Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate

Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate

There is something about Autumn and Winter that's magical. You wrap up warm, go for walks ending in a red nose and rosy cheeks. There's all those cold nights out for Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas Eve. What could be better than coming indoors to a rich, sweet, cockle-warming hot chocolate? Nothing! Go fetch that Crock Pot from the loft and make our Slow Cooker* Hot Chocolate.


  • 170g of Cocoa
  • 1 tin of Condensed Milk
  • 1/4 teaspoon of Salt
  • 200ml water
  • Squirty Cream (optional)
  • Marshmallows (optional)


  • This recipe couldn't be more simple.
  • Put all the ingredients into the Slow Cooker.
  • Stir thoroughly.
  • Turn on high.
  • This winter drink is ready when hot.
  • Decant into cups and top with Squirty Cream and Marshmallows.

If you would like a Turkish Delight one add two tablespoons of Rose Water. For peppermint or orange add mint/orange essence to suit taste. My favourite is the Malteser one - add three heaps of Horlicks into it.


  • Hannah S.

    That's ace! If only I had my slow cooker. Haha

  • Emma D.

    shall I do this for the Halloween gathering :ghost::jack_o_lantern: x

  • Natalie M.

    I might do that tomorrow x

  • Kirsty L.

    I can eat chocolate all day long but I don't like hot chocolate - tea drinker only x

  • Eimear D.

    Amazzzzzing!!!! :ok_hand_tone1::heart_eyes::yum::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar:

  • Gemma W.

    Seen this before, I have to make it this year !! :yum:

  • Eileen A.

    How sickly would that be with just condensed milk?

  • Abbie C.

    it would be like a drinkable dessert!!

  • Daz H.

    Mmmmm and at Xmas add alcohol lol xxxxxx

  • Leanne O.

    I made slow cooker hot chocolate in Vegas. Was lovely xx

  • Jen E.

    YUM! :yum: I've got a slow cooker too :wink: I'll add it to my list xxx

  • Lizzie R.

    yes, George will love it :heart_eyes:

  • Becky I.

    Heaven in a slow cooker! I'm doing this for sure!

  • Donna-Anne L.

    Oh my god this looks amazing! Right this is tomorrow's challenge :joy:xx

  • Laura W.

    Haha a new recipe everyday!! Lol xx

  • Julia F.

    Maybe our Christmas drink with a shot :joy::joy:

  • Rachel G.

    Good job I've ordered cream :yum:

  • Leah P.

    Aww this looks really good! Xxx

  • Lucy O.

    Oh my god :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xxx

  • Simone H.

    Yessssssss :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xxx

  • Rebecca W.

    Good god I need this immediately x

  • Sabrina D.

    I see this every year around this time lol xxx

  • Julie M.

    The rest of us can drink the wine!!! :wine_glass::christmas_tree::santa_tone2:

  • Nicola A.

    Defo going to get another one I think - even if it's just for hot chocolate and desserts lol xx

  • Jane R.

    Il need a taster :santa::yum::wine_glass::christmas_tree:

  • Jill R.

    Shared it so it's on my timeline

  • Sara R.

    Best we get one for the office!!!!

  • Christine B.

    now you're bloody talking :joy:

  • Lucy M.

    Yeah seen this I'm on a Facebook group called slow cook wonders full of loads of brill ideas going to try lasagne and rice pudding in it next x

  • Lucy M.

    I was surprised at all the different things you can do in them the banana cake I did yesterday is lovely it's so moist x

  • Gemma P.

    Yeah I made it last Christmas but it was a waste if cream and milk and coco powder to be honest. Didn't take that good. Although this recipient may be different! Xx

  • Charlotte M.

    :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I love slow cooking imagine this with a dash of baileys hmmmm xxx

  • Roisin B.

    haha its just too good :p

  • Karina W.

    that's a lot of hot chocolate!!

  • Courtney I.

    Omg I been looking for an excuse to have a gathering :joy:

  • Lana A.

    :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Yes!!!! Last year I made the gingerbread syrup like what they use in Starbucks coffees ... Mmmm .. xXx

  • Tracy O.

