The Coolest Nail Art Trends

The Coolest Nail Art Trends

Here's the dealio - I freakin' LOVE getting my nails done. Every three weeks, I trot on down to my favourite Nail Bar and get them looking mighty fine.

I do like to keep it low-key when it comes to colour, as I get the 'witchy claw' stiletto tips... OPI Samoan Sand* is the nude for me. Every now and then, I get a little crazy and go full on neon-jewelled-glitterbomb with a cherry on top.

Nails are big news these days and you see nail bars popping up everywhere. If you are needing some ideas on what to do with your talons, then check out our list of 'the coolest nail trends'.

LEGO Nails:

You're not believing me that this is a thing right? Everyone loves LEGO until you stand on it, then swear words spill out of your mouth, that you didn't even know existed. Want a safe way to enjoy LEGO? Get the 'block' effect on your nails. The kids will think you are the coolest mum around!

Bracelet Nails:

Want to do these yourself? Good luck to you. They look out of this world but it's best to get a professional to do these. Each nail has what looks like a fine bracelet wrapped around it. In fact, it's little chains or threads with intricate designs including charms and embellishments. Are they practical? Are they heck but boy, they are pretty.

Oil Slick Nails:

How can something so smelly and dirty look so pretty when it hits a puddle? I am talking about oil. You know that dreamy, rainbow effect. Add this to your nails and you are onto a winner. Can be achieved with metallic polishes or with 'marbling' (see below).

Ombre Nails:

It's evening and you have the luxury of half an hour to yourself. You wonder why your friends all have pretty nails and you don't. Eureka! Now's your time to shine. Ombre Nails look super effective but are so easy to achieve.

Stilettos & Ballerina Tips:

Want to really stand out? Like actually have bits sticking out of you? Go for uber long, stabby nails with Stilettos or Ballerina tips. I swear by Stilettos and if you have stubby 'chubbies' on the end of your hand, these babies will elongate and make your fingers look more elegant. It's a myth that these are difficult to work with. They are way easier than oval, square or 'squoval', honest.

Marble Nails:

Oh it's fun and messy, all in a oner! Grab a bowl of water and every colour of nail polish you own. Psst! Don't forget the nail polish remover either - trust me, you're gonna need that stuff. When done correctly, marbling is so eye catching and super pretty. When done wrong, it looks like that poop colour that you can only achieve when you squidge all the colours of Play-Doh together.

Textured Nails:

I am not talking about when you remember to paint your nails ten minutes before you go to bed, and you wake up with imprints of your sheets on the polish. These are super 'touchy-feely' designs that use multiple layers of polish on or have lines/indentations on. If you can handle lumps and bumps on your nail plate, then this is the trend for you. It can be done in a subtle way or as a 'notice-me' statement.

Real Flower Nails:

These are the ultimate festival nails. Get online and buy miniature dried flowers*. Rake in your makeup bag for your clear nail polish and tweezers, and you're sorted. Put on a coat of clear, gently position the flowers on top and finish with another couple of layers of polish.

Minimalist Nails:

You like your nails nude, but you're a bit fancy at times. What ya going to do? Get a Nail Art Pen* and draw on some geometric lines. It makes your nails look ultra-modern without being too 'in-your-face'.

Opal Nails:

Think of pixies and fairies - this is a nail trend for things of fiction. It's so pretty, folk are going to want to have a good ol' stare at your fingertips. You're going to be fixated at what looks like multicoloured gemstones running across your nails.

Spray On Polish:

This is fast becoming BIG news. If you find painting layers and layers of polish on, a drag, then you gotta reach for the tin. Nails Inc* were one of the first to bring it out. It can be a touch messy so put down some paper or do it over the sink. The excess polish on your skin comes off as you wash your hands.

Lettered Nails:

What a way to tell the world your name or news. Say "I'M PREGNANT" or let people know you're called Amber-Rose, or whatever the hell you like! You can use Letter Nail Stickers* or if you have a real steady hand, you can write away, with Nail Art Pen.

Mirror Nails:

If you have social media then you have seen these - they are the nails that wow EVERYONE! Even if you couldn't give two hoots about nail art - you will have watched that hypnotic video online. It's the one where the woman brushes on that powder, to reveal a mirrored foil effect. If someone told me this was made from ground-down Unicorn horn, I would believe them, it's that magical.

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