Six-Year-Old Writes Letter Of Complaint To Train Company For Making Daddy Late

Ella Porter Dear Mr Railway Man

It's not exactly an original idea, but when six-year-old Ella Porter grew tired of her Daddy never being home from work in time to tuck her in at bedtime, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

The little girl penned a letter to the train company, whom she deems responsible for making him late home on a regular basis. Her father, Neil, shared the letter online and, predictably, it went viral.

Here's what she wrote to Southern Rail:

Dear Mr Railway Man,

My daddy is always late home and I miss him very much because he always used to tuck me into bed. This makes me upset. Please get him home on time.

Daddy says you take all his money, that is why I can't go to Disneyland. I really want to go to Disneyland.

Ella, aged six.

Now call me an old cynic if you dare, but am I the only one to wonder if this letter wasn't helped along, at least a little, by an adult?

If Ella had stopped at merely complaining about her Dad's tardiness due to train delays, I'd have assumed it as a heart-warming act of innocence, but the whole Disneyland angle is making me wonder whether this might be a ploy to persuade railway bosses to fork out on some free passes to a certain famous theme park...

When he shared his daughter's letter, Mr Porter added the message:

Please share my daughter's letter. I think SouthernRailUK should compensate my daughter for her time without her dad. I pay £4000 p/a, I accept the odd disruption. Major chaos surrounds every journey. It's stressful.

According to Metro, Southern Rail then tweeted Mr Porter, saying:

"Really sorry for the disruption caused to you. Genuinely has got me welling up. I'm sorry. Don’t want to ruin the surprise, but watch out for the postman…"

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