    We made it last year, was a little sickly xx

  • Sarah-Jayne B.

    Want one!!!! I knew I would find THE reason!!!

  • Vickie G.

    Glad I bought one now ! Xx

  • Charlotte P.

    I always do this, measure the cups of milk out then add enough spoonfuls of hot choc. I call it endless hot choc lol x

  • Rachel M.

    OMG got to try this 2moz bet it taste amazing x

  • Andrew S.

    Condensed milk what's that about!!!

  • Andrew S.

    To true we will try it!! I've just made oatmeal porridge, it took a lot longer than expected!! I had mine with cinnamon n Kate with golden syrup. Pretty gd though.

  • Kirsty D.

    What a great idea my lovely xx

  • Nikki W.

    Definitely need a slow cooker! :laughing::joy: xxxxx

  • Kelly S.

    Omg!!! Yes this looks so nice!!!! We could make it and bring it into work :grinning::grinning:

  • Laura H.

    Sounds yummy. Rich did the porridge this morning - a bucket load. Not sure how many he was expecting for breakfast! :D x

  • Clare T.

    I made this on Wednesday, it was gorgeous! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Lewis D.

    Ours is 6.5 Ltr

    Do you actually want six and a half litres of hot chocolate?

  • Hayley A.

    Hahaha I was just talking about this the other day!! :grin: xx

  • Ashleigh H.

    looks fab, we should definitely do this for the girls xx

  • Stacey W.

    we should do this xmas eve

  • Kirstie P.

    time to put it to good use :joy:

  • Sarah S.

    We did this last year my boys loved it so doing it again this year x x x

  • Avice H.

    Have to do it once we take gammon and beef out .

  • Amanda C.

    Oh things just got interesting!

  • Shannon K.

    Ooh, I might try that! :new_moon_with_face:

  • Caroline N.

    That looks lovely, might try it for xmas day hmmmm

  • Brenda H.

    With the Nutella pastry to :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Adele D.

    I looked at that earlier may try it xxxxx

  • Rebecca D.

    looks good doesn't it I need to invest in a slow cooker lol xxxxxx

  • Natalie H.

    Doing this christmas eve looks fab xx

  • Sarah D.

    Yum, sounds lovely for a Christmas Eve treat :yum::santa_tone2: xx

  • Carol D.

    I have this one, making it in a few days x

  • Liz J.

    I've added condensed milk to the shopping list :grin:

  • Claire C.

    mmmmn im gonna have to try this out..thanx hun xx

  • Holly G.

    in your slow cooker? maybe - depends if we have the ham cooked by then as mulled wine could go in that big pot then. i'll let you know thanks!!

  • Laura B.

    Yeh that's the one need to try it x

  • Kirsty M.

    Must try and make it this year :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

  • Jénnifér M.

    Not sure prob be best drunk when made..have to tidy up downstairs wed for u's all coming on thurs make some room for everyone lol

  • Samantha B.

    I just love condensed milk

  • Jen R.

    I've made that before for Courtney :blush:

  • Joanne S.

    Must try this my 2 love hot chocolate xx.

  • Lisa K.

    Hot chocolate has had to be banned in our house, its bad for children who has incontinenance issues

  • Rach W.

    I'm gonna do this on Christmas eve :grinning:

  • Leanne K.

    we should try this. Xxx

  • Gemma E.

    I might have to try this :yum:

  • Lois M.

    hot chocolate in the slow cooker?!

  • Sarah B.

    I did spag bowl in slow cooker. Will be ready in time when he eats :joy::joy:

  • Claire W.

    I could do with a bigger 1 x

  • Lisa P.

    It wouldn’t turn out right even if I did lol :joy: xx

  • Saii A.

    Lol I cnt wait that long for a hot choc haha.

  • Saii A.

    Lol I'd love hot choc.. might just buy some..

  • Michala S.

    I want one just to make that hot chocolate :yum::yum::yum: ha xx

  • Kathryn W.

    Lol I can definitely do that one!

  • Tracey W.

    Thanks Hun, I deffo need to get one x

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