The PlayPennies 1p Saving Challenge

Think you can't save? Think again!
The PlayPennies 1p Saving Challenge

Needing to save but don't have the money to spare? The average household in the UK is said to have £20 worth of pennies lying around in clothes, bags and around the house. The PlayPennies 1p Saving Challenge demonstrates just how much you can tuck away by saving the odd spare penny.

In a year (365 days), you can start by saving 1p on day one, 2p on day two and by the last day you will have a whopping total of £667.95! What a low impact way to work towards that holiday or wedding dress.

This chart shows you exactly how much to pop in the piggy bank each day...

Why not print yourself a copy off here and start saving today?

I am grabbing one of these Paint Your Own Ceramic Money Pots* to store my money in, or you could get a Digital Coin Bank* that counts the money for you, making it even easier to keep track.

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Reply to
  • Michelle H.

    I don't know how long I'll be able to do it for 6 is OK :joy: x

    • Carol B.

      Much more realistic than some I've seen.

      • Nikki C.

        That's why we gave up lol x

        • Louise H.

          Did this last year but by the last couple of months it works out at quite a bit to put away and when your getting Christmas gifts too it's hard.

          • Cheryl H.

            I'm doing it in reverse order x

            • Hayley S.

              That's genius!

              • Elaine M.

                Cheryl Hawthorne that's a fab idea. Didn't think of that xx

                • Amy J.

                  Or £2 a day

                  • Kelly A.

                    I was going to reverse it too, but i can't afford it this mouth either lol I mere to make a chart so i can add the odd £3 here & there to try & make or easier come Oct

                    • Zoe T.

                      Kelly Ambrose why not print it off and mark off which amount you put in? As long as all are covered you've done it so some weeks when you have more do the bigger amounts, doesn't have to be done in any order x

                      • Hazel C.

                        I did the pound one last year and am doing the penny one this year aswell. If you print of the chart you can just tick off random amounts, do some lower ones this month and then some of the bigger ones when you can afford it. I just counted up all the change I had lying around the house and have done up until middle of Feb or something I'm just chucking my loose change into a box now and will count it all out again in a few weeks lol

                        • Cheryl A.

                          That's what I did Hazel Cowieson. Worked out fine :-)

                        • Nic H.

                          I'm doing this but doing it backwards in an unopenable tin but must remember to change old fivers in March and £1 in October!!!

                          • Cecilia F.

                            Rather put away 50 quid a month

                            • Daggie

                              I'm trying this, I started on November 1st and just added 67p for today!

                              Good luck everyone xx ☺

                              • Laura B.

                                I'm doing this as well but i've drawn a grid up with all the amounts and i just put in what i have in change in my purse and mark it off, as long as i've put all the amounts in i'll be happy but i need to remember to take the £1 coins down the bank on october lol

                                • Zoe D.

                                  I'm doing this. I'm starting backwards tho as it will get expensive in Dec next year so I have to put less in as the year goes on but end up with the same amount x

                                  • Cheryl A.

                                    Did this last year & it worked well. I got ahead of myself though & put in more at the beginning, when I could afford it. Started this years & am now on April lol

                                    • Lisa D.

                                      Good luck taking it to the bank. They only take 3/4 bags of change at a time!

                                      • Hazel C.

                                        You could get it changed when you get a certain amount? E.g every time you get 10 pounds worth you can get it changed?

                                      • Julie W.

                                        I'm giving it a go this year

                                        • Claire G.

                                          Done today's :joy::joy::joy: c how far I get x

                                          • Teerriianne C.

                                            Think about this logically. The last 7 days total over over £25, so the last months worth of saving is over £100. Are you really able to put away £100 in December? It looks like a gd idea at a glance but towards the end it adds up!

                                            • Hailey R.

                                              Nothing to stop you doing different days at different points in the year as long as they are all ticked off xxx

                                              • Natalie P.

                                                Mix it up and pay in any order.

                                                • Sarah D.

                                                  Do it backwards start high and finish low x

                                                  • Emily S.

                                                    I’m doing it in any order, so whatever’s in my purse and I can spare. Already ticked off about 12 of them to give me a head start :slight_smile:

                                                    • Tricia W.

                                                      Maybe do it backwards :relaxed:

                                                      • Amy J.

                                                        Do £1.80 a day works out same xx

                                                        • Kayleigh S.

                                                          That's what I do £13 a week xx

                                                          • Chloe T.

                                                            Do it backwards if it’s an issue :blush:

                                                            • Krene H.

                                                              Backwards or splitting total equally or a Max a month doing what more one week that the next. Do what suits yourself.

                                                            • Louise H.

                                                              Do it backwards! Its easier

                                                              • Alan B.

                                                                Exactly. Otherwise means finding £108.50 in December.

                                                              • Jennifer K.

                                                                Turn it upside down - put the most in in January and work down :blush:

                                                                • Amy-kyle M.

                                                                  I’ve just completed this for the last year. I’ve started again today but the opposite way. Saved £3.65 going down :grinning:

                                                                  • Kelly T.

                                                                    That’s a better way

                                                                    • Sarah R.

                                                                      Did you manage to save the full amount?

                                                                      • Amy-kyle M.

                                                                        Sarah Revans yes I did. Saved a bit more as put extra in sometimes

                                                                        • Hosannah E.

                                                                          You Amy-kyle Matthews is a genius. You have inspired me to do it.

                                                                        • Martin L.

                                                                          Theres a better one doing 1-7 pound each week. Much easier to manage.

                                                                          • Stephanie C.

                                                                            Scott lets do this but backwards so putting less in the pot in December xx

                                                                            • Michelle C.

                                                                              Mix it up and do it in any order, get a highlighter and tick them off

                                                                            • Emma B.

                                                                              Saving for Florida spending money again, so definitely doing this!!!