Soft Play Party Hell

Soft Play Party Hell

Children's birthday parties can be stressful affairs at the best of times.

But tempers frayed when a mother, who booked a private party for her child at her local soft play centre, found herself being called 'a pathetic excuse of a human' in a row on Facebook over a double booking.

The Daily Mail reports:

Jemma Agius-Johnson and her mother Julie booked a private party at East Coast Crazy Kids soft play centre in Southcoates Lane, east Hull, for her family and friends.

Owner Antoni Tuniewicz has since apologised - but stressed he had been inundated with 'abuse' from the woman and her family - who he claims started a 'smear campaign' after the 'genuine mistake' of a double booking was made.

As far as I can work out, the soft play centre called the mum to let her know they'd accidentally double-booked, and gave her the option to cancel her booking or share the space with another party, who had also booked to use the soft play facilities on the same day.

It seems the mum sold tickets for the soft play session to her friends so that her son, who doesn't cope well with large groups, can enjoy the soft play centre. She decided to go ahead with her booking.

On the day of the bash, the mum ended up in a heated debate with the soft play centre over the double booking, and later left a negative review on their Facebook page. This prompted the soft play owner to call her 'thick' and 'pathetic excuse for a human'.

He's since apologised and acknowledged that he may have acted inappropriately but says he felt "terribly hounded" by the mum and her friends.

Don't know about you, but I need a strong cup of tea after all that.

How do children's parties always seem to spiral into drama? Bring back the days of jelly and a ice cream and a few friends round to play, I say.

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