The PlayPennies 1p Saving Challenge

The PlayPennies 1p Saving Challenge

Needing to save but don't have the money to spare? The average household in the UK is said to have £20 worth of pennies lying around in clothes, bags and around the house. The PlayPennies 1p Saving Challenge demonstrates just how much you can tuck away by saving the odd spare penny.

In a year (365 days), you can start by saving 1p on day one, 2p on day two and by the last day you will have a whopping total of £667.95! What a low impact way to work towards that holiday or wedding dress.

This chart shows you exactly how much to pop in the piggy bank each day...

Why not print yourself a copy off here and start saving today?

I am grabbing one of these Paint Your Own Ceramic Money Pots* to store my money in!


  • Michelle H.

    I don't know how long I'll be able to do it for 6 is OK :joy: x

  • Carol B.

    Much more realistic than some I've seen.

  • Nikki C.

    That's why we gave up lol x

  • Louise H.

    Did this last year but by the last couple of months it works out at quite a bit to put away and when your getting Christmas gifts too it's hard.

    • Cheryl H.

      I'm doing it in reverse order x

    • Elaine M.

      Cheryl Hawthorne that's a fab idea. Didn't think of that xx

    • Kelly A.

      I was going to reverse it too, but i can't afford it this mouth either lol I mere to make a chart so i can add the odd £3 here & there to try & make or easier come Oct

    • Hazel C.

      I did the pound one last year and am doing the penny one this year aswell. If you print of the chart you can just tick off random amounts, do some lower ones this month and then some of the bigger ones when you can afford it. I just counted up all the change I had lying around the house and have done up until middle of Feb or something I'm just chucking my loose change into a box now and will count it all out again in a few weeks lol

    • Cheryl A.

      That's what I did Hazel Cowieson. Worked out fine :-)

  • Nic H.

    I'm doing this but doing it backwards in an unopenable tin but must remember to change old fivers in March and £1 in October!!!

  • Paula S.

    Hehe I'll find some :grinning: xx

  • Cecilia F.

    Rather put away 50 quid a month

  • Kirsty M.

    That looks good I save 50ps and £2 coins xx

  • Daggie

    I'm trying this, I started on November 1st and just added 67p for today!

    Good luck everyone xx ☺

  • Laura B.

    I'm doing this as well but i've drawn a grid up with all the amounts and i just put in what i have in change in my purse and mark it off, as long as i've put all the amounts in i'll be happy but i need to remember to take the £1 coins down the bank on october lol

  • Kathleen C.

    Hmmm. I need to do this definitely

  • Kirsten F.

    £2 aday for 365? You come out with the same amount? X

  • Amy J.

    We its bout 1.70 a day but at £2 a day youd get £750 xx

  • Emily K.

    Might do it too but reverse so save more to start with and less as the year goes on sonny Christmas I don't have to put that much away

  • Zoe D.

    I'm doing this. I'm starting backwards tho as it will get expensive in Dec next year so I have to put less in as the year goes on but end up with the same amount x

  • Jo D.

    Yeah, or start it a month early in the November so you finish at start of December before Christmas. It's good idea x

  • Sheena L.

    Yeah I seen it pop up earlier im trying to save £2 coins and 50ps. Anything a worth a try x

  • Cheryl A.

    Did this last year & it worked well. I got ahead of myself though & put in more at the beginning, when I could afford it. Started this years & am now on April lol

  • Lisa D.

    Good luck taking it to the bank. They only take 3/4 bags of change at a time!

    • Hazel C.

      You could get it changed when you get a certain amount? E.g every time you get 10 pounds worth you can get it changed?

  • Gabriella C.

    I wud have to get 1 of them money boxes that I can't get into lol

  • Julie W.

    I'm giving it a go this year

  • Abbie J.

    lol yeah U can get a pound one :see_no_evil::joy: I've started dejuans already but he's got how much inthere so far

  • Claire G.

    Done today's :joy::joy::joy: c how far I get x

  • Teerriianne C.

