School Accidentally Informs Parents That Their Kids Aren't At School

kids missing from school text

Picture the scene. You're just settling down to enjoy a quiet morning cuppa after finally dispatching the kids to school, when your phone alerts you to the news, via text message, that your kids haven't actually made it to their classrooms.

Cue heart-stopping panic.

That happened in my house not so long ago, when our school's automated truancy text service went haywire,  sending 'Your child has not arrived at school today' texts - or words to that effect - to loads of parents whose kids were, in fact, safe and sound at school.

According to the Daily Mail, something similar happened at Wadebridge School in Cornwall. The paper reports:

On Monday, the parents of children at Wadebridge School in Cornwall received the text message saying their kids had not arrived for the day.

But when they frantically called the school they were told the message had been sent in error because of a glitch with the truancy system.

In our case, a quick call to the school confirmed what most parent suspected - that the text alert service had suffered a malfunction of some sort, and all was well.

But nonetheless, plenty of parents went into full-on panic mode, assuming that their kids had been abducted somewhere between the school gates and their classroom.

Has this ever happened to you? If so, how did you react?

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