The 12 Best Curling Wands And Curling Tongs In The UK

The 12 Best Curling Wands And Curling Tongs In The UK

When it comes to curling hair, the key is to getting the right curling wands or tong for your hair type, and the look you wish to achieve.

Find out what one is right for you and you're on to a winner.

The market is flooded with heated hair tools, but we have narrowed it down so you can see which are the best curling tongs and wands out there.

Lee Stafford Original Chopstick Styler Hair Wand

The 12 Best Curling Wands And Curling Tongs In The UK

You will not find a better chopstick curling wand for the price point. There's a reason the Lee Stafford Original Chopstick Styler Hair Wand is flying off the shelves years after it's release, and that's because it's amazing for just £19.99. This will give you those tight, corkscrew curls.

Get it here*!

Babyliss Secret Curl

The 12 Best Curling Wands And Curling Tongs In The UK

Technically, this isn't a curling wand or a curling tong, but it's one of the best hair tools on the market for creating long lasting curls. This even curls poker straight Oriental hair, and the curl holds for more than 24 hours! A brilliant choice for those of you with hard to curl hair.

Very easy to use too, as it sucks the hair into the heated barrel and beeps when your curl has been made.

Get it here* for £89.99!

Trevor Sorbie Keratin and Argan Curls and Waves Multi Styler

The 12 Best Curling Wands And Curling Tongs In The UK

When you like to achieve different looks, then the Trevor Sorbie Keratin and Argan Curling Wand is for you. As it's a multi styler, you can change the barrel to create anything from a tight curl to a light wave.

As it's infused with Keratin and Argan Oils, it minimises damage as you style.

Get it here* for £49.99 delivered!

ghd Curve

The 12 Best Curling Wands And Curling Tongs In The UK

The beauty of the ghd Curve range is that they do a curling wands* and curling tongs*. That means you can buy the one that suits you best. You can opt for a multitude of different looks. ghd are known for quality and the Curve range is no different, delivering long lasting curls and waves.

Prices start from £120 delivered here*!

Cloud Nine Curling Wand

The 12 Best Curling Wands And Curling Tongs In The UK

It's one to rival the ghd Curve, but many would argue it's much better. Look at reviews online and you'll find this Cloud Nine Curling Wand is one for giving strong, long-lasting curls. Always use a heat protective glove with this one, as it gets real hot, real quick.

Get it here* for £99!

BaByliss 2284U Pro Curl

The 12 Best Curling Wands And Curling Tongs In The UK

This is one of the best budget Curling Tongs on the market. If you don't curl your hair often, then there's no point spending £££'s on a curling wand or tong. With the BaByliss 2284U Pro Curl you can create different looks, but you need to use technique for this. Bigger sections of hair for a deep wave, or smaller strands for those closer springy curls.

Snap it up for just £12.59 here*!

Toni & Guy Curl Squad Styler Spiral Wand

The 12 Best Curling Wands And Curling Tongs In The UK

If uniform curls aren't your bag, then get your mitts on the Toni & Guy Curl Squad Styler Spiral Curling Wand. Each curl/wave is different from the next thanks to the spiral barrel. This is one for achieving a more everyday, casual hairstyle, just run your fingers through the hair at the end.

Snap it up for just £29.99 here*!

Dyson Airwrap Styler Smooth + Control

The 12 Best Curling Wands And Curling Tongs In The UK

What is the Dyson Airwrap Styler? Is it a curling wand? Hmm... it's more of a multi tool in my eyes. The reviews are outstanding and the price is out there, but the modern technology involved with this Dyson beauty is unreal.

It will curl your hair, and what's better is the strand you select to curl is sucked around the barrel, and spiraled without the need of excess heat. This of course means less damage to the hair, so can be used for everyday styling.

Get saving those pennies, this is an eye-watering £399.99*!

Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Bubble WaverThe 12 Best Curling Wands And Curling Tongs In The UK

The Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Bubble Waver is fantastic for that fun, crazy curly look. Let's not overlook the fact that this is iridescent and will look gorgeous on any dressing table. The bubble barrel creates unique curls with each strand.

Get it here* for £29.99!

NuMe Classic Wand 25mm

The 12 Best Curling Wands And Curling Tongs In The UK

The NuMe Classic Wand 25mm is a great all rounder. Use it for classic curls, or for loose waves. It's barrel is straight all the way down, so to achieve an even look.

Comes in three colours and is £60*.

Best Curling Wand For Waves

BaByliss Big Wave Wand

The 12 Best Curling Wands And Curling Tongs In The UK

Get that Hollywood glamour look with the BaByliss Big Wave Wand. The chunky barrel is also extra long, so it's super for those with long hair. The heat goes up to 210°C so you can enjoy deep waves that'll last the whole night through.

A great budget buy at just £26.66*!

Mark Hill Effortless Undone Curling Tong

The 12 Best Curling Wands And Curling Tongs In The UK

Get the tousled, voluminous look with the Mark Hill Effortless Undone Curling Tong. As it reaches a scorching maximum heat of 230 degrees - which is variable - for curling the hair super quick (even on thick hair). This Curling Tong is brilliant for that effortless wavey look, just as it's name suggests.

An absolute bargain at just £26.99*

What tongs or wand do you need for your hair?

There are many different types of tongs and wands available to buy in stores and online, so here's the lowdown on what all of the different ones can do for you...

Tight Curls

To achieve a tight curl, or a corkscrew effect, look out for these type of tongs and wands...

  • Barrel Size of 6mm- 20mm.
  • Straight Tong or Wand - this allows you to get an even, tight curl.

Soft Curls

  • Barrel Size 20-32 mm - the higher the barrel size, the softer the curl.
  • Tapered Tong or Wand - this creates a tighter curl at the root, that descends into a softer curl at the ends.


  • Barrel Size 32mm+ - big barrels are ideal for creating that gentle bohemian wavy look.
  • Bubble Tong or Wand - for uneven, gentle waves.

How to keep curls in straight hair

There are a few tips for getting curls to hold in poker straight hair...

  • Don't wash your hair... day old hair has more holding power than freshly washed, soft hair. If you suffer from greasy roots, then stick to shampooing only and skip the conditioner, before you curl.
  • Use hairspray... this may seem like an obvious one, but you may be surprised to discover that you don't need a whole can, so long as you select the right one. Schwarzkopf Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray* is ideal as it holds everything exactly where it was when you sprayed it.
  • Use heat... we all know that heat can cause damage, but when you're hair is super stubborn, there's no escaping that you need the temperature to be on the high side. Make sure you protect the hair the best you can with a heat protection spray* and use a good ceramic heated tong/wand.

What products do I need for curling my hair?

What exactly do you need to curl your hair? Well, some people may not want to use heat, so you can use No Heat Rollers*, or plait your hair when damp for a wavy look.

If you are in need of heat, then you'll want to protect your hair with a heat protection spray*.

To get a long lasting curl, heated hair tongs*, wands* and rollers* are the best options. Hair Straighteners* can be used for a softer look too.

What's the difference between a tong and a wand?

Both are heated hair tools that create curls, but they are not the same thing...

A tong has a clamp that allows the hair to be held closely to the hot barrel. The clamp can sometimes leave a little kink, but in general tongs are easier to use and you're less likely to burn yourself.

A wand hasn't got a clamp, so you must wrap the hair around with your hand and hold it there. The good thing is you can pull the hair taut for a tighter curl, or gentler for a looser look. Watch out, these take practice so watch your hands!

Tip- Get a heat protection glove*!

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