It's easy to mess it up, and no-one wants to be pouring it down the sink.

We have found you Thirst Quenching Prosecco Cocktails, that'll tickle your fancy and are super easy to make.

Floral Fizz

This is one I had in a rather swanky hotel and it's so delicate and sweet, just like Parma Violet sweets. Couldn't be easier to make. Just pour a splash of Briottete Liqueur de Violette* into the bottom of a glass and top up with Prosecco.

If you are being really fancy, you could add a couple of edible Violet petals on top, too.

Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble

Oh this has to be one of the most lip-smacking drinks I have ever tasted. My mouth is watering thinking about it.

Wet the rim of the flute or glass with water or syrup. Roll the rim in crushed digestives and tap off the excess. Then add 20ml of Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb and Ginger Gin Liqueur* into the bottom of the flute and fill that baby up with ice cold Prosecco.

Strawberry Fields

If you like strawberries then this be your drink. The dryness of the Prosecco cuts right through that juicy sweet flavour. If you aren't much of a fizz drinker, then I bet you'd still like this. Pair it with chocolate and you have yourself the ultimate girl's night in.

All you need to do is blitz a cup and a half of sliced frozen strawberries, and add in a teaspoon of sugar. Sift the puree through mesh to ensure no chunky bits of seeds get through. Decant puree into a pitcher or jug and stir well. Decorate with fresh strawbs, if you're out to impress. You can substitute the frozen strawberries with Funkin Pro Puree*.


English Country Garden

If you like your drink to make your night go with a bang, then this is the one for you. You will need a hi ball glass for this and not a dainty flute. You want half a shot of Ciroc Apple Vodka* (you can use cheaper brands if you like), a full shot of Elderflower Infused Gin* then fill to the brim with your finest Prosecco.

This is delicious, but as we advocate sensible drinking, we advise you don't go nuts with this one.

Christmas Party

This is the drink you want to make when you have your friends over at Christmas time.

Pull out your best champagne flutes because this is special, like real special! Pour a little Smirnoff Gold* into the bottom of your glass and fill with ice cold Prosecco (or champagne). Stir it up and your drink will be like a glittery snow globe plus it will smell and taste just like Christmas with that cinnamon flavour.


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