Slimming World Syn Free Ice Cream

Slimming World Syn Free Ice Cream

Doing Slimming World? How does Syn Free Ice Cream sound for dessert? That's right - you can have Ice Cream and not feel guilty about it. It's super easy to make too.


  • 2 pots Muller Light Vanilla
  • 500g fat free Fromage Frais
  • Sweetener
  • Vanilla/Peppermint Essence


  1. Stir two pots of Muller Light and the fat free natural Fromage Frais together.
  2. Add the Sweetener and Vanilla Essence and whisk.
  3. Put into the freezer and whisk it every 30 minutes, then put back in.
  4. Leave for another hour or two.

If you want to use a different flavour Muller Light then you can do so but make sure it's one of these:

Cherry, Smooth Toffee, Turkish Delight, Coconut sprinkled with dark chocolate, Coconut with a hint of lime, Vanilla and chocolate sprinkles, Strawberry, After Dinner Mint, Apple Strudel, Banana and Custard, Summer berries (Limited edition) and Peanut and Caramel.

Why not grab some Freezer Tubs*for all that 'Syn Free' Ice Cream making?


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  • Danielle G.

    I'm soooooo making this x

    • Nicola S.

      It's not syn free if it has sweetener in it.

      • Sarah L.

        Yes it is

        • Stacey G.

          Powder sweetner is syned now

          • Christina D.

            Not if its under a tablespoon per portion

          • Hannah P.

            Oh my god!!! Thank you :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xx

            • Kizzie A.

              From experiencing slimming world and not even bothering to look at the recipe it probably is full of quark and tastes like it is :confused:

            • JoeJoe T.

              Make it make it make it now!!

              • India-rose K.

                I've tried it, not bad, takes a lot of work though! I need to get an icecream maker! Xx

                • Kim A.

                  i always find these things n never actually try them... need to give myself a kick haha xx

                  • Amy J.

                    Seems like a good idea, shame most light yogurts have gelatine in especially the muller ones

                    • Tiffany L.

                      Aldi ones are free and suitable for vegetarians :blush:

                    • Donna M.

                      Omg I'm Def going to make some that'll be great for when I'm craving

                      • India-rose K.

                        When the weather is nice, it's always a nice idea to think you can go and have some icecream! Xx

                        • Michele N.

                          Oh must give this a try for both the nibs

                          • Emma T.

                            Oooooohhhh!! Thank you xxx

                            • Amy H.

                              Omg defo trying this haha!! X

                              • Jazmine G.

                                Omg :heart_eyes: will be trying this! X

                                • Kirsti E.

                                  Oooh looks interesting! Thanks! X

                                  • Katie H.

                                    I've seen this before! Has anyone got time to stir every 30 minutes? Lol xxx

                                    • Laura S.

                                      Oh I didn't read the recipe but for syn free ice cream I would stir! Haha xx

                                      • Katie H.

                                        Haha yeah I suppose would have to make it at a weekend haha xxx

                                        • Zabrina M.

                                          Sounds yummy I will have to try this. Xx

                                          • Susan T.

                                            Ooh I shall give this a go x