    Think about this logically. The last 7 days total over over £25, so the last months worth of saving is over £100. Are you really able to put away £100 in December? It looks like a gd idea at a glance but towards the end it adds up!

    • Hailey R.

      Nothing to stop you doing different days at different points in the year as long as they are all ticked off xxx

    • Natalie P.

      Mix it up and pay in any order.

    • Sarah D.

      Do it backwards start high and finish low x

    • Emily S.

      I’m doing it in any order, so whatever’s in my purse and I can spare. Already ticked off about 12 of them to give me a head start :slight_smile:

    • Tricia W.

      Maybe do it backwards :relaxed:

    • Amy J.

      Do £1.80 a day works out same xx

    • Kayleigh S.

      That's what I do £13 a week xx

    • Chloe T.

      Do it backwards if it’s an issue :blush:

    • Krene H.

      Backwards or splitting total equally or a Max a month doing what more one week that the next. Do what suits yourself.

  • Louise H.

    Do it backwards! Its easier

    • Alan B.

      Exactly. Otherwise means finding £108.50 in December.

  • Jennifer K.

    Turn it upside down - put the most in in January and work down :blush:

  • Amy-kyle M.

    I’ve just completed this for the last year. I’ve started again today but the opposite way. Saved £3.65 going down :grinning:

    • Kelly T.

      That’s a better way

    • Sarah R.

      Did you manage to save the full amount?

    • Amy-kyle M.

      Sarah Revans yes I did. Saved a bit more as put extra in sometimes

    • Hosannah E.

      You Amy-kyle Matthews is a genius. You have inspired me to do it.

  • Martin L.

    Theres a better one doing 1-7 pound each week. Much easier to manage.

  • Michelle M.

    lol not in my nice new purse :heartbeat:

  • Stephanie C.

    Scott lets do this but backwards so putting less in the pot in December xx

    • Michelle C.

      Mix it up and do it in any order, get a highlighter and tick them off

  • Emma B.

    Saving for Florida spending money again, so definitely doing this!!!

  • Vikki T.

    But who has all that change?? My purse is always empty because i pay by card for everything :joy:

    • Ross M.

      I saved my pennies in a bag from uni (2008) until last year.....forty quid....and there was a fair bit of silver in there as well. I probably would of made more smelting them into new age art and selling them!

    • Vikki T.

      We've got a giant whisky jar and i always say I'm not going to empty it to take it to the bank until its full...but I always give in and count it up lol.

    • Tricia M.

      Ha ha me too. I just have a standing order every week. Much eaiser cos I don't have cash and don't notice it.

  • Sue C.

    Bless you thank you for thinking of me! Beaten it to it! Have always had a tin! I wait until it's full and it's amazing how much accumulates! Here's hoping for my next count up!! :joy:

  • Ashley W.

    i never have any change :joy::joy:

  • Vikki W.

    I'm doing another one lol :joy: xxx

  • Amanda D.

    We can try it be good for Xmas.

  • Ann-marie C.

    Dont know about anybody else but id never remember what day i was on! :thinking: who remembers if it’s the 167th day of the year? Stick a quid away a week - much easier!

    • Lorna W.

      You just tick it off daily

    • Judith J.

      I've done this 2 years running now.....An amazing way to save......At the beginning of the year I work out how much I should save every week and mark off in my diary every week so I know I've saved it.....If it is easier divide the amount (667.95) by 52 and put £12.85 away each week (total then actually £668.20).....This year I'm gonna round it up to £15.00 a week and by the end of the year I will have £780.00 to treat myself......Give it a go - YOU WILL BE AMAZED xx

    • Ann-marie C.

      Na, i’ll stick 2 a normal savings account. Like others have said, works out low 2 begin but the closer 2 xmas it gets, the higher ur daily amount is x

  • Anneka J.

    One year I did £3.66 a day all year and it paid for our family of four to fly to Disneyland for four days on Boxing Day :slight_smile: so last year I did £5 a day and it paid for Christmas and some new baby purchases without us struggling to find money for things. It’s so ingrained in me now and so easy to do that it is normality for me to save now x x

  • Judith B.

