The Gruffalo 50p Coin Due To Be Released By The Royal Mint

The Gruffalo 50p Coin Due To Be Released By The Royal Mint

EDIT: We have just had confirmation that the coin will be released at midnight on the 19th February!

If you and your little ones are fans of the wonderful Julia Donaldson story, The Gruffalo, then you are going to be as excited as me by the news that a Gruffalo coin is set for release by The Royal Mint!

The details surrounding the coin are pretty secretive but from the looks of the picture on The Royal Mint's website it looks like it will be a 50p coin that is released.

The coin is being launched to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Gruffalo character which was created by Julia Donaldson, who has gone on to sell millions of copies of the book worldwide.

The coin was first announced by the Royal Mint back in November, who said it would be released in 2019.

The date on their website is shown as the 19th February 2019 so whether that will be when you can purchase the coin or when they will show us the coin, remains to be seen. However we will let you know as soon as we have more information.

The coin is bound to sell fast. The recent Paddington and Beatrix Potter coins have become collectors items. You can register your interest in the Gruffalo coin here* and The Royal Mint will keep you informed of the coin's release.


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  • Hazel J.

    Holly might fight you for this one

    • Andrew M.

      I want i want i want..... still no Paddington for me to date :(

      • Alexishawkes

        I have one ... I was surprised as didn’t know they’d released any!

      • Gill B.

        I know I seen this earlier I defo need 1

        • Michelle M.

          Mate I saw these yesterday so gotta get one of these :heart_eyes: x

          • Enya H.

            I'm gonna be all over this!

            • Lianne C.

              now to try and get my hands on 2 :see_no_evil:

              • Craig B.

                Be getting a few don't worry lol

                • Katie L.

                  i know!! How amazing, we will be on the look out! Xx

                  • Lisa B.

                    I've got the Paddington one so keeping my fingers crossed for a Gruffalo

                    • Laura P.

                      I know! Still getting nowhere with the Beatrix potter set! :joy:

                      • Gemma B.

                        don’t forget to look at this tomorrow

                        • Ailsa L.

                          us too! We have the Paddington one and some of the Paralympic ones. James even checks every 50p he comes in contact with!

                          • Michael N.

                            Told his mum she gets them reckons they won't get one x

                            • Stephanie W.

                              Oh lord this feels like dejavu :joy: xx

                              • Clare C.

                                have everyone in the look out for you :eyes::smile:

                                • Adele D.

                                  Wow I will be looking out for that :kissing_heart:

                                  • Gemma K.

                                    Fun and games :joy::joy::joy: xxxx

                                    • Maureen E.

                                      How many customers will be asking for these tomorrow

                                      • Charlotte G.

                                        Ha ha ha! I'm so excited :joy: I need to get my hands one one :money_mouth::money_mouth: xxx

                                        • Laura F.

                                          Is it actually being released into circulation or just to buy like the snowman one was I think?