Tamara Ecclestone Announces Her First Pregnancy

Tamara Ecclestone broke the news of her pregnancy in an exclusive interview with Hello! magazine.

The magazine reports:

'The model and heiress, 29, is expecting a ‘honeymoon baby’ with her husband Jay Rutland - just four months after they got married in France.'

'"I just feel so lucky," she told HELLO! in an exclusive interview adding that it’s been quite a year for her, having only met her husband nine months ago. "I never imagined this all happening so quickly. It's crazy how life works in such mysterious ways. Jay loves children and I’m really excited for the next phase of our relationship."'

Tamara has yet to shout about her baby news on her Twitter account, although she has tweeted thanks to followers who have congratulated her.

Tamara also told the Daily Mail that she's hoping for a daughter who will be the perfect playmate for Lavinia, the daughter of Tamara's sister, Petra. The paper reports:

‘"And I would just love to have a little girl who would be super close to Lavinia, she says. ‘There’s only going to be a year between my baby and Lavinia so that would be amazing. Lavinia is the cutest little pooch in the world. I’m definitely going to find out the sex!  I need to know, I need to plan. She added: ‘It’s nice to have a surprise, but I couldn’t cope with not knowing for the next six months!'"

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