Teacher Writes Hilarious Report On Parental Behaviour: Please Don't Wear Onesies On The School Run

Teacher Writes Report On Parental Behaviour: Please Don't Wear Onesies On The School Run

Parents generally love school report season - unless there's grounds to worry about what you teacher might have to say about your little darling - but one teacher has taken it upon herself to pen a report addressed to parents, outlining 'some worrying new trends in parental behaviour'.

The hilarious piece took the form of a column for the Guardian - but here's our favourite pithy point which the anonymous teacher would like parents to pay attention to:

Dress codes
When you pick your child up from school a bit of Lycra is acceptable if you have been to the gym, or are on your bike. But repeatedly showing up at the school gates with no shirt on (dad), or sporting a furry bunny onesie (mum), will draw looks not only from staff and other parents, but their children as well. You might be able to live with the sniggering, but your kid who’s feeling the brunt of it in the playground probably won’t.

Target: Empathise with your child by imagining how you’d feel in the office if your partner showed up to meet you wearing a kangaroo outfit.

Now if I've learned one thing from writing about parenting matters for Playpennies, it's that this kind of thing is actually probably completely true. While I'd never dream of turning up to the school run in a onesie - heck, I point blank refuse to be seen in my crocs outside of the house - it seems that plenty of other parents think nothing of such behaviour.

For the love of Pete, will nobody think of the children?!

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this over on our Facebook page. Do you think a fluffy oneside is suitable school gate attire, or do you think the anonymous teacher who penned this piece is right to object to such parental behaviour?


  • Xxlisa246xX
    Think teacher was right to say something would you go get you kid in pyjamas no onse not much different. Also like she said kids can be brutal why would you why would you help in any way to cause them trouble at school.
  • Rachyx
    Totally agree with what the teacher put. Some parents are just too lazy to be bothered to get dressed and look a respectable parent. It take five minutes to change out of their onesies and funny clothes that people may choose to wear at home (not me personally)

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