    Have done this the last 2 Year’s for our teenage sons Christmas present :gift: he has been delighted with it :grinning:x

  • Rachel B.

    I did this last year, fantastic :blush:

  • Pauline M.

    Just opened my jar yesterday and had £660.

    • Nikki T.

      how much did u put away to that amont?? x

    • Pauline M.

      Start off with a penny, then add a penny every day.

  • Kathryn D.

    I tried this last year. Doing it again this year too :-) x

  • Sam B.

    I will be starting it this week at work xx

  • Hayley K.

    Anyone knwo what it is ampunts for a week I'll never remember every day xx

  • Hilary D.

    Yes it is I started today xx

  • Tracy A.

    Started it didnt finish it

  • James T.

    It's a great idea babes. Let's get saving xxxxx

  • Michelle B.

    I saw one earlier where you save £1 on a Monday, £2 Tuesday etc up to £7 on Sunday, then start again at £1 on Monday. So basically around £28 a month.

  • John P.

    The last few weeks you end up putting loads away each day

  • Holly W.

    Did it last year and just put random days in and marked off on sheet...but dont often have change! So this year i am doing £55 a month straight bank transfer

  • Abby F.

    We are doing this but we cross off what ever among we have so today 3.51 yesterday 1.23 etc etc

  • Amy V.

    Omg great minds. I just started this morning! As i saw it in the paper and doing highest amount first too. That's a better idea to do it straight into a spare account though I'll follow suit x

  • Chelsea C.

    I’m still attempting it :see_no_evil: I’ll need it more than ever now

  • Lorna H.

    I put a £1. Away every day since last New Year’s Day usually put more in if I had spare coins because Dec usually is a write of month

  • Sam N.

    I am going to do this but where do you change all your 1p when you finish ? x

  • Melissa M.

    He did that one to! Really made a difference for Xmas last year. He stuck to it but some weeks missed and just added extra plus I think we stopped early xx

  • Kat E.

    I was gonna pass it up as thought like 300 max but this worth it :p

  • Yvonne K.

    Started today but doing it backwards :upside_down:

  • Orla M.

    Such a good idea! Defo doing it

  • Jo B.

    Reckon we should both try this

  • Dawn W.

    Surely this involves finding £28 to spare in the last week of the year

  • Andrea P.

    I'm in will get a jar sorted out xx

  • George H.

    It works. Until you dip into it late in the year!! :joy:

  • Kayleigh H.

    Hahaha I saw this and thought I could give a go

  • Jodie L.

    We did this last year and doing again this year! So satisfying emptying the jar :relaxed: although we only did it to October x

  • Dan E.

    Did this last year and just ticked off boxes with whatever change I had in my pocket each day. Def doing it again

  • Jacqueline S.

    In the past I've put £10 a week away towards Christmas. It worked great. This year, because I haven't been working, I didn't save and Christmas hit me like a ton of bricks. So, although, it might be hard I'm going to have to save throughout this year.

  • Hayley J.

    Hoping to be more organized this year lol

  • Alison W.

    I need to do this. Wish I'd done it last year!

  • Jasmine T.

    This is a really good idea.. I better get saving my pennies x

  • Jasmine T.

    You’ll feel the pinch at the end of the year :joy: but it’ll be worth it. I need to find a jar :eyes: x

  • Amy J.

    Oh love this idea thanks mush xxxx

  • Vicky B.

    I did this a couple if yrs ago...for the first half of the yr anyway

  • Minimum

    been doing this in work for many years. Goes to charity and those in need. Raised thousands 

  • Stu82

    Has anyone else noticed the fundamental flaw in this plan. In order to ensure I had the exact change available to save each day, I would have to either spend money to get the change or keep a stash ready for the occasion. Whilst it appears a great way to save, it's actually a great way to encourage spending. To save the same, you're better off putting in place a direct debit that comes out on payday so is gone before you notice it as income.

  • Jassv

    apologies if this has already been covered. But are there any banks that just let you setup some kind of standing order where it automatically puts away a penny, then 2p and so on for you?



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